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Mr. Hubbard's schedule of lectures, congresses and Advanced Clinical Courses for 1960 took him to Washington, DC; London, England; Johannesburg, South Africa and to Saint Hill in England for the First Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Course.

His research led to major advances in auditing addressed to thesubjects of help, responsibility and harmful acts. He also devoted time to finding new ways to apply Scientology broadly, to the betterment of large sectors of society.

Hubbard Mark II E-Meter

The Hubbard Mark II E-Meter was released in1960.


HCO PL 1 Jan
Administrative Procedure for Reducing Overts

State of Man Congress lectures: Washington, DC

In this congress, given at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, Mr. Hubbard covered the eight dynamics in detail, with particular attention to how the dynamics interrelate and how to improve conditions across the dynamics. (Available on cassette.)

1 Jan
Opening Lecture

1 Jan

1 Jan
Overts and Withholds

2 Jan
Why People Don't Like You

2 Jan

2 Jan
Group Auditing Session

3 Jan
Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments

3 Jan
Create and Confront

3 Jan
Your Case


HCOB 2 Jan
HAS Certifications

HCOB 3 Jan
A Third Dynamic for Scientology

Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course Lectures: Washington, DC

Personally addressing the students of this course, Mr. Hubbard reiterated and expanded on auditing basics such as handling blocks to free communication and precise use of the E-Meter. (To be released on cassette.)

4 Jan
E-Meter Phenomena

4 Jan
E-Meter and Time Track Structure

5 Jan
Processing Against an E-Meter

5 Jan
Operating an E-Meter in Processing

6 Jan
Case Procedure: Steps 1-6

6 Jan

7 Jan
Inability to Withhold

7 Jan
Case Level and Needle State

7 Jan
Specialized Problems

8 Jan
Sessioning and Withholds

HCOB 7 Jan
The Unmoving Case

HCOB 8 Jan
OT Procedure for HCS/BScn Courses

HCOB 14 Jan
The Black Case

HCOB 18 Jan
Zones of Authority and Regulations of Saint Hill

HCO PL 18 Jan
Qualifications of Permanent Staff Members

HCOB 19 Jan I
Tapes for Sale

HCOB 19 Jan II

HCO PL 20 Jan
HCO WW Points of Concentration

HCOB 21 Jan I

HCOB 21 Jan II

HCOB 24 Jan
OT Procedure

HCO PL 27 Jan
Accounts Policies

HCOB 28 Jan
The Key to All Cases-Responsibility

HCOB 2 Feb
The Co-audit Team

HCOB 3 Feb
Security Check

HCOB 4 Feb I
Theory of Responsibility Processing

Overt Manifestations on a Low-Toned Case

HCOB 8 Feb I
Honest People Have Rights, Too

The Reputation of Saint Hill

Security Checks

HCOB 9 Feb I
Cancellation of Certificates

Research Advances

HCOB 10 Feb I
British E-Meter Operation

HCOB 10 Feb II
Restoration of Certificates

HCOB 11 Feb
Create and Confront


Why Some Fight Scientology


HCOB 18 Feb
How to Run O/W and Responsibility

HCOB 23 Feb
HPA Course Change Proposal to London

SEC ED 23 Feb
Outside Funds or Gifts-Staff Member Policy

HCOB 25 Feb
Scientology Can Have a Group Win

HCO PL 29 Feb
Organization Secretary Hat

Speech: London, England

End Feb
Opening Speech to Congress Delegates

Have You Lived Before This Life?: By L. Ron Hubbard
Published by Hubbard Communications Office, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England, March 1960. Revised and expanded in 1977. TRANSLATIONS: Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


SEC ED 16 Mar
CF - Promotion Liaison Hat

HCOB 17 Mar
Standardized Sessions

HCO PL 18 Mar
Have You Lived Before This Life? Sales

HCO PL 21 Mar
Economy Wave

HCOB 21 Mar
Research Project

HCOB 24 Mar
Goals in the Rudiments


How Do People Know They Have Lived Before?


