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Appendix A

Dramatic Personae Update

Many if not most of the characters in my story have contributed to Scientology's high attrition rate.

John McMaster (real name), recently deceased, the "World's First Clear," and for years Scientology's major spokesperson, left the group in 1969, appalled at Hubbard's policies.

Joan Porter, who introduced Scientology to me, is, miraculously and loyally, still in the group. She takes a dim view of me for writing this book (though she's never read it!).

Felicia and Gerald Tyber left Scientology shortly after John McMaster did, and got a divorce several years later. Felicia is deceased.

Renzo Lancia is happily remarried, and of course out of the group.

Morton Morvis is out.

Marty Moussorgsky stayed with the group a long time. Current status unknown to me.

Empress Green and Margo Zumbrich of the franchise Dianetics class are out.

Five Brooks ("Joe Thetan") is out, bless his Blues in Bb.

Edward Douglas presumably is still in, if still among us (he didn't reply to my letter addressed to him in Australia).

I enjoy exchanges of Christmas greetings with Bruce Perkins, who is resoundingly out.

Radcliff Jones visited me in New York for several days in 1989. He avowed his belief in "Tech," but enjoyed discussing it in a non-fanatical way. Rad was killed in an auto accident in South Africa in the early '90s.

I exchanged letters with Elisabette, who is still in and saving her money for further processing.

Frank of the Special Briefing Course may very well be out: one of his relatives is out, and this is contagious.

The Commander of AOUK when I attended is out, and was running a "squirrel" (auditing not sanctioned by Scientology) group until his recent death.

The fearsome Master at Arms is out, and "squirreling" (the organization better not mess with him, though).

Cuddly Third Mate left, also the buxom redheaded Examiner; as well as other Sea Org crew members less prominent in the story. Certain others are a question mark. Some of them are Britishers, Australians or New Zealanders, whom I've inquired about by word of mouth only, with no luck. Bill Burgmuller I've failed to trace through rural Illinois telephone directories.

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