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Auditing Live Preclears

The Dianetic clear is to the current normal individual as the current normal is to the severely insane.

Before I could get my first preclear on the tin cans and into session, he volunteered that he was so disturbed by a personal problem that he was afraid he'd be a poor auditing subject and create a no-win situation for me. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and asked him if he wanted to discuss anything, then see how he felt about proceeding. For almost an hour he talked about his "present-time problem." After several years of a supposed ideal marriage he had fallen in love with another woman and was contemplating ways to make his wife think he was homosexual because that might hurt her less than the truth.

After our chat he felt relieved enough to let me audit him. Everything went smoothly. Within two hours I spotted floating needles on recall, moments of loss and engrams, and called Gerald in to check out the releases.

Some of my other preclears were not successes. Two women had sexual problems they wouldn't divulge. Another woman wouldn't abstain from tranquilizers for 48 hours preceding session, per Hubbard's instructions. A young man I was congratulating for his release on engrams told me he had been stoned for the last week. Gerald was able to check him out -- a close call. Another man broke a lamp in the franchise living room before session and had such a big ARC break with himself, or the lamp, that his tone-arm needle "stuck" and I couldn't run the process. However, I audited several other people to Dianetic Release without any difficulty.

My last preclear had already been audited by Gerald but was still low-tone. I felt highly complimented when Gerald turned her case over to me. He advised me that she had floating needles with the tone-arm below 2 and "Good Indicators Out," an indication of "lack of responsibility." She had managed to avoid confronting highly-charged engrams and moments of loss, and I was "not to let her off the hook even if she twisted for a week."

I ran her down a series of marital quarrels. She went back to past lives to evade present-time charge. I directed her to her first quarrel and made her run it over and over again. She went up and down the Tone Scale, weeping at the lower numbers. Well into our third evening, we reached the basic engram, in which she was a baby lying next to her mother, who was screaming in pain. After repeated runnings she became cheerful and the needle floated with the tone-arm now between 2 and 3. I jubilantly summoned Gerald. He congratulated me on winning this Dianetic Release and said I was a great auditor.

Auditing a preclear was even more rewarding than being one. It gave me a feeling of benevolent power to question someone and obtain his or her responses -- often intimate disclosures -- while watching the action on the machine. Especially the last preclear, who had in a sense allowed me to perform a delicate and risky procedure when I had barely learned the rudiments of auditing! There was something irresistible about this whole arrangement.

Gerald had said that when it came to awareness most people were below death on the Tone Scale. True. After auditing a few individuals, I saw life from a new perspective. It felt good being around Gerald and Felicia. The atmosphere at their penthouse was gay and effervescent, the world outside shrouded in futility. What did most people have to look forward to?

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