The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

by Martin Hunt
Stand: 22 Jul 2000
Quelle: alt.religion.scientology


Professional Auditor's Bulletin. An issue type for Scientology auditors or therapists. Some of Hubbard's "technical" writings to his flock of auditors may be found in these.
Pacific Area Command, the Los Angeles area in Hubbardspeak.
Pacific Area Command - Rehabilitation Project Force, in the basement of the Cedars Complex. Most RPF'ers live in Lebanon Hall and do their courses on the first floor of the main building. Only a few are sent to the basement the (RPF's RPF) down in the extensive tunnel network under the main building that extends out under the parking lot.
a person seen as a thing to be routed, or a piece of information in the cult's communication theory.
preclear. Someone who is getting auditing (spiritual counseling) who is not yet "Clear," Clear being that state of being free of unconscious impulses that cloud your judgment, and not having any memories of pain and unconsciousness or engrams. PC or preclear is often used to mean anyone taking Scientology "therapy" even if they are Clear or above. A person who is OT 1 through OT 8 and being audited may be called a PC or sometimes a pre-OT.
the Philadelphia Doctorate Course; dates from 1952. Now offered as a series of tapes of Hubbard's lectures known as the PDC lectures.
the list of senses, extended far beyond the usual five by Scientology.
the Public Executive Secretary, one of the three executives directly under the ED, the Executive Director, along with the HES and OES. Also called the Public Exec Sec.
Piltdown Man,
a ancestor of man with huge jaws and a nasty habit of using them to eat his wife, according to Hubbard. NB, this was a fraud perpetrated on the scientific community from 1912 until 1953, when it was proved to be a hoax, of a human cranium and an ape jaw "discovered" near Piltdown, Sussex, England by Charles Dawson. However, Hubbard never withdrew his ridiculous claim that Dawson's hoax was a direct ancestor to modern man.
a pet name for David Miscavige, the dictator of the cult of Scientology. Dennis Erlich: "Patrick Jost, in a conversation with me, described the little pr*ck as looking like a poodle. Knowing Miscarriage as I do, I thought the handle fit well, so I've used it ever since. Although I think lawn ornament and (*) fit him well, too." (*) is crude ASCII art. Very crude.
to wish into existence; a supposed OT super-power along the lines of Tone 40 and Intention, qv. "David postulates that the Psyches will all be destroyed by the year 2000; our program of dead-agenting them will make his postulate stick." Ted Mayett: "I have a definition for Postulate. - body english on a bowling ball."
Pot Kettle Black,
from the saying "the pot calling the kettle black", a common phrase on ars in reply to, for example, a Scientologist calling ars critics "bigots" when it was the cult's leader Hubbard who wrote "the trouble with China is there are too many Chinks", and that blacks had bigger reads on the E-meter due to having bigger overts (sins) that whites, and other racist remarks, to which a critic follows up "Pot Kettle Black."
Power Processing,
(Grades V & VA - Power and Power Plus). First set of processes are directed at the upper part of the awareness chart (source, existence, conditions). These levels are only done when a PC does not go Clear on New Era Dianetics and is audited by Class VII auditors at Saint Hills and higher organizations. - Jonathon Barbera. See Grades.
Public Relations. A central theme in the cult with several drills and many written policies. The whole idea is to make Scientology out to be something good, something great, and to attack all sources of criticism vigorously with an end to silencing them. Many of the low-level Scientologists will go into PR mode automatically and wax enthusiastic about the wonderful "gains" they are having and so forth without realizing the false picture of Scientology they are creating. High-level Scientologists engage in outright lying and distortion of facts, such as calling modern Germany a "Nazi state" or saying that psychs, (psychiatrists) are behind some global conspiracy, or turning failed lawsuits into "big wins" with bland propaganda and so on. See Freedom.
see PC.
an Engram (moment of pain and unconsciousness) received while in the womb. Hubbard guessed the womb was a nasty place, full of bumps and grinds and horrible noises.
a person who is being audited and is above Clear on the grade chart. See PC.
Public Relations Officer.