HCO PL 29 Mar
HGC and Academy Prices for Minors

HCOB 30 Mar

HCOB 31 Mar
The Present Time Problem

HCO PL 31 Mar
Accounts Lines


A Salute to the Central Organization Washington, DC and American Scientologists


HCOB 7 Apr I
A New Summary of Auditing

Check Sheet for HGC

HCO PL 9 Apr

HCOB 11 Apr
The Purpose of HCO WW

HCOB 11 Apr
New Training Schedule

HCOB 14 Apr
New PE Data

HCOB 14 Apr

SEC ED 21 Apr
Long Distance Phone Calls and Telegrams

HCOB 21 Apr I
Domestic Arrangements Changes

HCOB 21 Apr II
Presession Processes

HCOB 24 Apr
Concerning the Campaign for Presidency

HCOB 25 Apr
Send Your Clipping Files

HCO PL 25 Apr
Important Certification Change

HCOB 25 Apr
PrR Promotion

HCO PL 27 Apr
Security of Employment

HCOB 28 Apr
Books Are Dissemination

HCOB 29 Apr
The Scientific Treatment of the Insane

HCOB 30 Apr

HCO PL 3 May
PE Literature

HCOB 4 May

HCOB 5 May

HCOB 7 May
Earmarks of a Hot Terminal

HCOB 10 May
Our Technical Program

HCOB 12 May
Help Processing

HCOB 19 May
How Help Became Betrayal

HCOB 22 May
Decertification, How You Should Support It

HCOB 23 May
Decertified Persons

HCO PL 23 May
Cancellation of Certificates

HCOB 26 May
Security Checks

HCOB 27 May II
"Dear Scientologist..."

HCOB 28 May
By Their Actions...

HCOB 30 May
Dynamic Assessment on Help

HCO PL 2 Jun
Requirements for Staff Posts

HCO PL 7 Jun I
Staff Auditing

HCO PL 9 Jun
HCO WW Internal Comm Schedule

HCOB 9 Jun
The Basic Assumptions of Scientology Versus Overts

HCOB 10 Jun I
What We Expect of a Scientologist

KSW Series 33

HCOB 10 Jun II
HGC Preclear Assessment

HCOB 16 Jun
Hints on Running Cases with Help

HCO PL 20 Jun
Rush Magazine Note

HCOB 21 Jun
Religious Philosophy and Religious Practice

HCOB 23 Jun
The Special Zone Plan

London Open evening Lectures: London, England

In addition to his schedule of research, writing and lectures and conferences with staff, Mr. Hubbard made time in June and July to give several lectures to newer public. (To be released on cassette.)

23 Jun
Difference Between Scientology and Other Studies

23 Jun

30 Jun
Some Aspects of Help

7 Jul


HCOB 30 Jun
Create Again

Hubbard Mark III E-Meter

The Mark II was soon followed by the Hubbard Mark III E-Meter, also released in 1960.

Audible E-Meter

This meter, on which reads were heard rather than seen, was developed for use by the blind. Several prototypes of this meter were made, the first in the early 1960s.

HCO PL 30 Jun
Administrative Traffic Trend

HCO PL 6 Jul
Working Hours, Office Staff

HCOB 6 Jul
Making Clears and Picking Up HGC Quality

HCOB 7 Jul
The Assessment of Help

HCOB 14 Jul
Current Rundown Concept Help

HCO PL 20 Jul
Director of Zoning Hat

HCOB 21 Jul
Some Help Terminals

HCOB 27 Jul
Double Action Cycles

HCO PL 28 Jul

HCO PL 3 Aug I
Magazine Advertisement Policy

Security of Persons Leaving Staffs

HCO PL 4 Aug
ACC at Saint Hill

HCOB 4 Aug
Regimen 1

London Congress on Dissemination and Help: London, England
These lectures were given at a two-day congress with the theme of "dissemination and help," sponsored by the London Scientology organizations. (To be released on cassette.)

7 Aug
Clearing and Presessioning

7 Aug

7 Aug
Adjustment of the Cycle of Action in Presessioning

First Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Lectures: Susses, England
The lectures given at the first ACC delivered at Saint Hill Manor included discussion of the sixth and seventh dynamics and the use of the E-Meter in clearing. (To be released on cassette.)

