The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

by Martin Hunt
Stand: 22 Jul 2000
Quelle: alt.religion.scientology


Cadet Org,
any of various orgs for warehousing children of Sea Org parents. Policy is for SO women to abort their babies when ordered, but when the unfortunates survive to full term, they are placed in these horrific organizations. Reports are rampant with child abuse in these places ranging from neglect, to maggots in their food, to severe under staffing, filthy and smelly conditions, and enforced parental neglect (SO parents are allowed as little as one hour per week to see their children, called "family time".) The Cadet orgs even have their own RPFs, or punishment camps.
Cal Mag,
a mixture of calcium and magnesium in water said to have amazing restorative powers, according to soi-disant "scientist", L. Ron Hubbard. See Guk Bomb.
the Cult Awareness Network, formerly a loose-knit educational and group-therapy association. A Scientology target for special hatred in the form of Suppressive (describing a person or group who goals are at odds to Scientology's goals) status, CAN has now been destroyed through Scientology exercising its policy of using lawsuits to utterly ruin its enemies, and if you dial the number, you get a Scientologist on the other end of the line!
these refer to the ubiquitous OSA (Office of Special Affairs; the cult's private CIA/KGB) cancelers who frequent alt.religion.scientology and visit it with their censorship of people's posts. (ars)
soup cans used as electrodes for the Scientology E-Meter or lie detector. The PC (patient) holds them in his or her hands. "I was on the Cans for three hours today!"
The sum of one's problems, bad memories, Engrams (moments of pain and unconsciousness), BTs (Body Thetans or evil spirits infesting the body), Overts (undisclosed harmful acts), Etc. "My Case has really improved by doing the Sunshine Rundown." See Bank, Reactive Mind.
Case Gain,
improvement in a PC's (patient's) case (problems) due to auditing or Scientology-style "therapy." "Paul had tremendous case gain running Grade Zero."
Case Supervisor,
see C/S.
Cave in,
to destroy someone by forcing them over into the dark side of the bank or reactive mind (the sum of one's memories.) "Helena Kobrin wants to cave in the critics on ars."
Celebrity Center. There are several of these around the world, incorporated with the intention of luring in actors and other prominent people to give the cult a shiny PR image, the theory being that if John Travolta and Kirsty Alley are Scientologists, other people will want to join up and sign away their life savings. One large CC is located right in Hollywood, and run as a ritzy hotel, utilizing the slave labor of Scientology's Sea Organization staff to provide all the amenities to the first class citizens and celebrities. "CC Int - Celebrity Center International - Largest celebrity center which delivers Scientology services to celebrities and those who can afford the higher donation rates. Also oversees the other CCs." - Jonathon Barbera.
the newspeak-named Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, run by a Scientologist by the name of Dennis Clarke. CCHR's main purpose is clearing away the "Psyches" (mental health professionals; seen by Scientology as evil aliens from the fifth galactic invader force) to make way for Scientology's advance into society. CCHR is a front group for Scientology.
Child Care Org. See Cadet Org.
see Clear Certainty Rundown.
the short name for the giant blue Scientology Cedars of Lebanon complex in Los Angeles, formerly the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, which moved and became the Cedars Sinai Hospital. Cedars was the world headquarters of Scientology, and home to many Organizations including ASHO (the American Saint Hill Organization), AOLA (the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles), an EPF and RPF, qv, and many others. IHELP (the International Ecclesiastical League of Pastors), ITO (the International Training Org), and OSA INT (the Office of Special Affairs International) have now moved to the HGB, qv. CCHR has moved elsewhere. See HGB.
Cedars Estates Service Org, the org responsible for maintenance in PAC, Pacific Area Command the Los Angeles area. Similar to the EPF, the Estates Project Force. See EPF.
Celebrity Center,
see CC.
Central Committee,
see ARSCC.
Central Files,
see CF.
Scientology's Cadet Estates Organization. See Cadet Org.
