The Scandal of Scientology

Thumbnail image of paperback cover by Paulette Cooper A chilling examination of the nature, beliefs, and practices of the "Now religion."
The book the Scientologists tried to stop!


    Prologue: The Tragi-Farce of Scientology
    Queen magazine article which Cooper expanded into the book.

    Paperback Cover Notes

    Epigraph 1

  1. From Dianetics to Scientology
  2. The Confessionals
  3. Life and Sex in the Womb
  4. Have You Lived Before This Life?
  5. Spreading the Word
  6. The Org
  7. The Sea Org
  8. The British and Australian Orgs
  9. Attacking the Attackers
  10. The Suppressives
  11. The Sexual and Criminal Security Check
  12. The World of Scientology
  13. Children and Celebrities
  14. Scientology -- Business or Religion?
  15. Is Scientology Political?
  16. Scientology Versus Medicine
  17. The Secret Scientology Sessions
  18. The E-Meter
  19. The High Cost of Scientology
  20. The Truth About L. Ron Hubbard
  21. Does Scientology Work?
    Epigraph 2

    Appendix: The Scientologist's Story
    Bibliography of Sources Consulted

    About the Author
    Changes from the Paperback Edition

    Index / Paperback Page Index

    Epilogue: The Story of Paulette Cooper
    Paulette Cooper vs. Scientology

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