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Books on Scientology

Bare Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard. Miller, Russell. Henry Holt, New York. 1988. (A must-read, one of the big three books on Scientology. Miller carefully researches and documents Hubbard's numerous lies and exaggerations.) ISBN: 1-55013-027-7 hardback $24.95 c. 1987 Russell Miller.

Enquiry into the Practice and Effects of Scientology. Foster, Sir John. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London. 1971.

Inside Scientology: Or How I Found Scientology and Became Super Human. Kaufman, Robert. Olympia Press, New York. 1972.

L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? - Revised, Updated and Expanded Edition. Corydon, Bent. Barricade Books, Fort Lee, New Jersey. 1992. (A look at Scientology from an insider to the cult. One of the big three, but a bit patchy and disorganized.) ISBN: 0-942637-57-7 paperback $12.95. c. 1987, 1992 Bent Corydon.

The Mindbenders. Vosper, Cyril. Neville Spearman, London. 1971. (An in depth look at the philosophical aspects of Scientology, written with a wry sense of humour by an insider.)

A Piece of Blue Sky - Scientology, Dianetics, and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed. Atack, Jon. Carol Publishing Group, New York. 1990. (The best book on the subject; read this one if no other. One of the big three, and also written by an insider.) ISBN: 0-8184-0499-X hardback $19.95. c.1990 Jon Atack.

Religion Inc. Lamont, Stewart. Harrap, London. 1986. (Very well written in a clear, lucid and professional style; Lamont's book is an excellent read. Includes 12 photos, most taken by Lamont while researching Scientology for the book.) c. 1986 Stewart Lamont. ISBN: 0-245-54334-1 hardback.

Report of the Board of Inquiry Into Scientology. Anderson, Kevin Victor. A. C. Brooks Government Printer, Melbourne Australia. 1965. (A condemnatory primary reference that looks into Scientology's illegal and immoral practices in Australia. This work (often called simply the Anderson Report) was commissioned by an Order in Council, and resulted in the outlawing of Scientology in Victoria, Australia.

The Road to Total Freedom: A Sociological Analysis of Scientology. Wallis, Roy. Columbia University Press, New York. 1977. (A difficult but rewarding read in a more scientifically neutral vein.) ISBN 0-231-0420000

The Road to Xenu. Wakefield, Margery. Coalition of Concerned Citizens. Tampa, Florida. 1991. Available for $20 from the Coalition, P.O. Box 290402, Tampa, FL 33687 or from FACTNet, 601 16th St. #C-217, Golden, CO 80401, and also available over the Internet.

The Scandal of Scientology. Cooper, Paulette. Tower Publications, New York. 1971. (A warm and witty book. Cooper would have preferred to have come down on the cult harder than she could under the legal pressures she was subject to. Even with the unbiased approach she takes, though, the subject matter ends up looking loathesome. Paulette was targetted with Operation Freakout for writing this essential book on Scientology.)

Scientology: The Now Religion. Malko, George. Dell/Delacorte, New York. 1970. (Malko is a virtual outsider to the cult, and brings with him a sharply critical eye for detail and a fresh perspective.)

Understanding Scientology. Wakefield, Margery. Tampa, Fl 1992

Books on Dianetics

Dianetics in Limbo. O'Brien, Helen. Whitmore Publishing Co., Philadelphia. 1966.

A Doctor's Report on Dianetics: Theory and Therapy. Winter, Joseph A. Julian Press, New York. 1951. Crown Publishing Group, New York. 1987 ISBN 0-517-56421-1

Fads & Fallacies in the Name of Science. Gardner, Martin. Dover, New York. 1952. (Read the chapter "Dianetics".)

Books of Origins

The Art of War. Sun-tzu. Translated by Samuel B. Griffith. Claredon Press, Oxford. 1982. (How the cult learned to do battle with its perceived enemies.)

Big League Sales Closing Techniques. Dane, Les. (Used to teach the all important salesmen of salvation.)

