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Changes from the Paperback Edition

Every effort was made to render the text of the Web edition exactly as it appears in the paperback. Listed below are the intentional differences.

Global changes

Web edition:
Added the Prologue, an Index, and "About the Author".

Moved citation notes into each chapter, and cross-referenced citations in the Bibliography.

The Web editor's occasional notes are set off by {curly brackets}.

Ellipses: within a sentence, three dots; at the end of a sentence, four dots.

The surname of the author of the Australian Report is correctly spelled ("Anderson", not "Andersen").

About 280 new paragraph breaks have been introduced to make the Web edition more suited for reading on screens. These paragraphs may be distinguished by their paragraph numbers, which are visible in the HTML source: new paragraph numbers end in a letter (e.g., "p4b"), whereas numbers for the paperback's original paragraphs do not.


Paperback edition (page 15):
The movie stars a man named L. Ron Hubbard -- who they realize, is the same man....
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "who".

Chapter 1

Paperback edition (page 22):
In addition, the followers took on faith in everything Hubbard said.
Web edition:
Deleted the word "in" after "on faith".
Paperback edition (page 23):
He discussed the case of one person who was treated by the Dianetic institute...."
Web edition:
Capitalized "institute".

Chapter 2

Paperback edition (page 27):
The "Church of Scientology" as they call themselves today, no longer claims to cure people....
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "Scientology".

Chapter 3

Paperback edition (page 31):
Hubbard's theory never makes it really clear ... exactly how engrams can be planted before a foetus had developed a nervous system or the sense organs which which to register an impression, ....
Web edition:
Changed "organs which which" to "organs with which".

Chapter 4

Paperback edition (page 37):
One Scientologist claims he fell out of a spaceship 55,000,000,000,000,000,000, years ago ....
Web edition:
Deleted comma after "55,000,...,000".
Paperback edition (page 39):
His faith didn't falter even when one of his Scientology friends, after spending hundreds of hours in the group getting rid of all of his engrams and becoming a "clear" moved to Albuquerque and committed suicide.
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "clear".

Chapter 5

Paperback edition (page 44):
One girl was approached ... by a man who handed her Dianetics; The Modern Science of Mental Health told her it would change her life, ....
Web edition:
Changed semicolon after "Dianetics" to colon, and inserted comma after "Health".
Paperback edition (page 46):
"In "Casualty Contact," the third method, Hubbard recommended....
Web edition:
Deleted open double-quote at the start of the sentence.

Chapter 6

Paperback edition (page 50):
The following is a composite ... over the years: 1) .... 2) .... 10) That he agrees to "release ... from all liability ... methods used by Scientology.
Web edition:
Enumerated as vertical list, and closed the quotation after "Scientology."

Chapter 7

Paperback edition (page 51):
... a trio of secret ships that sails the Mediteranean.
Web edition:
Spelled "Mediterranean" with two Rs. (also on page 53)
Paperback edition (page 51):
LRH or Hubbard, has the title of "Commodore"....
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "LRH".
Paperback edition (page 52):
In Corfu, Greece, where the Scientologists were said to be spending about $1500 a day....
Web edition:
Inserted comma in "$1,500".

Chapter 8

Paperback edition (page 61):
In return, the Scientology newspaper Freedom has made some rather unflattering statements about Kenneth Robinson....
Web edition:
Italicized "Freedom".
Paperback edition (page 63):
While a private inquiry, with no cross-examination and on oath, may not be in keeping with most people's idea of English jurisprudence, ....
Web edition:
Inserted "not" before "on oath".
Paperback edition (page 65):
(The Scientologists ... their markee....)
Web edition:
Corrected spelling of "marquee".
Paperback edition (page 67):
Kevin Andersen ... spent 160 days listening to four million words totally 8,921 pages of testimony....
Web edition:
Changed "totally" to "totalling"; and corrected "Anderson".

Chapter 9

Paperback edition (page 70):
The Scientologists attitude toward litigation....
Web edition:
Made "Scientologists'" possessive.
Paperback edition (page 71):
(... they had hired Melvin Belli, the famous flamboyant attorney who once unsuccessfully defended Jack Ruby for their case.)
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "Ruby".
Paperback edition (page 78):
... until he "handled" in other words, persuaded the errant person to make amends,....
Web edition:
Parenthesized "in other words, persuaded".

Chapter 11

Paperback edition (page 85):
quote from someone who took the security check reprinted by Howard and Arlene Eisenberg in June '69 Parents
Web edition:
Parenthesized "reprinted ... '69 Parents".
Paperback edition (page 88):
As for the sexual questions, ... conspicuous in its absence are any questions....
Web edition:
Changed "its" to "their".
Paperback edition (page 92):
... in celebration of John McMaster's becoming "clear"....
Web edition:
Moved the apostrophe in "McMaster's" to "McMasters'".

Chapter 12

Paperback edition (page 95):
Scientologists must obey an enormous number of rules, some of which are outlines for them....
Web edition:
Changed "outlines" to "outlined".

Chapter 13

Paperback edition (page 99):
"So he tears up his shirt, wrecks his bed, breaks up his fire engine. It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, he wrote. He also said in Child Dianetics:...."
Web edition:
Moved the closing double-quote, to follow "BUSINESS,".
Paperback edition (page 100):
an auditing tecnique for kids.
Web edition:
Corrected "technique".

Chapter 14

Paperback edition (page 107):
from an interview with Hubbard for "The Saturday Evening Post"
Web edition:
Deleted quotation marks.
Paperback edition (page 108):
... AND FLOG THEM,"), but also films about Hubbard, ....
Web edition:
Deleted commas after "THEM" and "Hubbard".
Paperback edition (page 113):
... and seized 100 E-Meters....
Web edition:
Lowercased "-meters".