Central Files. "By policy, the names of any Scientologists at any org who have ever received a major service at an organization below Flag must be forwarded to Flag, where the names become the CF for Flag. A major service is considered paying for and completing a level or training, technical or administrative, or an auditing intensive. To sign up for a major service, a member must either have 6 months free IAS membership in existence, or be on the yearly paid membership." - Joe Harrington.
a run of memory incidents or engrams of a similar type, or with the same content.
mental mass in restimulation, or constant upheaval, contained in the reactive mind, or memory bank. This may not make much sense, but then, many things in Scientology are like that. In colloquial usage, charge refers to areas a person may be touchy about. "Jim has a lot of charge on the word 'critic.'"
{_}, an award given to arscc members who, through their actions, manage to shut down a cult org or mission.
see Counter-intention, Intention.
a derogatory term for a Scientologist. See Ronbot, Hubbardite, scieno. (ars)
a westcoast seafood cookout or party. The term was adopted on ars as the name for the IRC channel #clambake (now #scientology), and has more recently been applied to any situation where Scientology suffers a big loss. Also the name of a popular webpage which exposes the cult's secrets. See clam.
Man descended from them according to "History of Man" by L. Ron Hubbard, and the incident gives us painful engrams (memories) of being dropped onto rocks by birds, and extreme jaw pain from the bivalve's hinge. This has been a running joke on ars for some time, with threads about clambakes, clam chowder, snapping clams, clams in .sig files, etc., although some now see it as a pejorative and have quit using it.
see Scientologese.
a means of defining how high an Org (Scientology organization), Auditor (Scientology therapist), C/S (Case Supervisor, a person who oversees Auditors), etc. is on the Bridge (Scientology's chart of levels of enlightenment); corresponds to Level or Grade, qv. See Bridge.
Class IV Org,
now called Class V Org. See Class V Org.
Class V Org,
the most common Scientology organizations; most major urban centers in the Western world have one. They are senior to missions or franchises, but otherwise at the bottom rung of the command channels. They can deliver services up to and including Class V auditor training and processing through to New Era Dianetics and clearing. Once Clear, PCs must move on to higher orgs, such as ASHOs, AOs, or FLAG, all qv. See also Org.
Class XII Org, see Org.
Class 0,
A Class 0 auditor (therapist) can audit a person on Grade 0 after which they can supposedly talk to anyone about anything (except that Scientology says they shouldn't talk to suppressives, or criticize the church, or talk about their auditing except to certain people, or talk about OT levels and the material on them (etc. etc. etc.) See Grade 0.
Class 6,
Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. See SHSBC. Also Class VI.
Class 8 auditor,
A class 8 auditor is highly "trained" and can audit anyone on repair stuff up to OT 4 (or the grades, etc.) Also, Class VIII.
Class 8 C/S,
a Case Supervisor, qv, trained to C/S folders up to a high level. Also, Class VIII.
Class XII Auditor,
trained to deliver the very expensive L Rundowns or Ls at Flag in Clearwater, FLA, that use a form of auditing involving yelling listing items at the PC. Tree! Oak? Elm? Cottonwood?
Clay Demo,
a Scientology Study Tech method of training involving making little figures out of Plasticine (tm) on a table. "I've done 54 clay demos so far this week on the Pro TRs."
a person audited enough to be free of the "bank," or reactive mind. (The sum of the memories of pain and unconsciousness the person has) A low-level superman-type person; a baby OT (Operating Thetan). "Samantha just had her Clear Certainty Rundown, and is now considered a clear!"
Clear Certainty Rundown,
CCRD. Verifies and validates a person's state of Clear. Available at some Class V Organizations and all higher organizations. - Jonathon Barbera.
Clearing Course,
Grade VII. Solo audited by PCs who did not go Clear on NED, New Era Dianetics. This level is directed at implant materials (GPMs) which keep the reactive mind in place. Available at Advanced Organizations and higher. - Jonathon Barbera.
an email discussion list for the clearing field or Free Zone, qv. Koos was banned from it by the members. Homer is the administrator of the list.
