The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

by Martin Hunt
Stand: 22 Jul 2000
Quelle: alt.religion.scientology


a mental image picture. "June has a facsimile of a dog biting her leg."
Fight Against Coercive Tactics network; a cult information BBS with numerous files on the Scientology cult and others operated by Lawrence Wollersheim, and various other directors at various times including Bob Penny, Kim Baker, and Arnie (Arnaldo) Lerma. FACTNet has undergone a shift toward carrying the torch for free speech on the Internet more recently after lengthy and expensive litigation with Scientology.
Fair Game,
the notorious Scientology policy describing how to deal with critics, ex-members, and other undesirables dehumanized with the label "Suppressives"; they may be "Sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed," as per policy. A more recent policy has banished the WORDS "Fair Game", but the policy of what to do to these "SPs" or "Suppressives" cannot ever be cancelled, as it is Hubbardian scripture, and his words cannot ever be altered in any way per Scientology's policy. "Dennis Erlich, being an SP, is subject to Fair Game."
a Meter read of about an inch movement to the left.
the name of the mission that was sent to execute the programme targets establishing the "United Churches" front (Flag) in Clearwater, Florida.
able to zip through course checksheets because of superliteracy obtained from M1 word clearing and the Student Hat.
Flag Bureaux - Oversees all Sea Org service organizations and all Class V (formerly Class IV) organizations. - Jonathon Barbera.
Flag Command Bureaux - In charge of internal management of upper middle management. - Jonathon Barbera.
Foundation, qv.
False Data Stripping. Brainwashing 101; an auditing ("therapy") procedure involving stripping away "bad" thoughts or wrong ideas and replacing them with the proper cultic dogma. The ideas are located, cleansed, and replaced with the "true data". "Success Story: today I had a big win using FDSing to get rid of the False Datum that Psyches are trying to help people!"
the Flag Executive Briefing Course. A top-level training course for EDs and other executives delivered at ITO and possibly a few other high training orgs. The FEBC used to incorporate strange events like the Kali ceremony, the ritualistic destruction of model orgs.
noun. The "wog world" (disparaging term for everyday society and the non-Scientology world) outside the Org. "The field is getting so muddy that it is hard to get new Raw Meat in and onto our lines!"
Field Auditors,
roaming Scientology recruiters and auditors who are meant to channel people into missions and Class V Orgs. See FSM.
Fifth galactic invader force,
insect-creatures with horrible hands. Psychs (Scientology's derogatory term for psychiatrists) are from these galactic invaders who threaten our very existence on this planet, according to L. Ron Hubbard.
Finance Dictator,
the person in charge of extracting money from all the little people or peons in Scientology. An Apt name, given the brutality with which this all-important function is carried out. "The Finance Dictator went after the Mission-Holders in a big money-grab in the early 1980s."
the former name of the ship Hubbard was Commodore on, the Apollo. When the Sea Org (high level Scientologists who sign billion-year contracts) came ashore in Clearwater, Florida, they set up the Flag Land Base, an upper-level Class XII Org, now just called Flag. "I got my Ls at Flag, and my case was really cracked!"
Flag Executive Briefing Course,
see FEBC.
see Flag.
a mistake made in the auditing "therapy."
perfect auditing without errors; a "star-high goal" that is never achieved, as numerous therapy "repairs" point up.
Floating Needle. A rhythmic swinging of the Meter needle back and forth indicating end of session, or completion of a "therapy" process. Also commonly used to indicate good vibes, as in "I've been F/Ning all day!"
Flag Order, a blue-on-white written directive similar to Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters, HCOPLs, for Sea Org members. There is a Sea Org Briefing Course which consists of all non-confidential FOs still in use. Flag Orders are a vital policy line, as the Sea Org is the commanding and controlling organization in Scientology which runs as a thread throughout the entire cult.
an Ethics (Scientology's corrections section) folder or Auditing "therapy" folder in which Scientology collects all the dirt on people obtained from auditing sessions and Ethics actions which can be used as blackmail to keep critics quiet. Culled information from folders of former Scientologists who have turned into critics has a habit of showing up on ars.
Flag Operations Liaison Office. See Flag.
one of the two groups inside a Class V Org, which is a Scientology organization that delivers lower level services. Foundation works the night and weekend shift, while Day works days. "Sally works for Foundation, while Sam is Day." See Day.
FPRD, False Purpose Rundown
FR or F/R,
Flag Rep. A minor post in a Class V or lower level Org; a liaison with Flag, an upper level Class XII organization. "Ronald was the FR from HAW FDN."
an old name used before the more appealing Newspeak "Mission," qv. Franchise connotes the financial business aspects of Scientology too much, and so the term "Mission" is now used to add more religiosity. A Mission is a low level Scientology money making organization; a franchise, in other words. See Mission.
Scientology's newspeak-monikered propaganda newsletter, used for PR dissemination. See PR, good roads fair weather.
Freeloader debt,
a debt incurred by staff members who break their 3, 5, or one billion year (in the Sea Org) contracts, and are thus required to pay for every auditing action and training course done to them while on staff. The freeloader debt usually runs into the tens of thousands, but cannot be collected in most cases as the contract in not considered to be in good faith.
the SO-run (Sea Org) ship that cruises around tropical ports and gives the OT-8s (top level Scientologists) a hangout while they proceed with their auditing. Ah, how nice it must be to be at the top of the Bridge on a Clear day!
Free Zone,
(also Freezone); a loose affiliation of people who still believe in some of the ideas of Scientology auditing procedures, but who have left the formal structure of the cult in a type of Scientology Reformation. The Free Zone is a little more liberal than the hard-core Churchies, as they sometimes like to call people still in the cult proper, yet they often still have the trappings of Scientology, for example, the E-Meter, Auditing, the concepts of Ethics, Overts (bad deeds), Conditions, and the use of disparaging terms for outsiders, (Meatballs, Bashers, Wogs, etc.) The cult proper hates these splinterers and labels them "squirrels". Their newsgroup is; they also have their own periodicals, such as the _Free Spirit_ and others. "The "Free Zone" was a term first used by Bill Robertson in the early 80s. Robertson was a fan of LRH and set up a network of organizations that delivered the CofS's upper and lower levels grades, including the Clearing Course, OT levels and NOTs, at a cut-rate." - Joe Harrington.
Free Zoner,
(also Freezoner); a member of the Free Zone, qv. Opinion is split on whether this term is or is not derogatory. Some people are happy to be called Free Zoners, and apply the term to themselves. Others claim it is derogatory when used by critics, but this may be a confusion with attitudes as expressed in sentences and simple nouns. Does a sentence like "Canadians are politically stupid liberals" make the term "Canadian" a derogatory term? Free Zoners have been called deluded for still adhering to Hubbardian views and holding the vile man in high regard; I do not believe that this can make the term itself derogatory, but others feel differently about it. The term did not arise within the critical arena, which sheds further doubt on the derogatory label hypothesis.
Field Staff Member. Mercenaries who recruit people using selection slips for Scientology and get a 15% profit of the value of services purchased by their recruits in return.
1. Flag Ship Organization. In reality this has been various ships and locations over the last 30 years. 2. FSO also means Flag Service Org which is in Clearwater, FL and is usually referred to as simply Flag. "FSO - Flag Service Organization - Highest level training organization in the world and can deliver the processing side of the Bridge up to New OT VII. Located in Clearwater, Florida, USA." - Jonathon Barbera.
Flag Ship Service Organization, Clearwater, FL. The Flag Ship was the Apollo in Hubbard's day, now it is the Freewinds out cruising the Caribbean. OT 8 is done on the FSSO, the Freewinds.
see Free Zone. (act)