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Appendix J

The Clearing Course Materials (1968 and Perhaps Subsequent)

Wog experimenters, forget it! You not only need an E-meter; you cannot negotiate this process solely on this book's instructions and without the requisite Scientology training.

PART ONE:  The Sevens:  BE

        light (front, left); spot thetan

(1)  to be nobody
        (spot thetan)
     to be everybody
        (spot thetan -- etc. do this on each item)

(2)  to be me
     to be you

(3)  to be myself
     to be others

(4)  to be an animal
     to be animals


(5)  to be a body
     to be bodies

(6)  to be matter
     to be space

(7)  to be a spirit
     to be spirits

(8)  to be a god
     to be gods


        The Sevens:  DO

(1)  to do nothing
     to do everything

(2)  to do much
     to do little

(3)  to do it all
     to do not any


(5)  to do more
     to do less

(6)  to do splendidly
     to do awfully

(7)  to do wisely
     to do foolishly

(8)  to do right
     to do wrong


        The Sevens:  HAVE

(1)  to have nothing
     to have everything

(2)  to have much
     to have little

(3)  to have all
     to have none

(4)  to have hugely
     to have poorly


(5)  to have greedily
     to have pickingly

(6)  to have mightily
     to have sparsely

(7)  to have magnificently
     to have tawdrily

(8)  to have totality
     to have negativeness


        The Sevens:  THE STAYS

(1)  to stay everywhere
     to stay nowhere

(2)  to stay here
     to stay there

(3)  to stay near
     to stay far

(4)  to stay up
     to stay down


(5)  to stay out
     to stay in

(6)  to stay back
     to stay forward

(7)  to stay earlier
     to stay later

(8)  to stay present
     to stay absent


        PART II:  BASIC EWs (end-words)

(1)  the now
(2)  the past
(3)  the future
(4)  the time
(5)  the space
(6)  the motion
(7)  the energy
(8)  the masses
(9)  the self
(10) the others
(11) the life
(12) the existence
(13) the conditions
(14) the effects
(15) the pictures
(16) the mind
(17) the histories
(18) the reaction
(19) the goal
(20) the chaos
(21) the universe

        CONFUSION GPMs (goals-problems-mass)


(1)  creating to destroy the now
     destroying to create the now

(NOTE: There follow twenty more pairs, each with the "creating to destroy" and "destroying to create" combined with the BASIC EWs of PART II.)

        PART IV:  The Objects (hollow)

(Sixteen "objects" are given. Each is "spotted," or visualized, as moving towards and away from one's head at about shoulder level, first one at a time, the in duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate. At the most complicated stage, then one spots the object moving towards and away from oneself on all four sides. First he imagines the objects "hollow." With all combinations of direction, there are 128 items run.)

(1)  triangle                   (9)   prism
(2)  circle                     (10)  cylinder
(3)  square                     (11)  rectahedron
(4)  oval                       (12)  flat cylinder
(5)  tetrahedron                (13)  pyramid
(6)  sphere                     (14)  coil
(7)  cube                       (15)  diamond box
(8)  egg                        (16)  oval coil

(Pictures of these forms are provided in the materials.)

        PART V:  The Objects (solid)

(Same procedure, with objects above visualized as solid. 128 items.)

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