Continental Liaison Office - in charge of the internal management of middle management organizations. - Jonathon Barbera. There's one of these for each Scientology "continent"; the world according to the cult is cut up in a rather bizarre way, eg, EUS and WUS (East and West United States) are separate "continents", as is ANZO (Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania), Africa, and others.
a bunch of Body Thetans, evil spirits inhabiting the body, all stuck together. "I had a cluster blow from my forehead during session!"
the Commodore's (L. Ron Hubbard) Messengers Organization. A Sea-Org run power center within the cult, started by the teenyboppers in hot pants who used to serve as Hubbard's mouthpieces on board his ships. CMO PAC (Pacific Area Command) is based in LA, in a large building across the street from the Cedars of Lebanon Center. The CMO IXU, the Internal eXtension Unit, is in the HGB, qv. CMO INT and CMO Gold are at the INT base.
Commodore's Messenger Organization INT - Senior-most CMO and is in charge of overseeing all CMOs. The CMOs are in charge of getting the management and service organizations producing and complying with upper management orders. - Jonathon Barbera.
Commodore's Messenger Organization Internal eXtension Unit - this organization is part of upper middle management and acts as the CMO for the managements organizations grouped with Flag Command Bureaux. This organization started requiring INT security clearances for its crew in 1992 or 1993. - Jonathon Barbera.
Commanding Officer.
Chairman of the board for the Religious Technology Center, the copyright holding body of Scientology, currently former Commodore's Messenger David Miscavige.
Coffee Grinder Incident,
this is where some evil implanters, people or aliens who instill bad memories, used a little box to play a push-pull wave of energy over you and lay in a bone-deep somatic or pain, remember?
a sudden realization about oneself having to do with Scientology. "Fanny had a cognition about how her father was a big Suppressive during Session; now she's on the PTS/SP course."
Cognitive dissonance,
a psych (disparaging Scientology slang for psychiatrists) term! Horrors! It simply means the inability to fit two disparate concepts into one's mind. For example, a dichotomy like "I spent $360,000 dollars for all this" and "It is all a bunch of garbage." The flip side of cognitive dissonance is that if you get someone to do something, it is easier to make them believe something, and vice versa. Actions influence thoughts, and thoughts influence actions. One person adds: "I thought this was more akin to warping reality to maintain a belief system. For instance you buy a car that has all the features you consider to be good in a car, but your friend buys a superior car which costs the same amount. You have cognitive dissonance and berate the other car by warping factual information to make your purchase more appealing than perhaps it factually is." In this sense, it is a component of the psychological influence that keeps people in Scientology; they warp the reality of the utter worthlessness of the auditing "technology" after paying so much for it. It becomes very hard to let go of something after making such a huge to commitment to it, whether that commitment is psychological, spiritual, monetary, the investment of time, or something similar. Webster's 9th New Collegiate says: "cognitive dissonance n (1963) psychological conflict resulting from incongruous ideas and attitudes held simultaneously." The conflict is resolved via the distortion of the perception of reality. Eric Bohlman: " is almost a textbook example of attempts to resolve cognitive dissonance. A classic social psychology experiment is to take a bunch of people who have just bought new cars and present them with product brochures from various car companies. Inevitably they'll spend most of their time reading the brochures for the cars that they bought, and will give only cursory glances to the brochures for the competing models. Somebody who has just made a major commitment (such as spending a lot of money) is likely to seek out information that would portray the commitment as a good decision and avoid information that would call the decision into question, because the alternative is to believe that they've been duped, which would be damaging to their self-images."
Command Intention,
what upper management wants done; meant to imply that Scientology's management is able to "make it go right", infallible, and quite capable of achieving anything. The peons only worries are seeing to it that they jump high enough when ordered. See Intention, Counter-intention.
the name Hubbard gave himself, no doubt based upon his stellar naval career. "A picture of the Commodore hangs in every Academy." See "Ron."
