The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

by Martin Hunt
Stand: 22 Jul 2000
Quelle: alt.religion.scientology


Saint Hill,
the manor Hubbard bought in East Grinstead, England, with his ill-gotten gains. See SH.
a net.zine containing much of the secret Scientology "technology" and policy. Scamizdat got its name from scam (Scientology) + samizdat, an underground press for publishing and disseminating dissident works in the former Soviet Union; also, the materials so published. It is an abbreviation of samizdatel'stvo, meaning self publishing (house), from sam-, self, + izdatel'stvo, publisher. The creators of Scamizdat obviously see parallels between Communist Russia and Scientology in the way they deal with critics and free-speech. Spam Killer, "'samizdat' is a clever pun. It means 'self-published' but it takes force from 'gosizdat' (sp?), the Soviet acronym for Government Publishing."
a term for Scientologist, which is a bit long to type out over and over and over. The origination of the term according to Dennis Erlich: "The term was coined by none other than Bill Franks himself. He was made the Executive Director International for life by the Phattard in 1979 (i believe). After poodleboy had him kidnapped, taken to Hemet and held against his will, he escaped and came back to Clearwater to picket in front of the Ft. Harrison." Usage is generally somewhat disparaging, but less so than "clam".
see Scientologese. (ars)
a term used to describe the strange new language used within the cult of Scientology; an odd mixture of rather illiterate English and thousands of new terms that Hubbard introduced in his extensive writings. Also called Scieno-speak, Hubbardese. (ars)
Hubbard's money-making venture into religion; started after Dianetics. Word comes from Nordenholz's book "Scientologie 34."
an IRC discussion channel devoted to Scientology. Formerly #clambake.
short for Scientology.
Sec Check,
confessional dirty-laundry type Scientology "therapy." See "Sec Checking."
Sec Checking,
Security Checking. Running lists of questions on a PC or patient using the Meter to find criminal behavior that can be used as potential blackmail, should the PC ever blow or become critical of the cult. Similar to a confessional; the PC is lied to and told the revealed secrets and Overts will remain confidential, yet the cult often publishes and distributes the items found by Sec Checking, which are written down in folders at the time of the session. Term comes from Hubbard's extreme paranoia about Communist, governmental, or psychiatric infiltration of Scientology, and the need to run Security checks on new Scientologists.
Senior C/S (Case Supervisor) Int,
part of INT management and is located with CMO INT. The person holding this post is considered the senior-most technical terminal within the Church and is responsible, with his or her juniors, for overseeing standard delivery, receiving tech related petitions, and c/s'ing difficult cases which cannot be resolved at a smaller organization. - Jonathon Barbera.
Senior Exec Strata,
Senior Executive Strata. Management organization in charge of developing programs to be done in service organizations to boost various areas of production and delivery. Each of the members of the Exec Strata are responsible for a specific area such as selling books or field activities. - Jonathon Barbera. Head of the Exec Strata is the ED INT, currently Guillaume Lesevre.
Ser Fac,
Service Facsimile. A mental image picture the PC (Preclear or patient) uses to make himself or herself right and others wrong, help him dominate others and himself escape domination, or to enhance his own survival and injure that of others. At least, that's what the tech says; in reality, the term is applied to people who are not "up-stat" - running around like a chicken with their head cut off to make money fast for the cult. If someone is moping, looks depressed, is making excuses, saying "oh, poor me", justifying their errors and generally "acting the victim" and trying to get sympathy instead of being 100% dedicated and "making it go right", they are said to be ser fac'ing (pronounced FACKing). In other words, if someone isn't living up to the fascist ideals of Scientology, they're said to be dramatizing their ser facs."If you keep pulling down stats in my area with your Ser Facs, I'll write a KR on you!" Grade 4 deals with auditing this type of engram out of the mark. See Grade 4.