Book of the Law. Crowley, Aleister. Thelema Publications, King-Beach, California. 1976. (Hubbard picked up a few pointers from the Beast 666 via Jack Parsons and the OTO.)

The Prince. Machiavelli, Niccolo. Translated by George Bull. Penguin Books, London. 1981. (One of Hubbard's favorite books; looks like he got the message.)

Science and Sanity. Korzybski, Count Alfred Habdank Skarbek. Institute of General Semantics, Lakeville, Connecticut. 1933. (Another of Hubbard's numerous influences.)

Scientologie 34. Nordenholz, A. Translated by W. R. McPheeters. (Plagiarism? Hubbard probably didn't understand the word.)

Books on Brainwashing and Thought Reform

Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing. Sargant, William. Doubleday, Garden City, New York. 1957.

Coercive Persuasion. Schein, Edgar H., with Inge Schneier and Curtis H. Barker. W. W. Norton, New York. 1961.

Influence: The New Psychology of Modern Persuasion. Cialdini, Robert B. William Morrow, New York. 1984.

Obedience to Authority. Milgram, Stanley. New York 1983. ISBN 0-06-131983-X.

Rape of the Mind. Meerloo, Joost A. Grosset & Dunlap, New York. 1961.

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control. Marks, John. Times Books, New York. 1979.

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A study of "Brainwashing" in China. Lifton, Robert J. W. W. Norton, New York. 1961. (An essential read for ex-Scientologists; gain insight into what exactly was done to you.)

Thought Reform of the Chinese Intellectuals. Chen, Theodore H. E. Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong. 1960. (A pretty book; neat and precise like a well-written poem.)

Youth, Brainwashing, and the Extremist Cults. Enroth, Ronald. Zondervan Press, Kentwood, Michigan. 1977.

Books on Cults and Therapy

All God's Children: The Cult Experience; Salvation or Slavery? Stoner, C., and J. Parke. Chilton Books, Radnor, Pennsylvania. 1977.

Captive Hearts, Captive Minds. Tobias, Madeleine, and Janja Lalich. Hunter House. ISBN 0-89793-144-0.

The Challenge of the Cults. Burrell, Maurice C. Baker House, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1982.

Combatting Cult Mind Control. Hassan, Steven. Park Street Press, Rochester, Vermont. 1990. (If there is a cure for Scientology's brainwashing, it lies within these covers. If you have a family member or a loved one in the cult, get ahold of this book and study its proven techniques. If you've just gotten out of Scientology, the Moonies, or any other cult, read over this book several times to loosen the hold of the cultic identity on your mind.) c. 1988, 1990 Steven Hassan. ISBN: 0-89281-311-3 $12.95 paperback.

Cult Proofing your Kids. Martin, Paul. Grand Rapids, Mich. 1993. ISBN 0-310-53761-4.

Cults and Consequences: The Definitive Handbook. Andres, Rachel, and Lane, James R., eds. Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles. 1988.

Cults in America: Programmed for Paradise. Appel, Willa. Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York. 1983. c. 1983 Willa Appel. ISBN: 0-8050-0524-2 $8.95 Owl paperback.

Cults and New Religious Movements. Galanter, Mark editor. American Psychiatric Association, Washington, DC. 1989.

Cults in Our Midst: the hidden menace in our everyday lives. Singer, Margaret Thaler, with Janja Lalich. Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco. 1995. (Singer has been targetted by Scientology's notorious "Fair Game" policy for many years. This book is one of the best on the subject of cults by the world's leading expert in the field and explodes many common myths while providing deep insights into what makes cults work.) ISBN: 0-7879-0051-6 c. 1995 Singer & Lalich.

Cults of Unreason. Evans, Dr. Christopher. Delta, New York. 1973. About a third of this book is on Scientology.

Cults: What Parents Should Know. Ross, Joan Carol, and Michael D. Langone. Lyle Stuart, New York. 1988.

