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While keeping the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course roaring ahead, LRH embarked on what he called "the most intense period of research I've yet done."

In addition to his work in the technical line, Mr. Hubbard made great strides in the field of administration -- newly defining the activities of auditors and organizations across the world.

Hubbard British Mark V E-Meter

A new British Mark V E-Meter became available in 1963 with double the sensitivity of the first Mark V. The Mark IV and Mark V were both in use from 1963 through 1965. The Mark IV was discontinued in December 1965.


HCOB 1 Jan
Academy Curriculum, How to Teach Auditing and Routine 2

HCOB 3 Jan
Opposition Lists, Right and Wrong Oppose

HCO PL 4 Jan
Pattern of District Office

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures: Sussex, England

8 Jan
R2-10 and R2-12

8 Jan
Case Repair

10 Jan

10 Jan
How to Audit

15 Jan
R2-12 Dead Horses

15 Jan
R2-12 Nevers

16 Jan
TV Demo: TR 0 Demonstration

16 Jan
TR 0 Lecture

6 Feb
Instructors' Conference

7 Feb
R3MX, Part I

7 Feb
R3MX, Part II

12 Feb
Routine 3M

13 Feb
TV Demo: Ruds and Havingness

13 Feb
Discussion of TV Demo Sessions

14 Feb
Routine 3M Data

19 Feb
Rundown on Processes

20 Feb
TV Demo: Finding RRs

20 Feb
Talk on TV Demo -- Finding RRs

21 Feb
R2 and R3: Current Auditing Rundown

26 Feb
R3M: Current Rundown by Steps

27 Feb
TV Demo: Case Repair

28 Feb
Goals Problem Mass

5 Mar
R2 and R3: Urgent Data

7 Mar
When Faced with the Unusual Do the Usual

19 Mar
R3M: How to Find Goals

20 Mar
TV Demo: Rudiments and Havingness Session and Short Lecture

21 Mar
R2G Series

26 Mar
Case Repair

27 Mar
TV Demo: Sec Checking -- with Comments by LRH

28 Mar


HCO PL 15 Jan
Routine 2-12

Our Role in the World

HCOB 27 Jan
Routine 2 -- Simplified

HCOB 1 Feb
Routine 3, Urgent - Urgent - Urgent, All Class III and IV Auditors

HCO PL 8 Feb
Curriculum Change

HCO PL 9 Feb
Saint Hill Course Goals

HCOB 11 Feb
Current Auditing

HCO PL 11 Feb
Auditing Regulations

HCO PL 13 Feb I
V Unit

HCO PL 13 Feb II
Academy Taught Processes

HCOB 15 Feb
R2-R3, Listing Rules

HCO PL 21 Feb
Goals Check

HCOB 22 Feb
Routine 3M, Rundown by Steps

HCO PL 25 Feb
R2 -- R3

HCOB 4 Mar
Routine 2-10, 2-12, 2-12A

HCO PL 6 Mar
Selling Techniques Forbidden

HCOB 6 Mar
Correction to HCO Bulletin of February 22, 1963

HCO PL 6 Mar
R3M, HCO WW Form G3, Revised, Fast Goals Check

HCOB 8 Mar
Use of the Big Middle Rudiments

HCOB 9 Mar
Routine 2 and 3M, Correction to 3M Steps 13, 14

HCOB 10 Mar
Routine 2-10, 2-12, 2-12A (Also applies to Routine 3M), Vanished R/S or RR

HCO PL 12 Mar
Staff Personnel Allowance, Saint Hill

HCO PL 13 Mar

HCOB 13 Mar II
The End of a GPM

HCOB 14 Mar
Routine 2 -- Routine 3, ARC Breaks, Handling Of

HCO PL 15 Mar II
Checksheet Rating System

HCOB 17 Mar
R2 -- R3, Corrections, Typographicals and Added Notes

HCOB 18 Mar
R2 -- R3, Important Data, Don't Force the Pc

HCO PL 20 Mar I
HCO WW Electric Stencil-Cutting Machine

HCO PL 20 Mar II
Self-determinism in Central Organizations

HCOB 23 Mar
Clear and OT

HCO PL 23 Mar I
Clear Test 1963, Issue II

HCO PL 23 Mar II
Policies in Force, Org/Assoc Secs, HCO Secs

Classification of Auditors, Class II and Goals

HCO PL 29 Mar
Clear Requirement

HCOB 30 Mar
Routine 3M Simplified

HCO PL 2 Apr
Construction Information

HCOB 2 Apr
Diagrams Illustrating Tape of 28 March 1963

Director of Training Weekly Student Interviews

HCO PL 5 Apr
Organization Students on Saint Hill Course

HCOB 6 Apr
R3M2, What You Are Trying to Do in Clearing

HCOB 8 Apr I
Routine 3M2, Listing and Nulling

Routine 3M2, Corrected Line Plots

HCO PL 11 Apr II
Emergency Library

HCO PL 13 Apr
Policy of HGCs

HCOB 13 Apr
Routine 2G, Original Routine 2, 3GA, 2-10, 2-12, 2-12A and Others Specially Adapted

HCOB 18 Apr
Routine 3M2, Directive Listing

Prefessional Auditor's Congress: Sussex, England
On a Saturday afternoon at Saint Hill, LRH gave these two lectures to professional Scientologists and students currently on course in the Academy of Scientology in London.

