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Appendix H

Success Stories

(from Advance 7, 1969, in AOUK Magazine):
Clear. To be born again -- things are fresh; the colors and hereness of things ... I'm like an ageless infant with a wind body -- no, a spirit, a little afraid, but ageless and will grow. I'm so I ...
(name and Clear number)
Clear is like moving through outer space. No particles push against you. No friction ... It's still a little strange not to be getting stopped but to continue flowing.
(name and Clear number)
Right after Clear I hit a keyed out OT state and could change my body size about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in height by actual measurement ... The ability was under control and I would do it at will.
(name and Clear number) OT VI
November 1969. We are in Florence having left our bodies halfway around the world ...
(names of two OT Expanded students)
Wow -- I feel like someone turned on the SUN and STARS and PLANETS throughout the universe. I feel like I can have almost anything -- I love everyone -- I can't think of one person who CAN'T be beautiful and CLEAR! Clear is just that -- everything is so Clear. For the first time in Trillions of years I can see. I'm CLEAR.
(name of Clear)
On a Clear day ... WOW! Free at last from the dark well of lifetimes of imprisonment. A continuous search for knowledge put me deeper and deeper into the well. I am out! Pavlov's Dog is no more. Clear to reach the highest level of Beingness.
(name of Clear)
Being Clear is like coming back home again ... and guess who's there to greet you at the door? YOU ARE! Smiling and happy after billions and trillions of years of waiting. I'm me -- I'm FREE!!!
(name of Clear)

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