Dangerous Persuaders. Samways, Louise. Penguin Books Australia Ltd., Ringwood, Victoria. 1994. c. Louise Samways 1994. ISBN: 0-14-023553-1 $12.95 Australia, $9.95 Canada paperback. (Subtitle: An expose of gurus, personal development courses and cults, and how they operate in Australia.)

Dealing with Destructive Cults. Cooper, John and Una McManus. Grand Rapids, Michigan 1984, ISBN 0-310-70281-X

Destructive Cult Conversion: Theory, Research, and Treatment. Clark, John G., et al. American Family Foundation, Weston, Massachusetts. 1981.

Integrating family therapy: Handbook of family psychology and systems theory. Mikesell, Richard H., Don-David Lusterman, Susan H. McDaniel, Eds. American Psychological Association, Washington, DC. 1995. (Chapter Cults: Implications for family therapists written by Margaret Thaler Singer, pages 519-527.) Larson's Book of Cults. Larson, Bob. Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois. 1972.

Let Our Children Go! Patrick, Ted, with Tom Dulack. Thomas Congdon Books/E. P. Dutton, New York. 1976.

Prison or Paradise? The New Religious Cults. Rudin, James and Marcia. Fortress Press, Philadelphia. 1980.

Psychobabble. Rosen, R.D. Avon Books. 1979. (Takes a skeptical look at EST, Scientology, etc., as well as a number of odd practices in psychology such as Rebirthing, Primal Scream, etc.)

Radical Departures: Desperate Detours to Growing Up. Levine, Saul V, M.D. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Orlando, Florida. 1986. (Levine believes that cults are of little consequence; merely a stepping stone to adulthood for some youths who join and exploit the cult rather than the other way around; he doesn't explain all the middle aged people in Scientology...or Jonestown.) c. 1984 Saul Levin. ISBN: 0-15-175840-9 hardcover 0-15-675799-0 paperback $4.95.

Recovery From Abusive Groups. Ford, Wendy. American Family Foundation, Bonita Springs FL. 1993.

Recovery from Cults. Langone, Michael D. USA 1993. ISBN 0-393-70164-6.

Renunciation and Reformulation: a Study of Conversion in an American Sect. Whitehead, Harriet. Cornell University Press. 1987.

Snapping: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change. Conway, Flo, and Jim Siegelman. Delta/J. B. Lippincott, New York. 1979. (Radical personality change explained.) ISBN: 0-440-57970-8 c. 1978, 1979 Conway & Siegelman. Updated: Stillpoint Press Inc., New York. 1995.

Strange Gods. Bromley, David G., and Anson D. Shupe, Jr. Beacon Press, Boston. 1981. ISBN: 0-8070-3256-5 & 0-8070-1109-6 $6.95 paperback. c. 1981 Bromley and Shupe.

Those Curious New Cults. Petersen, William J. Keats Publishing Company, New Canaan, Connecticut. 197?.

The True Believer: thoughts on the nature of mass movements. Eric Hoffer. Perennial Library, New York. 1989. c. Eric Hoffer 1951.

Touchstones: Reconnecting After a Cult Experience. Stoner, Carroll and Cynthia Kisser. Cult Awareness Network, Chicago. 1992.

Other Materials

Attacks on Peripheral versus Central Elements of Self and the Efficacy of Thought Reform. Ofsche and Singer. (Available through American Family Foundation.)

Bigger Secrets. Poundstone, William. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. 1986. c. 1986 William Poundstone. ISBN: 0-395-38477-X & 0-395-45397-6 $7.95 paperback. (See chapter 7, the secret teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, 5 pages covering Xemu and OT-3.)

Brave New World. Huxley, Aldous.

Flim Flam! Randi, James. (In the 70's Scientology set out to discredit CSICOP by painting it as a front organization for the CIA.)

The Encyclopedia of American Religions. J. Gordon Melton. Gale Research. (Has a short section on Scientology and several offshoots.)

The Future of Immorality. Lifton, Robert Jay. Bosie Books Inc.