Service Facsimile,
see Ser Fac.
an auditing or "therapy" regimen; PC patient holds the cans, Auditor "therapist" behind the Meter. Also called Processing, Auditing, qv.
Severe reality adjustment,
see SRA.
Saint Hill manor, in East Grinstead, Sussex, England. Hubbard set up Scientology's worldwide headquarters there for several years, until he was kicked out of the UK by the government's Home Office.
Shore Story,
a lie told to cover up illegal activity or give a good PR facade to fool wogs, non-Scientologists. "Your Shore Story while on mission will be that you are working for an independent research facility out of Dallas."
the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course for auditors, ("therapists") given at Saint Hill in England originally, and now given at any Saint Hill Org, like ASHO (the American Saint Hill Organization.) The SHSBC is mostly on tapes, and is very long, arduous, and expensive. It is meant to give a very high level of proficiency to the auditor "therapist", and is recommended for the unreleased higher OT levels IX and above. See Class 6.
Southern Land Development Corp. - a front name used to purchase the Ft. Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida.
Int, Scientology Missions International International - Oversees all Missions ("Franchises"). - Jonathon Barbera.
abbreviation for the Stevens Creek Mission.
Snow white,
the code name for a cult espionage operation. Snow White's goal was to infiltrate government offices and purge their files of incriminating material that made the cult look bad. 30,000+ documents were stolen from the IRS, the DEA, the Coast Guard, and the US Attorney's office. Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, was sentenced to four years in jail for the operation, which was carried out by operatives in the GO (Guardian's Office; a precursor to OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, the cult's answer to the KGB.)
the Sea Org, the commanding and controlling element in the cult, partly working off ships, partly land-based at Flag in Clearwater, FLA, the Cedars Complex in Los Angeles, and other places. The core is now at the INT Base and the HGB, qv.
SO 1 Line,
Standing Order number one line. All communications sent to Hubbard, so we were told, actually went to him, and were read by him, and answered by him. Not true; there was a team of letter readers/writers to deal with the volume, right down to forging Hubbard's signature on the replies. "When all else fails, there's always the SO 1 Line!" See ED INT for more information and the address for the replacement for the SO-1 line.
Solo auditing,
a self-auditing procedure used at the higher levels of the cult's "Bridge," or levels of enlightenment chart. The E-Meter cans are stuck onto a plastic holder and held in one hand. Saves money for the cult, as solo levels aren't any cheaper, but there's no need for an auditor or "therapist," only a C/S, Case supervisor (the person in charge of running "therapy" actions on the Preclear or patient. Solo violates one of Hubbard's primary rules of auditing, that the PC (Preclear) cannot audit himself. "Solo Auditor Course, Part Two, includes confidential solo steps to be done in order to further train the new solo auditor. Done by everyone prior to first solo level (either R6EW or New OT I) at Saint Hills and higher organizations." - Jonathon Barbera.
Solo NOTS,
self-auditing, solo "therapy" NED for OTs, New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans; the running out of Body Thetans or evil spirits. See NED.
pains and aches restimulated or turned on during a "therapy" session, or contained within an engram or memory incident. "The PC got a heavy somatic in her jaw while auditing a clam incident."
Science of Survival; an L. Ron Hubbard book that details the dynamics of life, and the principle that we are all just trying to survive. Recommended reading.
L. Ron Hubbard is the Source (capitalized) of Scientology; his written orders in the form of Policy and Tech, and his spoken words on tape are Source. "I feel so much better after getting back on Source."
Southern Land Development Corp,
see SLB.
Suppressive Person, an evil person; someone who criticizes Scientology in any way. (the two are one and the same in the cult) SPs are the cult's _1984_ Goldsteins, and give definition to the group and a common enemy. Supposedly, some large fraction of the total population is composed of these "anti-social" characters, variously cited as 2% or 20%. Hubbard listed 12 traits of the SP, such as talking in generalities, criticism, and so forth. SPs are formally "declared" with a goldenrod issue, and lists are kept of these dangerous people. Ars has adopted its own SP levels as a badge of honour; in Scientology, there are no levels of SP. SPs create PTSes, people who are influenced by them. See MU, PTS, Disconnection.
verb. An ars word. If you win a lawsuit so decisively that your opponent has to pay your legal costs, you are said to have "Spainked" your opponent. Scientology was first Spainked by Karin Spaink, nlscc luminary, then Spainked by Zenon, and now has been Spainked by Magne Berge in Norway.
