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While supervising the training of a group of auditors selected to deliver a highly precise new auditing rundown, Mr. Hubbard found that many of them had difficulty with their TRs. In 1979 his search for the cause of this one outness and the means to terminatedly handle it led him to a series of discoveries that form the basis for the technology found today in the new Hubbard Professional TR Course, the Hubbard Key to Life Course and the Hubbard Life Orientation Course.

In December, LRH announced a new rundown designed to rid the body of harmful drug residuals and toxic substances. The successes from those who had participated in its piloting credited this new action with remarkable increases in their energy level, alertness, feeling of health and well-being and ability to think clearly. This new program, the Purification Rundown, is in use today throughout the world.

On the administrative front, 1979 saw the development of a powerful new technology for handling slowed or inadequate production: Debug Tech, consisting of a formidable battery of new technical tools including Crashing Misunderstood Word Finding, False Data Stripping, the Debug Tech Checklist and the Product Debug Repair List.


HCO PL 4 Jan
The Ideal Ideal Scene
Data Series 46

LRH ED 6 Jan
Correction to Ron's Journal 30 Requirements for Super Power Auditors

HCO PL 6 Jan
Financial Planning Regarding Property Renovations and Construction

HCOB 9 Jan
BTB Cancellation

HCO PL 13 Jan
Orders, Illegal and Cross

HCO PL 17 Jan
A New Type of Crime

HCO PL 19 Jan RB I
Rev. 30 May 89
Scholarships, No Discounts

HCO PL 20 Jan
Income Cutatives and Salary Sum

HCO PL 23 Jan
Unevaluated Orders

HCOB 28 Jan
C/S Qualifications

HCO PL 29 Jan
Prices, Upper Org

HCO PL 30 Jan
Positioning, Philosophic Theory
PR Series 30
Marketing Series 5

HCOB 31 Jan
Mood Drills

HCOB 3 Feb R I
Rev. 19 Dec 90
Change the Civilization Eval

Confront Tech Has to Be Part of the TR Checksheet

Rev. 10 Mar 88
E-Meter Drill 5RB, Can Squeeze

HCO PL 7 Feb R
Rev. 3 Sep 79
The Basics of Marketing
Marketing Series 7

HCOB 9 Feb R
Rev. 23 Aug 84
How to Defeat Verbal Tech Checklist
KSW Series 23R

HCOB 15 Feb
Verbal Tech: Penalties
KSW Series 24

HCO PL 25 Feb R
Rev. 14 May 89
HCO Staff Qualification Requirements

HCOB 4 Mar R
Rev. 30 Dec 79
Art in Its Basics
Art Series 6

Rev. 2 Dec 85
Dianetic Clear False Declares

HCO PL 21 Mar R
Rev. 6 Dec 89
Sliding Scale of Pricing

HCO PL 25 Mar
A New Hope for Justice

HCOB 26 Mar RB
Rev. 2 Sep 79
Misunderstood Words and Cycles of Action
Esto Series 35RB
Word Clearing Series 60RB
Product Debug Series 7R

HCO PL 5 Apr I
FSM Penalty for Refunds, Repayments and Bounced Checks

Rev. 14 Feb 91
New FSM Account
FSM Series 6

HCO PL 10 Apr RA
Rev. 12 Feb 91
Flag Rep Statistics

HCOB 15 Apr
Fine Arts Versus Illustrations
Art Series 7

HCO PL 25 Apr
Estates Production Statistics

Rev. 18 Dec 88
Clear Certainty Rundown: Administration
CCRD Series 3R

HCO PL 27 May
Book Sales Commission

HCO PL 7 Jun R I
Rev. 14 Jun 79
Data Series PLs, Use Of
Data Series 47

HCOB 10 Jun
A Professional
Art Series 8


AMA... Up to Its Old Tricks


HCOB 17 Jun
Crashing Mis-Us: The Key to Completed Cycles of Action and Products
Word Clearing Series 61
Product Debug Series 3

HCOB 18 Jun R
Rev. 27 Jun 88
The Crashing Mis-U Repair List-LC1R
Product Debug Series 4R
Word Clearing Series 62R

HCO PL 24 Jun
Crime Additions

HCOB 7 Jul
Crashing Mis-U Definition

HCO PL 10 Jul R I
Rev. 26 Nov 79
Publications Organizations Are Sales Organizations

HCO PL 16 Jul I
Hubbard Key to Life Course High Crime

HCO PL 16 Jul II
Delivering the Hubbard Key to Life Course, The Chicken and Egg Theory

HCOB 16 Jul
The "Elusive" Mis-U or Crashing Mis-U
Word Clearing Series 63
Product Debug Series 5

HCOB 17 Jul RB I
Rev. 26 Feb 89
The Misunderstood Word Defined
Word Clearing Series 64RB

HCO PL 21 Jul
Magazine Planning

HCO PL 25 Jul
Magazine Motifs

The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology Volume XI, 1976-1978
Compilation of L. Ron Hubbard's technical bulletins on Dianetics and Scientology. Published by Publications Department Advanced Org/Saint Hill Denmark and Publications Organization US, Los Angeles, California, August 1979. Revised in 1991.


