The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

by Martin Hunt
Stand: 22 Jul 2000
Quelle: alt.religion.scientology


verb. Dead Agent; to spread malicious lies and rumors about an Anti-Scientologist person or organization, in an attempt to so thoroughly discredit them that everyone concerned will be disgusted with them, and not listen to the information they have to give about the cult. Many attempts to Dead Agent the recently destroyed CAN (the Cult Awareness Network) and FACTnet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics network; a BBS that supplies information about the cult) have been posted to ars. (alt.religion.scientology)
one of the two divisions Class V (a lower-level Scientology Organization) cult centers are cut up into. Hours roughly are from 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. See Foundation.
Degraded Being. Someone so infested with Body Thetans, evil spirits, as to be in-auditable or insane. Also used as a general derogatory term. "These psychs are all DBs; without the tech, they won't make it."
Douglas jet aircraft resembling the Boeing 707, and used for trans-Atlantic flights starting in the late 1950s. Hubbard said they were used millions of years ago as spaceships to ferry people about the galactic confederation. Perhaps someday Scientology will apply for a patent, and sue Douglas for copying their design?
Dianetic Clear Special Intensive, a a five hour auditing block (as opposed to the usual 12 1/2 hours that auditing is usually sold in) that is essentially a date locate procedure for finding the moment of the clear cognition for those going clear on Dianetic auditing, which is said to happen in 2% of cases.
Dead Agenting,
see D/A.
the act of blacklisting within the cult; the result is an "SP" (Suppressive Person, someone who does not like Scientology) who can be "Sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed" as per the cult's policy. "Eric was declared Suppressive at his Comm Ev."
another name for an overt, a harmful act one does to another that comes before justification of the act.
another name for a motivator, an instance of blaming another for a crime you have committed yourself, or finding some justification for your aggressive or harmful actions that you are committing at present in your victim's previous actions.
Degraded Being,
see DB.
a desperate ploy to recover lost children involved in a cult, usually at the parent's behest; employs kidnaping and coercive persuasion to re-invoke the cult victim's former personality from before involvement. Now largely discredited in favor of exit counseling, which is only done on a consensual basis.
Developed traffic. A particle (a person or form) sent unnecessarily to the improper terminal; a waste of time or an item which slows down the all-important production inside Scientology.
a formula combined with vitamins and other materials (such as benzedrine) to make the intake of nicotinic acid more effective. Dianazene runs out radiation - or what appears to be radiation. It also proofs a person up [sic] against radiation to some degree. It also turns on and runs out incipient cancer. (All About Radiation, pp. 123-124) Strangely, Hubbard thought that drugs were destructive enough to warrant a Purification Rundown to try to eliminate them. See also Guk Bomb, Purif, Drug Rundown.
Dianetic auditing,
a quack therapy process based on Hubbard's book, _Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health_ (DMSMH), written in 1950, and later volumes. Also called book one auditing.
Dianetic Clear Special Intensive,
see DCSI.
Hubbard's derivative (of Freud's abreactive therapy, among others) mental healing therapy; scorned by the mental health profession as being unscientific nonsense. Strangely, even though Hubbard used mainstream psychiatry as a source for Dianetics, he went on to vehemently attack psychiatry and its practice with paranoid fervor.
the act of severing ties with family, friends, and loved ones that the cult often forces its victims to do when these same loved ones are declared SPs, Suppressive Persons, (often for expressing doubts about the victim's involvement in the cult) which the victim then supposedly becomes PTS, a Potential Trouble Source for Scientology, to. "I was ordered to disconnect from my wife after she was declared." See SP, PTS.
sections of the Org Board, the Scientology Organization layout showing positions within the bureaucracy that Hubbard used to define all the posts in an Org. Various Org Boards were utilized, some with seven Divisions (Divs), some with nine; they are kept on a wall in the Organizations, and drilled each morning.
Div 1,
HCO; Hubbard Communications Office. Also, Div One, etc.
Div 2,
Div 3,
The treasury; money being so important it deserves its own special division in Scientology.
Div 4,
Tech. Where the Academy courses and HGC, Hubbard Guidance Center, auditing are done.
Div 5,
Qual. Where one attests to "therapy" actions, and gets certificates for courses in Scientology. Also, where corrections are done.
Div 6,
the public division; deals with routing people into the Organization (Org), low level raw meat (fresh converts) courses, hokey '50-ish L. Ron Hubbard movies, selling books, reception, etc.
Div 7,
Executive Division.
David Miscavige; the leader of the cult of Scientology, presently on the run from process servers. Also called the poodle. (ars)
Dianetics [sic, should be dianoetics], the Modern [sic, outdated] Science [sic!] of Mental Health [sic!]; Hubbard's first foray into his newly invented "Science" of mental health, and the launchpad for the cult of Scientology, misspelled from dianoetic, meaning intellectual; pounded out in a few weeks on a typewriter in 1950 without even a hint of research. Also called Book One. Should be: Dianoetics, the old fashioned pseudoscience that creates mental problems.
Dianetics. See Dianetics.
the act of doing something. See Beingness.
Downstat or Down Stat,
1. Describing the horrible condition of losing that all-important production statistic; also, a general term of derogation. "My local Class V looks so Down Stat; it is dark, dingy, dirty, and squalid, not to mention grotty." 2. Noun; referring to Down Stat individuals; people who are not doing well in a Scientological sense, that is, cranking out enough product. "Farnham is a real downstat; look at how miserable he looks on post. Route him to Ethics." See Up Stat.
a Free Zone term. Describes people who are superior to meatballs, qv, or ordinary people. (act)
Drug Rundown,
there are two of these, one at the bottom of the Bridge, one near the top. While the Purification Rundown is meant to remove the drugs residues supposedly stored in your fat, the Drug Rundown is meant to audit out the harmful effects of drugs on your mind. It is all very spiritual. (Or is that medical? Or should that be financial?) See Grades, OT 4, Purif. See also Dianazene, Guk Bomb, for comparison. Two things seem to be pulling in different directions here; on the one hand you have Hubbard trying to cleanse drugs out of the system with his Purification Rundown, and on the other hand there is his admitted use of drug compounds on his guinea-pig followers.
the Department of Special Affairs, an office that acts as the local outlet for OSA in Class V orgs. See OSA.
to make an exact copy of; to fully understand in order to obey. "You are Out-Ethics, Mr.! You need to do your Conditions! Do you duplicate me?"
the eight Scientological subdivisions of life. Self, Sex, Group, Mankind, Animals and Plants, Universe, Theta, God.
Enid Vien's breakaway movement from Scientology; a part of the Free Zone, qv.