Gods of Eden. Bramley. (Given the following stirring review by a Scientology OSA PR: "For everyone's info, Bramley is actually an ex-Scientologist and a squirrel. His book, the "Gods of Eden", though entertaining, falls fully under the HCO policy Safeguarding Technology. ML, Cory.")

Handbook of forensic psychology: Wiley series on personality processes. Weiner, Irving B. and Allen K. Hess, Eds. John Wiley & Sons, New York. 1987. (See chapter "Consulting and testifying in court", pages 529-554 by Margaret Thaler Singer and Abraham Nievod.)

Heads. Bear, Greg. Tor Books. 1990 ISBN 0-812-51996-5 (Science fiction about an organization that looks like Scientology.)

Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders. Bugliosi, Vincent, with Curt Gentry. W. W. Norton/Bantam, New York. 1975. (Was Manson a Scientologist?)

The Hidden Persuaders. Packard, Vance. David McKay, New York. 1965.

Mein Kampf. Hitler, Adolph.

Mind Game. Spinrad, Norman. Jove Books. 1980. (A fictional look at a cult that resembles Scientology more than a little.)

The New Age: Notes of a Fringe Watcher. Gardner, Martin. (has a photo of Hubbard measuring the emotions of a tomato.)

Nineteen Eighty-Four. Orwell, George. Penguin, Middlesex, England. 1954.

The Occult Establishment. Webb, James. La Salle 1976. ISBN 0-912050-56-X.

On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War. Summers, Harry G. Dell Books, New York. 1982. ISBN 0-440-16724-8. (See how many parallels you can draw between the US army and Co$.)

The Organization Man. Whyte, William H. Simon & Schuster, New York. 1956.

Ritual Magic in England. King, Francis. (Contains letters written by Aleister Crowley dealing with L. Ron Hubbard.

Studies in the Dynamics of Behavior. Lashley. University of Chicago Press, 1932. (Lashley and his students Stone, Darrow, Landis, and Heath report on their early work using galvanic skin response (GSR), and use the term "engram.") That Hideous Strength. C. S. Lewis.

The Third Reich of Dreams. Beradt, Charlotte. Quadrangle Books, Chicago. 1966.

Other Languages

Scientology - ich klage an! (Scientology - I accuse) Hartwig, Renate Augsburg: Pattloch. 1994. ISBN 3-629-00637-X (288 pages; German.)

Scientology. Gr|nborg, Jan. Aarhus 1983. ISBN 87-87626-12-8

Scientology - Magie Des 20. Haack, Friedrich-Wilhelm. Jahrhunderts. M~nchen 1982. ISBN 3-532-62003-0 (The author is described as 'probably Europe's leading expert on Scientology'.)

Selected Magazine and Periodical References

"Another view of Scientology." Simmons-Hight, Linds, Media Relations Director, Church of Scientology International. The Quill, Jan 1994.

"Attacks on peripheral versus central elements of self and the impact of thought reforming techniques." Ofshe, Richard and Margaret T. Singer. Cultic Studies Journal v3 (n1) pages 3-24, Spring-Summer 1986.

"Coming Out of the Cults." Singer, Margaret Thaler. Psychology Today, January 1979.

"Cults, coercion, and contumely." Singer, Margaret T. and Marsha E. Addis. Cultic Studies Journal v9 (n2) pages 163-189, 1992.

"Cults What Are They Why Now." Singer, Margaret Thaler. Forecast for Home Economics, May/June 1979.

"Deflection of Energy as a Result of Birth Trauma, and Its Bearing Upon Character Formation." Pailthorpe, Grace W. Psychoanalytic Review 28:3 pages 305-326, July 1941.

"Do you Want to buy a Bridge?" Ebner, Mark. Spy, February 1996.

"An Experimental Investigation of Hubbard's Engram Hypothesis." Fox, Jack, Alvin E. Davis, and B. Lebovits. Psychological Newsletter 10 pages 131-134, 1959.

