One Incorporation

The founder of the group is the former blackjack dealer Oury Engloz. ONE has been compared with Scientology or EST. Its tactics were in the same kind extreme like Scientology including sleep depravation, humiliation exercises, outrangeous mandatory public pranks and grueling physical endurance tests. ONE's program consists of two parts:

  1. First part is a two-day relatively low-key consciousness-raising session at the end of which trainees are informed that the real meat of the program is to be found in part II. The training makes over 1000 $

  2. In the second part of the training the exercises become harder and harder. More sleep depravation and more physical endurance tests. The aim is the on-top-manager without scruples. This part of training makes over 850 $.

ONE is a part of the scheme of scientological thinking, a pervert Capitalism without humanity, public relief and friendship. The "Cult Observer" writes:

"Some participants have had severe reactions to the abuse and degradiation of program sessions such as 'Sex Night'." (The Cult Observer, May/June 1987, p.5)