"The Bridge" (Der Steg)

In "The Bridge" (A 15) the father walks first, then comes the mother and last comes the child. The family wants to build a bridge to join the two opposite sides of the little brook. Of course this picture also has a spiritual meaning. It shows an ordinary family of three: father, mother and child. The father walks first, he knows how to build a bridge over the brook. He is the leader, the other two follow him. This picture will also illustrate how to show a child the right way without force, just to walk ahead and show what to do.

The big flower, an Iris, is symbol of the Virgin Mary and also of the rainbow. The rainbow is in the Bible a bridge between earth and heaven. On an earthly level this picture shows an ordinary family and in a spiritual way, The Holy Family. "The Joiner" and "The Bridge" show the father as a craftsman but there are also pictures which have a more sublime picture of the father for example "The Flower-Basket".