The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

by Martin Hunt
Stand: 22 Jul 2000
Quelle: alt.religion.scientology


Gang-Bang Sec Check,
a cruel process involving getting the victim to confess to "crimes" or Overts while on a meter and in front of a group of people. Used as a heavy brainwashing technique when a PC threatens to blow. "Three people in the past year have said they have had Gang-Bang Sec Checks recently."
Genetic Entity. A low-grade soul that stores whole track engrams (memories of pain and unconsciousness from the last few trillion years of the patient's life) like the clam incident (people descended from clams, according to Hubbard.) The concept of the GE can be hard to understand until one realizes that it is unadulterated nonsense, like much of Scientology.
1. Gross Income. One of the most important Stats (statistics) for cult groups. 2. Good Indicators; a smiling face after an auditing or "therapy" action.
the Guardian's Office. The cult's KGB, responsible for attacking SPs, (qv) publishing Dead Agent materials (largely manufactured dirty laundry on perceived enemies), framing political figures and judges, intimidating witnesses, etc. Now renamed OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, qv.
Godwin's Law,
a rhetorical construct that postulates that the mere mention of the holocaust in an argument renders it null and void, as the slaughter of seven million Jews in WWII is a singularly momentous and ghastly historical event. Some people stretch the law to apply to mentioning Nazis and the Third Reich generally in any debate, but this is a dubious over-extension at best. "You are comparing the RPF to Nazi concentration camps? I hereby invoke Godwin's Law!"
this has been used to refer to both Golden Era Studios and Gold base, now usually referred to as INT, as most INT orgs have relocated there. In the Sea Org we used to refer to GOLD as "over the rainbow", and meant a "secret" location in Hemet. - Miss X. "Golden Era Productions, in charge of producing e-meters, films, television advertisements, and lectures on cassettes. Includes PDO (Planetary Dissemination Org)." - Jonathon Barbera. Note: E-Meters were also produced by Bridge. Grady Ward: "My first impression of Gold Base as Keith Henson drove me through it on Monday is that it looked exactly like a Nazi theme park. A delightful little caricature of a Scientology 'church' with a flowering bed in front of it - surrounded by the nastiest razor wire, floodlights, and video observation cameras I have ever seen."
Golden Age of Tech,
the. Releases from 1996 reportedly sharpen up auditing. Apparently the "100% Standard Tech" sold to public over the last several years was not standard after all. The changes to unalterable tech include: a revamping of the E-meter with a variable gain; a student certainty course covering the barriers to study, parts of the student hat, the TRs, and the metering courses; the Golden Age of Tech Drills which are rote handlings compiled from HCOBs and put in quiz/drill form for training on a twin basis for grades and solo auditing courses; a read generator has been added to the E-meter; and more emphasis on study and drilling to the point of not having to think about what to do in a particular situation.
Good roads,
fair weather. A PR technique which all Scientologists are instructed in to automatically handle criticisms with bland statements about other things. The idea is to discuss something "non-reactive" to the person, and also steer the topic away from Scientology, a topic Scientologists are indoctrinated to not discuss in any depth for obvious reasons. See PR.
see OSA.
Goals Problems Mass. A supposed mass which develops when one is thwarted from reaching a Goal by a Problem or stop.
preliminary steps to the true enlightenment and understanding of Body Thetans (evil spirits inhabiting the body) on the OT (Operating Thetan; a person as a spirit able to operate free of the body) levels. The Grades range from 0, learning to talk, to VII, clear certainty, and come before clear (a person who is freed from the effects of the Reactive Mind; the place where all the memories of pain and unconsciousness are stored) on the Bridge. Actions before the Grades usually include Life repair, Purification rundown (which involves sweating in a sauna, running, and taking vitamin overdoses for a fee of $2,000) and the Drug Rundown, said to remove the harmful effects of drugs by using the E-Meter. The typical sequence for processing then goes up the numbered Grades. See also Class, Bridge, Level.
Grade 0,
learn to communicate with anyone about anything. Too bad no one in Scientology has reached this level! See Class 0.
Grade 1,
(I) learn to handle your Problems, as long as they don't include being a victim of a money-grubbing cult.
Grade 2,
(II) Overts and Withholds, your dirty laundry aired in public. Don't tell them anything you wouldn't mind posted to Usenet or given out in pamphlets to your neighbors, co-workers and friends.
Grade 3,
(III) deals with Upsets.
Grade 4,
(IV) Service Facsimiles, "I'm right and you're wrong" type of blaming behavior. Guess that lots of people in this "church" need it. See Ser Fac.
Grade 4.5,
(recently, last decade or so, New Era Dianetics (NED, qv) was put here. If the mark 'goes clear' on new era dianetics then grades 5, 6, and 7 are skipped. The person does a simple process called the sunshine rundown, and goes on to OT 1) (No; the cult doesn't call it Grade 4.5. This is where it would be logically.)
Grade 5,
(V) Power, awareness of self as source. I got the Power, yeah, yeah. Just keep repeating it; you couldn't really be wasting thousands of dollars, could you? After all, this is America! You should be able to buy spiritual freedom! (God knows, you can buy everything else.) See Power processing.
Grade 6,
preparation for the Clearing Course. R6EW, Routine Six, End Words. Meant to release the locks from the reactive mind. End Words are a kind of verbal lock that keeps the reactive mind or whatever in restimulation; more pseudoscience on parade. See R6EW.
Grade 7,
Clearing course. Wow! At last you can throw away your glasses, a la Bates! You'll have perfect recall of what you ate for dinner! Your IQ will zoom! Your eyes will become glazed! Your pockets will be feeling a severe drain! (Unless your last name is Gates.) You're now ready for OT 1; last chance for cognitive dissonance before the railroad to Total Freedom (tm) routes you straight to hell, or a close approximation thereof, and all for just $129.99$! (Oops! I mean $129,000.99!) Visa or Amex accepted, but cash preferred. Loans available at 25% per week. Financial help with getting a mortgage on your house free of charge. See Clear Certainty Rundown.
a gradual approach to brainwashing that Scientology employs so as not to scare off potential recruits. Things like OT-III, widely available over the net, are deemed to be "out-gradient", as they drive away raw recruits because they look like insane gibberish sputtered from the foaming mouth of a brain-fevered baboon. Also called a "gradient scales approach". Deviating from this tech is called going "out gradient"; a serious error.
Green Vols,
the green volumes of the OEC (Organization Executive Course; a high-level and very expensive course that teaches executives how to manage an organization. Used to siphon money from Class V Orgs, lower level Orgs, uplines to higher level Orgs that run the course) that contain Scientology policy. See "Red Vols, OEC."
Guk Bomb,
a mixture of benzedrine, vitamins, and glutamic acid Hubbard thought helped the auditing "therapy" go smoothly. See also Dianazene, Purif.