Public Relations Office (or Officer) Area Control.
an auditing or "therapy" action.
the action of auditing a PC or patient. A coldly distant term for Scientology's "therapy", which itself can be very cold and distant; the term shows Hubbard's lack of respect for the people he conned out of their money for his quack cult "therapy".
Pro TRS,
the Professional Training Routines for auditors or therapists, involving long hours staring at another student, reciting verses out of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", Bullbaiting or insulting each other, and doing lots of Clay Demos, or figures in Plasticine (tm). "Our son was made into a zombie on the Pro TRs."
psychiatrists and psychologists. Seen by the paranoid cult as being the ultimate in evil and corruption on Earth; out to destroy us all by cutting out our brains with transorbital leucotomies, or zapping us into submission with electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), or zombifying us with selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Ritalin and Prozac. The cult front-group called the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a la Orwell, is dedicated to destroying these evil beings known as Psychs, but who are really members of the fifth galactic invader force, qv.
Present Time, the here and now. "SPs are stuck in an incident in the past; they need to be brought up to PT."
Potential Trouble Source. Someone who is in contact with an SP, a Suppressive or anti-Scientology person, and therefore may cause trouble for the cult. "Mary is a PTS Type III." Adjective; "She is PTS to that Wholetrack SP on her lines." See also individual types of PTS - 1 to 3, and A to J, SP, Disconnection.
PTS/SP Course,
a training pack that deals with how to handle and disconnect from SPs (Suppressive Persons; people who disagree with Scientology) that are enturbulating (disturbing) you, usually in one's immediate family.
PTS Type One,
a person who has an SP in contact with them, trying to help them get out of the cult.
PTS Type Two,
a person who has an SP in their past who they can't name. A catch-all for people who don't improve using the unworkable quack therapy of Scientology.
PTS Type Three,
a person suffering a psychotic breakdown due to connection with an anti-Scientologist or psychiatrist, supposedly. Often this label is applied to people who flip under the incredible strain of Scientology's paranoid bullshit. PTS Type Three's are then placed on the Introspection Rundown, where they are locked up to hide them from authorities, who don't like to see people driven round the bend by the cult, and may make waves.
PTS Type A,
people intimately connected with SPs through family or marital ties who are likely to have help getting out of the cult or be exposed to the other side of the question.
PTS Type B,
PTS Type C,
people who make legal threats against the cult, or who publicly attack Scientology.
PTS Type D,
people who believe that Scientology is responsible for what it did to them, who won't buy the line that they are completely responsible for all the destructive things the cult does and won't accept that the victim is solely to blame for any mishaps.
PTS Type E,
people who are forced into being audited by others. To be effective, the impetus must seem to come from within, then they only have themselves to blame.
PTS Type F,
people who aren't certain that Scientology's quack therapy works, and want to test it.
PTS Type G,
rich or influential people who want free quack auditing "therapy" based on their status.
PTS Type H,
open minded people who aren't certain and 100% dedicated to Scientology, as the cult demands.
PTS Type I,
people who do not believe that they can get better using the cult's quack therapy, thus the placebo effect will be weakened.
PTS Type J,
people who are likely to have a critical bent regarding Scientology, who may not swallow the BS in one big gulp - judges, boards, newspaper reporters, magazine writers, etc.
the Purification Rundown. A cleansing process, intended to remove drugs supposedly stored in body fat through running, taking megadoses of vitamins and minerals, and sweating in a sauna for hours every day. The Purif costs roughly $1,500, and takes about two weeks to do. There is no scientific evidence to back up the cult of Scientology's claims about the supposed benefits of the Purif. See Grades, Guk Bomb, Dianazene.
Put a head on a pike,
a Hubbardian policy learned apparently from Vlad the Impaler to intimidate critics by taking their leader and doing their worst to him or her through harassment, lawsuits, frame-ups, etc. in the hope that this will scare others off. "OSA and RTC have really put a head on a pike in the media industry with Time/Warner being sued for 400 million dollars; the libel chill should make other magazines think twice before writing about Scientology."