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Living in southern California, Mr. Hubbard carried on with his work on films, writing scripts for eight new Scientology instruction films.

His technical and organizational research went ahead at full speed, making significant progress in such areas as E-Meter use, Word Clearing, study and training technology, case repair, handling the effects of drugs, the technology of Confessionals, Expanded Dianetics, marketing, data evaluation and ethics. Each new advance was released in HCO Bulletins and HCO Policy Letters.

Can We Ever Be Friends?
A recorded lecture delivered by a minister of Scientology on the truth about Dianetics and Scientology, intended for those who have exhibited coolness or even antagonism toward the subject.
TRANSLATIONS: Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, French and Swedish.

Can We Ever Be Friends?
Booklet published by the Church of Scientology of California, Worldwide, Saint Hill, England, 1977. Revised in 1989. TRANSLATIONS: French, German.

The Volunteer Minister Booklets
Nine booklets published by Publications Organization, Los Angeles, California, 1977.

1. Communication
2. Understanding Others-Affinity, Reality, Communication
3. Do You Make Many Mistakes?
4. The Eight Dynamics
5. Assists
6. The Conditions of Existence
7. The Parts of Man
8. The Aims of Scientology
9. The Third Party Law


Rev. 29 Aug 79
Marketing Hat
Marketing Series 3

HCOB 10 Jan I
How to Win with Word Clearing
Word Clearing Series 55

HCOB 10 Jan II
Ethics and Word Clearing
Word Clearing Series 50

HCOB 13 Jan RB
Rev. 25 May 80
Handling a False TA

HCOB 21 Jan RB
Rev. 25 May 80
False TA Checklist

HCOB 22 Jan
In-Tech, The Only Way to Achieve It
Cramming Series 13
KSW Series 21

HCOB 24 Jan
Tech Correction Roundup

HCOB 30 Jan R
Rev. 25 May 80
False TA Data

HCOB 5 Feb
Jokers and Degraders
C/S Series 100

HCOB 17 Feb R
Rev. 20 Feb 77
Course Necessities

HCOB 24 Feb
Expanded Dianetics Cases

Confessional Forms

Formulating Confessional Questions

A Valid Confessional

HCO PL 15 Mar RA
Rev. 5 Nov 90
Evaluation: The Situation
Data Series 41RA

HCOB 16 Mar
The Gambler
ExDn Series 22

HCO PL 17 Mar RA
Rev. 2 Nov 90
Date Coincidence
Data Series 42RA

HCO PL 18 Mar RA
Rev. 6 Nov 90
Evaluation and Programs
Data Series 43RA

HCO PL 18 Mar-1 R
Rev. 14 Jun 77
Evaluation Success
Data Series 43-1R

HCO PL 20 Mar R
Rev. 15 Jun 77
Super Evaluation
Data Series 44R

HCOB 27 Mar R
Rev. 23 Apr 91
Auditing the Pc at Cause
ExDn Series 23

HCOB 5 Apr
Expanded Grades

HCO PL 10 Apr
Dissemination Pieces, Stable Datum, Appearance, Layout and Design

HCOB 11 Apr
List Errors, Correction Of

HCOB 17 Apr R
Rev. 16 Nov 89
Recurring Withholds and Overts

HCOB 7 May
Long Duration Sec Checking

HCOB 9 May I
Foreword of Expanded Dianetics Course

Psychosis, More About
ExDn Series 24

HCOB 31 May
LSD, Years After They Have "Come Off Of" LSD

HCOB 14 Jun RB
Rev. 11 Apr 91
Paid Completions Simplified

HCO PL 14 Jun RB I
Rev. 18 Jun 78
All Class IV Orgs, OIC Cable Change

Rev. 28 Jun 78
All Sea Org Orgs, OIC Cable Change

HCOB 26 Sep R
Rev. 30 Dec 79
Art and Communication
Art Series 5

HCOB 4 Dec R
Rev. 19 Aug 87
Checklist for Setting Up Sessions and an E-Meter

The Secret of Flag Results
A film written by L. Ron Hubbard, produced by Universal Media Productions and released 9 December 1977.