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Appendix L

Whither Scientology?

The history of religion (for purposes of this discussion include Scientology if one accepts it as a religion) is turbulent. Religions whose existence we now take for granted suffered severe growing pains and were quite possibly, at their beginnings, considered as unlikely to endure as today Scientology may seem to its critics. Certain of these religions, in their gestation states, like Scientology, brought down upon themselves storm and controversy by their own excesses and abuses.

By eliminating its worst aspects (of course, it could be hotly disputed whether there would then be anything remaining of the movement!), Scientology might indeed be on the path towards ensuring that its members may continue their practices "for the next billion years," as they have every right to do. In deference to the law-abiding kind-spirited vast majority of Scientologists the world over, I hope that this comes to pass.

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