20 Apr
What Clearing Is

20 Apr
Basic Purpose

2 Apr
GPM Items

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures: Sussex, England

4 Apr
Anatomy of the GPM

16 Apr
Top of the GPM

18 Apr
Directive Listing

23 Apr

25 Apr
Finding Goals

30 Apr
Pattern of the GPM

2 May
Running the GPM

14 May
Implant GPMs

15 May
TV Demo: Blocking Out and Dating Incidents

16 May
The Time Track

21 May
The Helatrobus Implants

22 May
TV Demo: Engram Running -- Helatrobus Implant Goal

23 May
State of OT

28 May
Handling ARC Breaks

29 May
Programing Cases, Part I

30 May
Programing Cases, Part II

11 Jun
Engram Chain Running

12 Jun
ARC Straightwire

13 Jun
Levels of Case

18 Jun

19 Jun
Summary of Modern Auditing

20 Jun
History of Psychotherapy

25 Jun
Modern Processes

26 Jun
TV Demo: Listing Assessment for Engram Running, Part I

27 Jun
TV Demo: Listing Assessment for Engram Running, Part II

9 Jul
The Free Being

10 Jul
Auditing Skills for R3R

10 Jul
Auditing Session: Preliminary Steps of R3R, Part I

10 Jul
Auditing Session: Preliminary Steps of R3R, Part II

11 Jul
ARC Breaks

16 Jul
Tips on Running R3R

17 Jul

18 Jul
Errors in Time

23 Jul
Between Lives Implants

24 Jul
ARC Breaks and the Comm Cycle

25 Jul
Comm Cycles in Auditing

6 Aug
Auditing Comm Cycles

7 Aug
R2H Fundamentals

8 Aug
R2H Assessment

14 Aug
Auditing Tips

15 Aug
The Tone Arm

20 Aug
The Itsa Line

21 Aug
The Itsa Line (cont.)

22 Aug
Project 80

27 Aug
Rightness and Wrongness

28 Aug
The Tone Arm and the Service Facsimile

29 Aug
The Service Facsimile

3 Sep

4 Sep
How to Find a Service Facsimile

5 Sep
Service Fac Assessment

10 Sep
Destimulation of a Case

11 Sep
Service Facs and GPMs

12 Sep
Service Facsimiles

17 Sep
What You Are Auditing

18 Sep
Saint Hill Service Facsimile Handling

19 Sep
Routine 4M TA

24 Sep
Summary I

25 Sep
Summary II: Scientology 0

26 Sep
Summary III: About Level IV Auditing

15 Oct
Essentials of Auditing

16 Oct
The Itsa Maker Line

17 Oct
Level IV Auditing

21 Oct
Attack and GPMs

22 Oct
The Integration of Auditing

23 Oct
Auditing the GPM

29 Oct
Routine 4

30 Oct
R4 Case Assembly

31 Oct
R4M2 Programing

5 Nov
Three Zones of Auditing

7 Nov
Relationship of Training to OT

26 Nov
R4 Auditing

28 Nov
TV Demo: Auditing Demo with Comments by LRH

28 Nov
Seven Classifications

3 Dec
Certifications and Classifications

4 Dec
TV Demo: Basic Auditing -- Lecture and Demo

5 Dec
Basic Auditing

10 Dec
Scientology Zero

12 Dec
Summary of OT Processes

31 Dec


HCOB 23 Apr
Routine 3M2, Handling the GPM

HCOB 24 Apr
Routine 3M2, Tips, The Rocket Read of a Reliable Item

HCO PL 25 Apr R
Rev. 29 Aug 90
Duties of a Staff Member

HCOB 25 Apr
Meter Reading TRs

HCOB 28 Apr
Routine 3, An Actual Line Plot

HCOB 29 Apr
Routine 3, Directive Listing, Listing Liabilities

HCO PL 30 Apr
The Saint Hill Staff Co-audit

HCOB 30 Apr
Routine 3

HCOB 4 May
Routine 3, An Actual Line Plot No. 2

HCOB 5 May
Routine 3, R3 Stable Data

HCOB 8 May
The Nature of Formation of the GPM

HCOB 12 May
Routine 3, RI Form (GPM RI Form Corrected)

HCOB 13 May
Routine 3, Routine 3N Directive Listing with New Routine 3 Model Session