HCOB 7 Aug
False Data Stripping
Product Debug Series 8
Esto Series 36

HCO PL 9 Aug I
Call-in: The Key to Delivery and Future Income

Rev. 19 Nov 79
Service Product Officer
Org Series 39
Esto Series 39

Service Call-in Committee

HCOB 19 Aug RA
Rev. 27 Aug 84
High-Crime Checkouts and Word Clearing
Word Clearing Series 47

HCO PL 20 Aug
Dianetics and Scientology Are New
Marketing Series 1
PR Series 34

HCOB 21 Aug

HCOB 23 Aug I
Crashing Mis-Us, Blocks to Finding Them
Word Clearing Series 65
Product Debug Series 6

HCOB 23 Aug R II
Rev. 14 Jun 88
Product Debug Repair List
Product Debug Series 10R

Rev. 23 Aug 84
Debug Tech
Product Debug Series 1R
Esto Series 37R

HCO PL 23 Aug R II
Rev. 24 Jun 88
Debug Tech Checklist
Esto Series 38R
Product Debug Series 2R

Hubbard Key to Life Course Routing Forms

HCO PL 29 Aug R I
Rev. 14 Mar 80
Org Board for the Department of the Chaplain

HCO PL 29 Aug R II
Rev. 14 Mar 80
The Department of the Chaplain

HCO PL 1 Sep
Marketing, Promotion and Dissemination, Defined
Marketing Series 2

HCO PL 2 Sep
Surveys Are the Key to Stats
Marketing Series 4

HCO PL 4 Sep
More on Marketing Basics
Marketing Series 8

HCO PL 5 Sep
The Assembly Line for Produced Promo
Marketing Series 9

HCO PL 6 Sep
The Relationship Between Design and Rough Layout
Marketing Series 10

HCO PL 19 Sep
Marketing Series 11

HCOB 24 Sep RA
Rev. 18 Oct 86
Flying Ruds in Cramming
Cramming Series 15

HCOB 25 Sep RB
Rev. 1 Jul 85
Method One Word Clearing
Word Clearing Series 34

HCO PL 26 Sep I
FSM I/C Postings

Marketing Series 12

HCO PL 27 Sep
Ads and Copywriting
Marketing Series 13

Rev. 2 Feb 91
Special Income
Finance Series 24RA

HCOB 13 Oct
Conceptual Understanding
Word Clearing Series 66

HCO PL 18 Oct R
Rev. 14 Sep 88
Marketing Series 14R

HCO PL 29 Oct
SSO Responsibility for Standard Staff Courses

HCO PL 9 Nov R
Rev. 27 Aug 82
How to Correctly Determine a Stat Trend

HCO PL 13 Nov R I
Rev. 6 Feb 80
FSM Section, Department 18 Statistics

HCO PL 13 Nov R II
Rev. 7 Jul 83
Use of Airmail and Air Freight

LRH ED 1 Dec
Ron's Journal 31, 1980 -- The Year of Expansion

HCO PL 1 Dec
Survey Buttons Are Not the Message
Marketing Series 15

HCO PL 11 Dec I
Department 17 Course Checksheets

HCO PL 11 Dec II
Department 17 Course Checksheets, Addition

HCO PL 12 Dec R
Rev. 8 Nov 84
An Open Letter to All FSMs
FSM Series 7

HCO PL 13 Dec R
Rev. 16 Jan 80
Magazines, Dating Forbidden

HCO PL 15 Dec
Surveying for Department 17 Services

HCO PL 18 Dec
Enrollment on the Hubbard Key to Life Course

HCOB 21 Dec R
Rev. 30 Jul 90
Auditor Assignment Policies, Cramming Assignment Policies
C/S Series 107R
Cramming Series 16

HCO PL 23 Dec RB
Rev. 25 Mar 89
Tech/Admin Ratio

HCOB 24 Dec R
Rev. 19 Jun 86
TRs Basics Resurrected

HCO PL 26 Dec
Execution of Evaluations
Data Series 48

HCO PL 30 Dec R
Rev. 13 Feb 80
Technical Training Corps

HCOB 30 Dec
How to Build a Sauna
Purif RD Series 2

Compiled by staff and published by Publications Organization US, Los Angeles, California.