Outer and Inner meaning

"Mutter- und Koselieder" has one outer an one inner meaning. As a true son of the Romantic movement, Fröbel had a passion for the Ancients. The Middle Ages, for eastern and foreign countries, for cathedrals, ruins in moonlight, steep cliffs and dark woods. This visible landscape corresponded to an inner landscape, as real as the outer and visible one. The inner and the outer life are governed by the same law the "Spherical Law", said Fröbel. All those thoughts you can find in "Mutter- und Koselieder".

As a son in a vicar's family, Fröbel was made familiar with the Bible early in his life and he has surely found some of his inspiration in the Bible. His father requested him to "follow Christ" and this request was important to Fröbel during his whole life.

This paper deals only with some aspects which could have inspired Fröbel in a spiritual way, and may give some hints to parts of the Bible which could have been of special interest to him.