Comm Ev,
a Committee of Evidence; a cult "justice" action. "Fred was declared at his Comm Ev; now he's an SP, and subject to Fair Game."
the Ethics formulas of Scientology. They are, in descending order, Power, Power Change, Affluence, Normal Operation, Emergency, Danger, Non-Existence, Liability, Doubt, Enemy, Treason, Confusion. All the conditions have formulas, and they are designed to get cult members to produce more, ie, make more money for Scientology. Thus, conditions are deemed very important, and Scientologists are often seen scurrying about trying "improve their condition."
a metaphysical Scientology construct. Control is worked into low-level therapy like Op pro by Dup to get the "raw meat" used to the idea of someone controlling him or her to a high degree. Control is exerted on every action and step taken by the Scientology newcomer; with what amounts to supreme arrogance, Scientologists assume that ordinary people, (whom it disparages as mere "wogs"), are simply incapable of wiping their own ass, and are therefore subject to full control by them. This is manifested as "body routing", and it is the justification for hard-selling the PC onto his or her next level immediately after taking a "therapy" session. See Tone 40, Intention, Postulate.
Church of Scientology. Also, C of S, CofS, COS, Co$. Some people on ars take "Co$" to mean "Cult of $cientology."
Church of Scientology Religious Education College International, incorporated in Australia. It shares the "castle" at Saint Hill with AOSH (Advanced Organisation Saint Hill).
Church of Spiritual Technology. Also, CST, LRH Archives.
resistance to authority, disobedience; the last thing an SO member would want to have to Command Intention, qv. "Any more CI on my lines from you, buster, and I'm routing you to Ethics to get your overts standardly handled." See Intention.
describing a Case Gain (qv) of such proportions that one's Bank or Reactive Mind (memories of pain and unconsciousness) is knocked back forever. "I finally had my case cracked on OT 2; it was a big win!"
an action taken to remedy a small Scientology tech "outpoint", a failing of some kind. "I had a cram cycle on my metering after failing to get VGIs on my PC."
a pun on Church, as in Church of Scientology. Clams tend to lean on the crutch; they need it, so bad. "The Crutch has been losing turf in Germany recently."
noun. Case Supervisor. The person in charge of assigning auditing regimens to Preclears or patients; s/he tells the Auditor or Scientology therapist what processes to run on the mark, and reviews the written worksheets of processing sessions.
Commodore's Staff Guardian (Mary Sue Hubbard).
Church of Scientology international. Officially a non profit 501 (c) organization. The offices of el presidente are at the HGB, qv.
Church of Scientology International - International Base/Bureau.
verb. The action of reviewing and prescribing Scientology processing or "therapy" actions. "The C/S at AOLA C/Sed my case this week."
Church of Spiritual Technology. Also, COST, LRH Archives.
(definition from the Cult Awareness Network, now taken over by Scientology after bankruptcy brought on by Scn litigation). A serious problem exists in our society as a result of the emergence of groups, popularly called cults, using mind control (undue influence) and unethical means to recruit and retain followers. Association with these groups can be harmful to followers and disruptive to families, friends and society. MARKS OF A DESTRUCTIVE CULT: -Mind Control (undue influence): Manipulation by use of coercive persuasion or behavior modification techniques without informed consent. -Charismatic Leadership: Claiming divinity or special knowledge and demanding unquestioning obedience with power and privilege. Leadership may consist of one individual or a small core of leaders. -Deception: Recruiting and fundraising with hidden objectives and without full disclosure of the use of mind controlling techniques; use of front groups. -Exclusivity: Secretiveness or vagueness by followers regarding activities and beliefs. -Alienation: Separation from family, friends and society, a change in values and substitution of the cult as the new family; evidence of subtle or abrupt personality changes. -Exploitation: Can be financial, physical, or psychological; pressure to give money, to spend a great deal on courses or give excessively to special projects, or to engage in inappropriate sexual activities, even child abuse. -Totalitarian Worldview (we/they syndrome): Effecting dependence, promoting goals of the group over the individual and approving unethical behavior while claiming goodness.
the Church of Xenu International. A mocking take-off of CSI "set up" by "General" Martin Ottmann, "Chairman of the Board" CXI. Other members include: "Admirals" Alvin Brattli, Birgitta Dagnell, and Andreas Heldal-Lund. See Admiral, COB, CSI.