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The Bank

This work is honest research, done with considerable care.

After two week of listening to tapes in class and studying bulletins in my room at night, I began to suffer the cumulative effect of what the Scientologists called "too much in-flow." Ron talked on and on about everything from pipe organs to obscure photographic techniques. I respected the man's range of knowledge and experience, but could relate little of what he said to the Solo Course, and had become somewhat addled by the voice ringing in my ears day after day.

Finally I got to see Ron in action in his film on the reactive mind. There was the familiar pouchy face, now in animation on the screen, breaking into quick smiles at intervals, as if its owner thought the whole thing a big joke.

Ron stood over a clay table on which rested a model of a chain of barge-like objects each packed tightly with clay balls in two rows of about six balls each. Parts of the soundtrack were inaudible.

The core of the reactive mind is called the bank. It may surprise you to learn that the bank consists of word-phrases called GPMs (Goals-Problems-Mass) placed there to confuse the thetan. Here we find the cause of aberration. In this demo each container-like object is a GPM (Goals-Problems-Mass) and the clay balls represent its verbal content, phrases which are arranged by plus or minus charge, on one side of the GPM the positive phrases, on the other side the negative, and these together form pairs. More on that later.

So you know, the bank is not a chaotic jumble of memory and emotion but a precise series of phrases. Quite an amazing phenomenon. Keep it in mind.

Don't think it was all that easy to find this out. I had to get the exact number of GPMs, and -- oh yes -- the number of Reliable Items, the various conflicting phrases of a GPM. The Reliable Items long remained a mystery. Likewise the fact that a GPM contains weight and significance, and that the bank occupies a space roughly fifteen feet in front of the preclear. When one stops to reflect that none of this ever occurred to the psychiatrists and other "scientists," one wonders, one wonders ...

The end of the series of GPMs runs into the beginning at a place called present time. Incidentally, there are only two infinitives running throughout the GPMs: TO CREATE and TO DESTROY.

I was growing excited about Ron's unfolding of the inner structure of the mind; the deepest mysteries would soon be revealed. But I was caught between elation and bewilderment. Ron had imparted that the structure of the bank was orderly, and identical in each person -- an apparent revision of the original Dianetics theory -- but not how many GPMs and Reliable Items comprised it. It was a part of my own mind I was about to erase. I turned to Hubbard Bulletin Packs E and F, which were classified secret. These bulletins gave figures between one- and three-hundred. There were also instructions for several complicated processes, with no explanation for their being in the pack, and diagrams called line plots began appearing, consisting of many coined words, unheard-of nouns ending in "ness." These "ness" words stood for the Goals of the GPMs (Goals-Problem-Mass). There were hundreds of them connected by zigzag lines, with crossovers where the "plus Goals" became the "minus Goals." "Opposition terminals" were at either end of each diagram.

I glanced through page after page covered with verbs turned into grotesque nouns. It was a nightmarish word-game. I spent several fruitless evenings trying to figure it out, and developed a bad headache.

Some of the E-F Packs bulletins were of a different nature.

As we are now well aware, the thetan had assistance in its fall into degradation. After it let itself become soft, corrupt beings finished it off by loading it with incidents and facsimiles of an electrical nature or otherwise. Such forcible affixations on the Time Track going as far back as trillions of years are called implants. Some of this material was laid in at implant stations by invader forces from an ancient intergalactic confederacy based on the planet Helotrobus, who were bent on creating hypnotized slaves and colonists. Thetans were occluded with the goal To Forget. Most of these implants have now been dated in research working with an E-meter. The implants, by the way, are quite varied:

Helotrobus Implants 38.2 trillion years ago to 52 trillion years ago.
Aircraft Door Implant 216 trillion years ago to 315 trillion years ago.
The Gorilla Goals 319 trillion years ago to 83 trillion years ago.
The Bear Goals 83 trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago to about 40.7 trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago.
The Glade Implants
(formerly called Black Thetan)
40.7 trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago to 5.9 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago.
The Invisible Picture Goals 5.9 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion to a date not fully determined.
The Minion Implants Not yet determined.
The Story of Creation Implants 70 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago.

The Aircraft Goal was given in the mocked up fuselage of an aircraft with the thetan fixed before an aircraft door. The Gorilla Goals were given in an amusement park with a single tunnel, a roller coaster, and a ferris wheel.... The symbol of a gorilla was always present in the place the goal was given. Sometimes a large gorilla, black, was seen elsewhere than in the park. A mechanical or live gorilla was always seen in the park. This activity was conducted by the Hoipolloi, a group of operators in meat body societies. They were typical carnival people. They let out concessions for these Implant "Amusement Parks." A pink-striped white shirt with sleeve garters was the uniform of the Hoipolloi. Such a figure often rode on the roller coaster cars. Monkeys were also used on the cars. Elephants sometimes formed part of the equipment. The Hoipolloi or Gorilla Goals were laid in with fantastic motion. Blasts of raw electricity and explosions were both used to lay the Items in. The Black Thetan Goals were given in a glade surrounded by the stone heads of "black thetans" who spat white energy at the trapped thetan. The trapped thetan was motionless.

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