8 Aug
Introduction to Course

10 Aug
Regimen 1

12 Aug
Skill in Auditing

15 Aug
Auditor Requirements

16 Aug
Fundamentals with Regard to Cases

17 Aug
Elements of Presessioning

18 Aug
Organization Programs

19 Aug
Auditor Weakness

22 Aug
Why Auditing Works

23 Aug
Handling of Insanity

24 Aug
Basic Relationship of Auditing

25 Aug
Development of Scientology Data

26 Aug
Fundamentals and Cases

29 Aug
The Importance of an E-Meter

30 Aug
Circuits and Havingness

31 Aug
Theory on the 6th and 7th Dynamics

1 Sep
Common Denominator of Cases

2 Sep
Case Improvements

5 Sep
Successful Processes for Handling Mest

6 Sep
Correct Use of E-Meter

12 Sep

13 Sep
How Havingness Relates to Circuits

14 Sep
Formula of Havingness

15 Sep
In-Sessionness and Havingness

16 Sep
Final Lecture-6th and 7th Dynamics


HCO PL 8 Aug
Persons Living In

HCO PL 11 Aug
Organization Information Center

HCOB 11 Aug
The Laws of Assessment

SEC ED 12 Aug
Department of Government Relations

HCO PL 15 Aug
Department of Government Affairs

HCOB 18 Aug
Vital Information

HCO PL 19 Aug
Registrar Lost Line

HCO PL 22 Aug
Department of Government Relations

HCO PL 25 Aug
Chicago Area

HCOB 25 Aug I
Powerful Presession Additions

HCOB 25 Aug II
New Definition of Psychosis

HCOB 26 Aug
Regimen Two

HCO PL 30 Aug I
Training Restrictions

HCO PL 30 Aug II
Special Zone Department

HCOB 1 Sep
Presession Two

HCOB 8 Sep
The Presessions of the 1st Saint Hill ACC

HCOB 15 Sep
The Tone Arm

HCO PL 17 Sep I
Giving the Pc Full Hours

HCOB 19 Sep I
Captive Brains

HCOB 19 Sep II
ACC Lecture Tapes

HCOB 22 Sep
Announcing New Technology

HCOB 23 Sep
Order of Test of Havingness and Confront Commands

HCO PL 28 Sep
HPA Grants

HCOB 28 Sep
Tips on How to Crack an HGC Case

HCOB 29 Sep
Havingness and Duplication

HCOB 6 Oct R
Rev. 8 May 74
Thirty-six New Presessions

HCOB 10 Oct
Current News

HCOB 18 Oct
Terminal Stable Data

HCOB 20 Oct
Theory 67

HCO PL 22 Oct II
The Three Service Branches

HCOB 27 Oct
Revised Case Entrance

HCO PL 28 Oct I
New Testing Promotion Section

HCO PL 28 Oct II
HASI HCO Relationship Discussed

HCO PL 31 Oct R I
Rev. 24 Jan 91
Private Pcs

HCO PL 31 Oct II
US Appointment and Organizational Trend

HCOB 3 Nov
Failed Help

HCO PL 7 Nov
HCO Area Secretary Hat Addition

HCOB 10 Nov
Formula 13

HCOB 12 Nov
Clearing Routine

HCO PL 14 Nov
Urgent PrR

HCO PL 15 Nov R I
Rev. 4 Feb 91
Modern Procurement Letters

HCO PL 15 Nov II
Staff Certificate Requirements

HCO PL 16 Nov
New Org Programs

HCOB 17 Nov
Starting Cases

HCO PL 18 Nov I
Staff Transfers and Dismissals

HCO PL 18 Nov II
Executive Time Salvage and Conferences Curtailed

HCO PL 19 Nov I
Pc Scheduling

HCOB 20 Nov
HAS Co-audit Ended

HCO PL 22 Nov
Warning on New PE

HCO PL 23 Nov I
Reports to OIC

HCO PL 24 Nov
Testing Promotion Revised

HCOB 24 Nov
The Unmoving Case

HCO PL 26 Nov
Permanent Staff Member Requirements

HCO PL 29 Nov
Testing Program Change

HCOB 1 Dec
New Formulas

HCO PL 2 Dec
Promotion on PE Foundation

HCOB 15 Dec
Presession 37

HCO PL 18 Dec
CF and Address Change

HCOB 19 Dec
PE Change

HCO PL 19 Dec
Spatial Reorganization

HCO PL 21 Dec I
Staff Clearing-New Policy

HCO PL 22 Dec
Important Change in Reports

HCOB 22 Dec I
HAS Co-audit Resumed

HCOB 22 Dec II
O/W, A Limited Theory

HCOB 29 Dec
The New PE and the New HAS Co-audit

Anatomy of the human Mind Congress Lectures: Washington, DC
At the end of 1960, Mr. Hubbard traveled from South Africa to Washington, DC to deliver this congress on the 31st of December and the 1st of January 1961. (Available on cassette.)

31 Dec
The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology

31 Dec
The Things of Scientology

31 Dec
A Talk on South Africa

1 Jan
The Whole Answer to the Problems of the Mind

1 Jan
The Field of Scientology

1 Jan
Scientology Organizations