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Appendix F

A Message from L. Ron Hubbard, May 9, 1984

To each of you this 9 May A.D.34 -- Hello!

Another Dianetics anniversary has arrived and we are celebrating a year that has seen one stellar tech breakthrough after another.

It all started with Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950 and it continues with Dianetics today.

Dianetics Clears that had been stalled on The Bridge have been pried loose and are now flooding up through their OT sections with lightning speed with one rave success story after another.

I've also released tech developments for New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTs) that deliver another powerful booster rocket to that star-bound tech.

And at this moment, as we celebrate the 34th anniversary of Dianetics, yet another technical breakthrough has been achieved that finds and addresses false incidents on the track, that cracks cases and changes one's life as the being is freed from delusion. That will be coming to you soon as an entire new, exciting rundown.

Meanwhile, technology that handles nonsurvival considerations and uninhibits the full power and potential of a being has been restored along with new discoveries that allow people to reach and have with their fullest potential.

Yes, this is a year of startling and exciting technical breakthroughs and developments.

What is on the "other side"?

The chaos and confusion that created this trap still beckons to some while we, with our tech, soar above them and beyond where even the stars seem small.

Yes, the future is ours and never was it brighter, more real or more within our grasp than today.

The galaxies are warned.

Here we come!


My love and appreciation to each and every one of you.

Love, Ron

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