This information-site informs You over sects and cults in Germany and worldwide.
Jena: Religio, 1995

Editor: Winfried Müller

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I. The Sources
  1. Libraries and Servers
  2. Articles, Reviews, Announcements
  3. Editions of RELIGIO
II. The Religio - Handbook:
  1. Preface
  2. New Christian Sects
  3. Indian Hinduistic Guru Movements
  4. Syncretistic New religions
  5. Religious therapeutic groups
  6. Religious political groups
  7. Occultism, Satanism, New Age

III. Current News:
  1. News from the scene
  2. The actual discussion Here You can get an overall view about the current world-wide discussion.
  3. Press review
  4. Religio Information Services
  5. Information Service youth-cults
  6. Berliner Dialog Informations and points of view on religious encounter.

IV. General Information:
  1. Advisory boards about sects
  2. Checklist for Newcomers (only in german)
  3. 10 tips for affected persons (only in german)

V. Database: