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Appendix E

Processing Revisited

One difficulty which faces anyone concerned to obtain a comprehensive picture of Scientology is that since 1956 no attempt has been made to produce a comprehensive and unified thesis on the theories and practices of Scientology ... There exist in an uncodified or unclassified form tape recordings which are said to contain 30,000,000 words spoken by Hubbard and writings by Hubbard which run into the tens of thousands of pages. The Herculean task of reducing to manageable size the content of these Hubbardian emanations must await the labours of a dedicated Scientologist with the time, money, capacity, and compulsion to undertake such a useless exercise.
Kevin Anderson, Queen's Counselor, Australian Board of Inquiry into Scientology

QC Anderson wrote his report in 1965. That gave Hubbard two decades more for making tapes, and writing not only Scientology material but also a ten-volume legitimate science fiction series commencing with Battlefield Earth, his ultimate goal apparently not so much to clear the planet as to inundate it with words (note that I'm referring, as I believe QC Anderson was, only to Hubbard's published or widely-distributed writings and tapes, not to his inter-organizational communications, private journals, notes and discarded material, if any of the latter. It is rumored that the unpublished writings would stack up to the height of the Eiffel Tower).

From 1950 until his death in January of 1986, Hubbard "expanded" processing with the comfortable regularity of bird migration. The "new" processes strike me as remarkably similar to those of the '60s, which in turn hark back to Hubbard's early '50s books, available at any org bookstore (one exception I'm aware of is the "Purification Rundown" -- the "hot-box"). They are now renamed, laden with the latest jargon, fitted into the "Bridge" chart restructurization and sold at the astoundingly higher new prices.

Each innovation is touted as definitive. As soon after my own involvement as 1970, The Auditor Issue 56 heralds, "The Scene Has Changed," and that '69 marked the achievement of "Complete Dianetics" and '70, "Complete Scientology." There are new "Expanded Grades" and "New Power." "Full Tech From 1950 Is Back In Use," Issue 58 proclaims; "OT III Expanded" and "Now you can get HOURS OF AUDITING. Orgs no longer sell Grades Packages or single grades. They sell HOURS OF AUDITING. And you get ALL those hours of auditing you pay for, too. No more `quickie grades.' Get some charge off your case! Buy a 25, 50, or 75 hour intensive at your local org today ... You don't have to decide anything ... except to get some auditing ... CONTACT THE REGISTRAR OF YOUR LOCAL ORG NOW."

In 1968, per my story, six OT Levels were available and Ron was working on VII and VIII. In the early '80s Hubbard was rumored to project future Levels as high as OT XXX.

An older process, probably an early version of clearing, is described in Hubbard's 1952 book Scientology 8-80:

"Actually alternating current running. There can be DC running or chain fission running but these are very experimental at this writing." The preclear is told to "flow agreement, then disagreement" on dichotomies such as "Survive-Succumb, Beauty-Ugliness ... He flows a feeling, a thought (NEVER THE PHRASE!) ... until it turns smoky gray or white, when black ... As the preclear continues to run, after minutes or many hours, he begins to run faster, then faster and faster until at last he can keep a flow blazing and crackling ... It is well to GROUND your preclear by using an E-meter or letting him hold a wire in each hand which is connected to a bare water pipe or radiator."

Other of Ron's creations I'm grateful not to have encountered are "between-lives implants," "deds" and "dedexes," "demon circuits," "Black Dianetics," and the creature we were eons ago in past lives, when we were low on the "Genetic Entity Line" and spat out attacking waves on the seashore -- called "the Weeper," also known as "the Grim Weeper" or "Boohoo."

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