"Field research in high to maximal stress situations: A commentary." Singer, Margaret T. Journal of Applied Social Psychology v22 (n20) pages 1625-1630, Oct 1992.

"Follow-ups: shamed in Spain." Fortune v119 n2 page 16, Jan 16 1989. (Heber Jentzsch, head of Church of Scientology arrested in Spain.)

"From Science-fiction to Fiction-science." Hayakawa, S.I. Etc.: A Review of General Semantics Vol. 8 (4) pages 280-293, 1951.

"How Cults Bilk us All." Williams, Carson. Reader's Digest, November 1979.

"Information Disease: Have Cults Created a New Mental Illness?" Conway, Flo, and Jim Siegelman. Science Digest, January 1982.

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Scientology Influenced Books

Help your child in school. Percy, Bernard. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1980. ISBN: 0133862356 and 0133862275 (paperback) (Written by Scientologist Bernard Percy; does he recommend making little Plasticine (tm) models? How about doing some confront drills?)

The Hidden Story of Scientology. Garrison, Omar V. Arlington Books, London. 1974. (Note that pro-Scientology books not written by Hubbard himself are rare, and usually commissioned by the cult.)

How to grow a child: a child's advice to parents. Percy, Bernard Ed. Price/Stern/Sloan, Los Angeles. 1978. (A Scientologist writing books? Will wonders never cease! Read it and see if you can spot any of Hubbard's twisted ideas...perhaps there's mention of throwing children in chain lockers shipboard for a week at a time?)

Playing Dirty. Garrison, Omar V. (Playing Dirty was a commissioned book which portrayed the US government and FBI as gestapo for daring to catch the scienos infiltrating government offices and stealing documents. Garrison has since sworn off his affiliation with Scientology.)

The Truth About Scientology. Garrison, Omar V. (Omar was hired by CoS to write this pro-CoS book about the notorious Snow White raids.)

Listing of Books by L. Ron Hubbard

(For deep insight into the cult, go to Source; Hubbard revealed himself far too much in many of these books, and a critical reader will delight in slogging through endless turgid prose to find gems containing profound absurdities, racist remarks, ridiculous ideas, pseudo-scientific bafflegab, and plots to take over the world and subjugate the masses.)

(All books published by Bride Publications Inc. in the United States of America and New Era Publications International for all other countries, both wholly owned cult operations. Copyrights are held by the L. Ron Hubbard Library.)

Advanced Procedure and Axioms
All About Radiation
Axioms and Logics
Background and Ceremonies of the Church of Scientology
Basic Dianetics Picture Book
Basic Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology
Basic Scientology Picture Book
Book Introducing the E-Meter, the
Book of Case Remedies, the
Child Dianetics
Clear Body, Clear Mind: the effective purification program
Control and Mechanics of Start-Change-Stop
Creation of Human Ability, the
Dianetics 55!
Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary
Dianetics: the evolution of a science
Dianetics: the modern science of mental health
Dynamics of Life, the
E-Meter Essentials
Handbook for Preclears
Have You Lived Before This Life?
How to Live Through an Executive
Hymn of Asia
Introduction to Scientology Ethics
Introductory and Demonstration Processes and Assists
Management Series 10 Volumes
Mission Into Time
Modern Management Technology Defined
Notes on the Lectures of L. Ron Hubbard
Organization Executive Course 8 volumes
Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
Phoenix Lectures, the
Problems of Work, the
Purification Rundown Delivery Manual
Purification: an illustrated answer to drugs
Research and Discovery Series
Science of Survival
Scientology 0-8: the book of basics
Scientology 8-80
Scientology 8-8008
Scientology: a history of man
Scientology: a new slant on life
Scientology: clear procedure
Scientology: the fundamentals of thought
Self Analysis
Study Tapes transcript
Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology 12 volumes
Understanding the E-Meter
Understanding: the universal solvent
Volunteer Minister's Handbook
Way to Happiness, the
What is Scientology?

(In addition, Hubbard recorded some 3,000 tapes, which contain some of his best insane rantings for the connoisseur.)

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