The number five

Many things in "Mutter- und Koselieder" point at Virgin Mary for example the number five. The five fingers are used in the finger-plays but five is also the Virgin Mary's number. In "The Family" (Die Grossmama und Muter lieb und gut" (A 14) the picture is divided into five parts and every part contains a little family of five individuals. The child's five fingers should count the persons and animals. Fröbel wants in this picture piont at the great importance of the family. He often uses a family of five persons in his finger-plays. Sometime it is parents and children, sometimes three generation. You can also find a flower with five petals at the very bottom of the picture, one petal for each one of the five letters in "Maria". This is a hint to the spiritual world.

* The picture is also shaped as the front of a cathedral.