HCO PL 15 May
Instructor Hats

HCOB 15 May
The Time Track and Engram Running by Chains, Bulletin 1

SEC ED 20 May
Scientology Missionary Hat

HCOB 20 May
Routine 3N, Proper Programing, Fast Blowing RIs

HCO PL 24 May
Changes in Basement Student Facilities

HCOB 26 May
Routine 3, Line Plot

HCOB 27 May
Cause of ARC Breaks

HCOB 1 Jun
Routine 2, New Processes

HCOB 4 Jun
Routine 3, Handling GPMs

HCOB 8 Jun R
Rev. 3 Oct 77
The Time Track and Engram Running by Chains, Bulletin 2

HCO PL 10 Jun
Scientology Training, Technical Studies

HCO PL 17 Jun
Staff Clearing Program

HCO PL 18 Jun
Tape Release

HCO PL 24 Jun
Review of Departments

HCOB 24 Jun
Routine 3, Engram Running by Chains, Bulletin 3

HCOB 25 Jun
Routine 2H, ARC Breaks by Assessment

HCOB 1 Jul
Routine 3R, Bulletin 4, Preliminary Step

HCOB 5 Jul
ARC Break Assessments

HCOB 9 Jul
A Technical Summary, The Required Skills of Processing and Why

HCOB 14 Jul
Routine 3N, Line Plots

HCOB 21 Jul
Co-audit ARC Break Process

HCOB 22 Jul I
You Can Be Right

Org Technical, HGC Processes and Training

HCO PL 23 Jul
Retreads on Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

HCOB 23 Jul
Auditing Rundown, Missed Withholds, To Be Run in X1 Unit

HCOB 24 Jul
R3N Corrections

HCOB 28 Jul
Time and the Tone Arm

HCOB 29 Jul I
Scientology Review

HCOB 29 Jul II
R3R -- R3N -- R3T, Cautionary HCOB

HCO PL 30 Jul
Current Planning

HCO PL 2 Aug I
Public Project One

Saint Hill Course Changes

HCOB 4 Aug
E-Meter Errors, Communication Cycle Error

HCOB 9 Aug
Definition of Release

Public Meetings

HCOB 11 Aug
ARC Break Assessments

HCO PL 12 Aug
Certificates and Awards

HCOB 14 Aug
Lecture Graphs

HCO PL 14 Aug
Press Policies
PR Series 31

HCOB 19 Aug
How to Do an ARC Break Assessment

HCOB 20 Aug
R3R -- R3N, The Preclear's Postulates

HCO PL 21 Aug
Change of Organization Targets, Project 80, A Preview

HCOB 22 Aug
Tech Preparation for HCO PL 21 Aug. 1963, Project 80, The Itsa Line and Tone Arm

HCO PL 22 Aug
ARC Break Assessments on Staff

HCOB 24 Aug
Routine 3N, The Train GPMs, The Marcab Between Lives Implants

HCOB 1 Sep I
Routine Three SC

Scientology Two, Routine 1C

Scientology One

HCO PL 3 Sep
Status of Auckland

HCOB 6 Sep
Instructing in Scientology Auditing, Instructor's Task, D of P's Case Handling

HCO PL 7 Sep
Committees of Evidence, Scientology Jurisprudence, Administration Of

HCOB 9 Sep
Repetitive Rudiments and Repetitive Prepchecking

HCO PL 22 Sep
Concerning Committees of Evidence

HCOB 23 Sep
Tape Coverage of New Technology

HCOB 25 Sep
Adequate Tone Arm Action

HCOB 28 Sep
Actual Goals

HCOB 1 Oct
How to Get Tone Arm Action

HCOB 2 Oct
GPMs, Experimental Process Withdrawn

HCO PL 4 Oct
Technical Council

HCO PL 7 Oct

HCO PL 8 Oct I
New Saint Hill Certificates and Course Changes

HCOB 8 Oct
How to Get TA, Analyzing Auditing

HCOB 16 Oct
R3SC Slow Assessment

HCOB 17 Oct I
R-2C Slow Assessment by Dynamics

HCOB 17 Oct II
R-2C Slow Assessment by Dynamics, Directions for Use of HCO Bulletin of October 17, AD 13, Issue I

HCO PL 23 Oct
Refund Policy

HCOB 31 Oct
R-2C Slow Assessment by Dynamics, Continued

HCO PL 4 Nov
Pay Card

HCO PL 11 Nov
Committees of Evidence

HCOB 25 Nov
Dirty Needles

HCO PL 26 Nov
Certificate and Classification Changes, Everyone Classified

HCOB 26 Nov
A New Triangle, Basic Auditing, Technique, Case Analysis

HCO PL 4 Dec
Org Staff W/H Checks

HCO PL 6 Dec
Org Programing

The Dangerous Environment, The True Story of Scientology

HCO PL 11 Dec
Classification for Everyone

HCO PL 13 Dec

HCOB 14 Dec
Case Analysis, Health Research

HCO PL 27 Dec
The "Magic" of Good Management

HCOB 28 Dec
Routine 6, Indicators, Part One: Good Indicators

MESSAGE late Dec
Ron's Journal