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Appendix C

Scientology Today

I doubt that anyone can provide an accurate figure for Scientology's membership worldwide (churches and orgs in at least thirty countries). Such is the constant ebb and flow in and, I believe it's accurate to state, especially out of the group, it is unlikely that the organization itself has any idea of what its membership is on any given day. In my opinion membership has waned since about 1970. Scientology has had stiff competition from other cults, modern religions, New Age groups. Many of its staunchest members have left, and ever more of the raw public are reluctant to become involved. Among the reasons for this reluctance are:

But Scientology keeps rolling. If their membership is down, still they have managed to find more affluent people, on the principle that you may enlist either one thousand people who pay $1,000 each or, just as good, one hundred people who pay $10,000 each or ten people who pay $100,000 each.

Scientology has scored points with the media with their "Celebrity Center," which hosts famous entertainers and sports stars in the group.

And most importantly, Scientology was awarded a favorable decision as a non-profit organization in United States Tax Court, and can now legally call themselves a religion in this country. However, there have been strictures against Scientology in several other countries.

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