Chapter 15

Paperback edition (page 116):
For example, Two Scientologists started a School of Stage Confidence....
Web edition:
Lowercased "two".
Paperback edition (page 117):
But even if they do want to take over," said one former Scientologist, ....
Web edition:
Inserted open quote before "But".
Paperback edition (page 119):
But the Daily Mail reported that Hubbard allegedly alienated people....
Web edition:
Italicized "Daily Mail".

Chapter 16

Paperback edition (page 124):
Hubbard is convinced, actually obssessed with the delusion,....
Web edition:
Corrected "obsessed".
Paperback edition (page 125):
... as "psychoracketeers," "insidious psychopoliticians," "mental con men" "frauds," "pimps," etc.,....
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "con men".
Paperback edition (page 128):
... an extract from the Brainwashing manual....
Web edition:
Italicized "Brainwashing".

Chapter 17

Paperback edition (page 135):
... like "recall something real" "recall a communication," and "recall an emotion."
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "real".
Paperback edition (page 136):
... "tell me a solution," Or....
Web edition:
Lowercased "Or".
Paperback edition (page 138):
I couldn't bear to insult someone as unattractive as he who must have been hurt often throughout his life.
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "he".
Paperback edition (page 140):
The relation between the exercise and its purpose is bit more obscure in other sessions.
Web edition:
Inserted "a" before "bit".
Paperback edition (page 140):
Not know something about is temperature.
Web edition:
Changed "is" to "its".
Paperback edition (page 142):
The Australian Report devoted an entire chapter to another danger they saw.... The concluded that these various exercises were a type of hypnosis.
Web edition:
Changed "The concluded" to "They concluded".

Chapter 18

Paperback edition (page 147):
This was because 1) The E-meter has no device to control the constancy of current 2) ... 3) ... 4) .... These experts also explained....
Web edition:
Inserted colon after "because", enumerated as separate paragraphs, and ended each enumerated point with a period.
Paperback edition (page 147):
1) Dr. Erwin Kapphan.... 2) Dr. Bernard Grad.... 3) Dr. Rex Standord.... The press release....
Web edition:
Enumerated as separate paragraphs.

Chapter 19

Paperback edition (page 152):
In addition, a Scientologist may take extra auditing (at about $25 a session) or adidtional courses....
Web edition:
Corrected "additional".

Chapter 20

Paperback edition (page 160):
... with his 1938 book, Excalibur which appears....
Web edition:
Inserted comma after "Excalibur".
Paperback edition (page 161):
... a cursory examination of Hubbard's other stories show no indication....
Web edition:
Changed "show" to "shows".
Paperback edition (page 161):
... Mitchell wrote that ... he allegedly "worked" his two subjects into a sexual frenzy."
Web edition:
Inserted open double-quote before "sexual".
Paperback edition (page 164):
... Hubbard married Sara N________ ....
Web edition:
Filled in Sara Northrup's last name.
Paperback edition (page 165):
He has also rewritten the calendar to read "A.D. 1, A.D. 10," etc., (to stand for "After Dianetics 1951," "After Dianetics 1961")....
Web edition:
Changed "1961" to "1960".

Chapter 21

Paperback edition (page 169):
... cure such ailments as astigmatism, ... colds, dermitis, ....
Web edition:
Changed "dermitis" to "dermatitis".
Paperback edition (page 170):
They even sold a pill, Dianeze, ....
Web edition:
Changed "Dianeze" to "Dianezene".
Paperback edition (page 173):
... calcium deposits, for example, can make the ears ring incessently.
Web edition:
Corrected "incessantly".
Paperback edition (page 174):
Some of this may be a put-on, for example, he wrote an article
Web edition:
Changed the comma after "put-on" to a semi-colon.
Paperback edition (page 175):
Any yet Hubbard, the same person who wrote the above, is always saying....
Web edition:
Changed "Any yet" to "And yet".
Paperback edition (page 182):
There are fourteen stages of crawling before a child can actually walk; the mind, too, develops in a somewhat hierarchical manner and each of these steps....
Web edition:
Inserted a comma after "manner".


Paperback edition (page 186):
... the appearance of some of the people themself.
Web edition:
Changed "themself" to "themselves".

Epigraph 2

Paperback edition (page 189):
This is our finest asset and gives us more protection than any other single asset. ... Remember that next time the ignorant scoff.
Web edition:
Changed second "asset" to "thing", and inserted "the" before "next time". The paperback accurately quoted the Australian Report; but the A.R. misquoted the original HCO Bulletin [93a].


Paperback edition (page 192):
[Footnote:] Gardner wrote an article ... in "Fads and Fallacies in Science."
Web edition:
Deleted quotes; corrected and italicized the title of Gardner's book.
Paperback edition (page 192):
The following is a list of questions (in capitals) that I presented to Gaiman and his replies (in standard print).
Web edition:
Changed "(in capitals)" to "(in boldface)". Whereas the 35 questions were originally set in uppercase, they have been set here in boldface. Also, on page 201, both the letter from Gaiman and the Scientologists' statement, originally set in uppercase, appear here in mixed case.
Paperback edition (page 199):
26. ... play the rule of judge....
Web edition:
Changed "rule" to "role".


Web edition:
Some bibliographic keys that were cited in the paperback's Source Material Notes are missing from the paperback's bibliography. These missing keys have been inserted, along with an explanatory note; see, for example, the entry at [65a].
Paperback edition (page 205):
HCO (Hubbard Communication Order) Policy Letters and Bulletins
Web edition:
Changed "Communication Order" to "Communications Office".

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