SP levels,
a badge of harassment worn with pride by ars posters; they mock the OT levels, and show how suppressive a particular participant to ars is; the higher the level, the more damage that critic has done to Scientology, and the more fire they have drawn in the process.
a Scientology spokesperson or PR agent. See clam.
a person who subverts Hubbard's "Tech" by alteration. The name probably came from the idea of squirrels burying, or being associated with, nuts. In the cult jargon, Squirrel refers to someone who is too insane to follow Standard Tech. "Mayo was a Squirrel because he altered Source." May also be used as a verb denoting the action of subversion of Scientology "Technology," as "Koos has been squirreling auditing tech."
Severe Reality Adjustment. The use of screaming and demeaning right in someone's face, usually by a superior, to get the person to fit into the mold of the Scientology cult better. Similar "tech" to that used by drill sergeants in boot camp.
Standard Tech,
in theory, all of Scientology is 100% Standard Tech, meaning it is just workable, and yet full of unadmitted errors needing constant repair actions on PCs (patients). "Flag has the most 100% Standard Tech on the planet!" See Golden Age of Tech, the.
Statistics. Each Scientologist has to monitor his or her success, which is transmitted to control organs, e.g. the EO, Ethics Officer. Stats must be up every Thursday by two (pm), or the hapless cult indoctrinee is punished by being made to do Conditions or extra work. See also Conditions.
an auditing technique, using hypnosis to place the PC (Preclear) right back in the memory incident, to see and hear it all over again.
Student Hat,
an approximately $1,500 dollar course that teaches students to never go by a word they don't understand, and do little clay demos out of Plasticine (tm). A good revenue source, as most of the course is done from audio tapes, and requires little effort from the Supervisor or teacher. See also M3, M4.
Study Tech,
the cult's training methodology, involving ensuring the student never goes past a word he or she doesn't understand, making little Plasticine (tm) figures, and demoing by shuffling a kit of small blocks and toys about with the hands. "Stewart paid $1,500 to learn Study Tech on the Student Hat course." See also M3, M4.
Success Story,
a coerced write-up required to complete any auditing "therapy" action. Success Stories are usually filled with bland, often meaninglessly nebulous statements about "blowing mass", "having cognitions", and "big wins." See "Win", "Big Win."
Sunshine Rundown,
an expensive auditing "therapy" routine similar to a locational, in which the Preclear (patient) is told to look at things about them. "Solo audited without a meter. Spotting drills where the Clear spots specific things in the environment. Four of the five things to spot may include something near, something far, something big, and something small. Available at Class V Organizations which deliver the CCRD and all higher organizations." - Jonathon Barbera.
referring to a Scientologist who has done the Student Hat course and M1 word clearing to enable him or her to fastflow through course checksheets. Superliteracy mainly means that the Scientologist has no upset on misunderstood words, not that they are really super literate, although this is sometimes implied and tacitly agreed to. "Hey, you're Superlit? Must be a big win to fastflow through your courses like that!"
Super Power,
A series of 12 rundowns including: Ethics and Justice Repair Rundown, Personal Revival Rundown, Consequences Rundown, and False Data and Loss Rundown. Delivered by Super Power auditors at FSO (Flag) and might also be delivered to staff at Class Vs who have completed KTL (in English speaking organizations) and LOC. Release of this rundown is expected to make planetary clearing and the expanding of all service organizations to the size of old Saint Hill a reality. - Jonathon Barbera.
Suppressive person,
see SP.