The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

by Martin Hunt
Stand: 22 Jul 2000
Quelle: alt.religion.scientology


bureau one. A segment of the Guardian's Office (the cult's intelligence, dirty deeds and strong-arm tactics branch; now called the Office of Special Affairs or OSA) responsible for covert intelligence; its functions are now taken over by OSA.
Baby Watch,
see Introspection Rundown.
the reactive mind; supposedly packed with "overts," or undisclosed acts, and engrams or moments or pain and unconsciousness. Also, anything negative seen as coming from the reactive mind. "All you'll find on alt.religion.scientology is just bank talking."
the use of frivolous lawsuits to harass. "Scientology has been found guilty of barratry, given the thousands of useless lawsuits they have brought to court and wasted taxpayer's money on."
a person who is critical of Scientology. A Free Zone term, qv. "Don't listen to him; he's just a basher." (act) See Meatball.
Basic Basic,
the earliest incident on a chain of engrams, sometimes just called Basic.
a word Hubbard probably plagiarized from Nordenholz. Implies the rewarding experience of being something, assuming a valence (another personality) or hat (an office or post in Scientology). Hubbard fit beingness into a triptych with doingness and havingness. "She has so much beingness on her shiny new post!"
Big Win,
something seen as being of great benefit, but tends to be ephemeral or nebulous. A Big Win may be incomprehensible to Scientology outsiders. "I had such Big Wins all week on the Purif. I began to see what really lies behind my case!" See "Win", "Success Story."
Billion-Year Contract,
the newly-indoctrinated SO (Sea Organization; a tough inner core of Scientologists, some of whom may be found on the cult's ships, while others are settled in land bases) member signs one, supposedly coming back life after life to fulfill it. LSD users need not apply.
Bodies In the Shop. how many people are in the Scientology organization and on lines; an important Org Statistic.
Black Hats,
the bad guys. Ron wrote corny Westerns for a while, which might explain where the term came from. "Ars is full of SPs wearing their Black Hats."
1. To leave suddenly. Also, the person who does this. "Sam Blew off post today; he's our third Blow this week!" 2. To get rid of the charge or mass of an engram (a moment of pain and unconsciousness). "I blew so much mass in my session!" See MU, M3, M4.
Body Raisins,
a grape name for BTs, or Body Thetans, evil spirits which permeate our bodies, according to L. Ron Hubbard. See BTs. (ars)
Body Route,
to steer public into a Scientology Organization, get them on lines, sell them services, and make some money off them. The idea being that public are such low-toned wogs (a common Scientology derogation of Scientology outsiders) that they have no self-determination, and need to be led like sheep to the slaughter.
Body Thaytans,
see BTs. (ars)
Body Thetans,
see BTs.
B of I,
board of investigation. A Scientology kangaroo-court-like internal Ethics board. "A B of I will be convened for Harry next Tuesday."
along with clams and Grim Weepers, these are Wholetrack (a person's last 74 trillion years or so of existence in this universe) ancestors to Man, and are responsible for the origin of human belching, gasping, sobbing, choking, shuddering and trembling. Also called "Grim Weepers", and just "Weepers."
Book One,
another name for L. Ron Hubbard's book "Dianetics." Also describes auditing "therapy" as laid down in "Dianetics." See DMSMH.
bypassed charge. Charge that has been turned on, or restimulated, without being as-ised, blown, or gotten rid of; in other words, an unpleasant memory that has been recalled, but hasn't been fully dealt with or erased. See "Charge."
1. See Bridge Publications. 2. Broad Public Issue; a notification on Hubbard Communication Office Bulletins (HCOBs) and HCOPLs (HCO Policy Letters) showing issue authority and distribution.
Board Policy Letter, a precursor to the HCOPL, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, qv.
the bridge to total freedom; the list of auditing actions needed to get to the highest OT (operating thetan) level, currently OT 8. The Bridge costs roughly $300,000 US, and is depicted on the Gradation Chart of Human Awareness and Abilities. L. Ron Hubbard's "Bridge to total freedom" has two sides. One is auditor or therapist training classes or classifications, the other is receiving auditing or "therapy" such as Grades and OT levels, qv. At the lower levels the grades and classes or classifications correspond, this pretty much stops after Class 6 (Saint Hill Special Briefing Course).
Bridge Publications,
the cult's publishing business; also called simply Bridge or BPI (Bridge Publications International.) New Era Publications in Europe is a part of BPI.
Body Thetan. Usually plural. Evil spirits which need to be exorcized. "OT 5 consists entirely of running out BTs; what a bore."
Board Technical Bulletin, a precursor to the HCOB, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, qv. Hubbard decided that only he knew the true path of technological enlightenment of the wallet.
a training routine involving two students. One is to sit silent, unblinking and unmoving, while the other does everything s/he can to get a reaction. The receiving student must simply accept whatever is done to him or her, in what is basically a lesson in passivity. The stated purpose is to train the student to be unresponsive to a PC's (preclear; a person receiving Scientology "therapy") originations during the auditing or "therapy" session, while the actual process of bullbaiting itself flattens a person's emotional affect; it is perfectly natural to laugh when a person says something funny, whether this occurs in real life or in an auditing session. In bullbaiting the person is drilled to not react to what is being said in any way, to not show any empathy at all, producing a virtual robot, despite Scn's protestations about not doing robotic TRs. "The noise next door is coming from the students doing their bullbaiting."