Alt.religion.scientology FAQ v1.0

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-alt.religion.scientology, references and the Internet-

  1. Other FAQ's
  2. Pointers to web pages on Scientology
  3. Basic Scientology/Dianetics definitions
  4. Reference books on Scientology
  5. Ars origins
  6. Ars timeline
  7. Ars running jokes
  8. Harassment of ars posters
  9. Dennis Erlich Raid
  10. Tom Klemesrud and the "Blood Incident"


  1. A brief biography of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard
  2. An overview of the Scientology public philosophy
  3. A look at some of Scientology's practices
  4. What is the E-Meter
  5. Celebrities involved with Scientology
  6. The Judges speak; Scientology and the law
  7. How much does Scientology cost
  8. Selected quotes from L. Ron hubbard

-Aspects of therapy for victims-

  1. Reference materials on cults
  2. Cult education and therapy groups
  3. What can I do to help a family member or friend in Scientology?
  4. I have just left Scientology; what should I do?
      -alt.religion.scientology, references, and the Internet-

1.0 Other FAQ's

What other FAQ's on Scientology are out there?  Since ars's inception, there
have been many FAQ's, both pro and con, posted to the newsgroup.  Many of
these FAQ's are still being posted, while others can be found through
gopher searches and other means.

Here's a list of current ars FAQ files:

1. ARS FAQ, this one
   From: (Martin Hunt)
   Archive-name: scientology/ars-faq

2. ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.0
   From: (Martin Hunt)
   Archive-name: scientology/dictionary

3. non-scientologist faq on "Start a Religion" 
   From: (Don Lindsay)
   Archive-name: scientology/skeptic/start-a-religion-faq

4. Celebrities in Scientology FAQ
   From: (Tilman Hausherr)
   Archive-name: scientology/celebrities

5. Clam FAQ
   From: William Barwell
6. The Hubbard is Bare
   From: Joe Harrington

7. Alt.religion.scientology FAQ for new readers
   From: (Rod Keller)

Here's a list of FAQ's no longer posted to ars on a regular basis:

1. non-scientologist access faq
   From: (Donald Lindsay)
   Archive-name: scientology/skeptic/access-faq

2. Scientology Users FAQ
   From: Chip Gallo and Brian Wenger

3. alt.religion.scientology FAQ
   From: Phil Earnhart

4. Codes and Creeds of Scientology, and many others
   From: Stu Sjowerman

   From: (The Leveller)

7. E-Meter FAQ

		       1.1 Other Newsgroups

What other Usenet Newsgroups discuss Scientology?  Well, there are many,
including groups on censorship and abuses.  However, these are the main
discussion groups:

alt.religion.scientology, ars.
  The much-publicized, confusing, spam-ridden newsgroup that is devoted
  to exposing Scientology's true nature, and the home newsgroup of this
  FAQ., act.
  A newsgroup for the Freezone, a group of former Scientologist who no
  longer trust current church management.

  For binary files related to Scientology.

This newsgroup discusses therapy issues and other cults:

These are some of the "joke" groups created to satirize Scientology; you
may or may not find these on your service provider's Usenet feed:


1.2 Pointers to web pages on Scientology

Where can I find out more about Scientology?  Well, one of the best places
to look isn't here on alt.religion.scientology due to the noise and general
confusion of a Usenet newsgroup.  The World Wide Web has a vast amount of
information about Scientology in a much easier to digest format; start with
these web pages from Marina Chong's alphabetical listing of all the critics
web pages at

Please e-mail and/or post URLs I have missed.
Please e-mail and/or post changes to URLs.

Marina Chong                               SP4(*), KoX, Koh, Joker/Degrader

Some of the main web pages:

Ron Newman:
[the ultimate page]

[for newcomers to a.r.s. (temporary location)]

David Dennis:
[a fun page, but with slow updates]

Karin Spaink:

Xenu's Page:
[all hail xenu!]

Marina's Manor:

A listing of more web pages to try:

Bob Bingham:
Brett Achorn:
Bruce Scott:
Cornelius Krasel:
Daniel Tobias:
Dave Touretzky:
David Carter:
David D. Rogers:
David C. Smith:
Don Lindsay:
Felipe (XS4ALL):
GoofY:  $/Co$.html
Jerod Pore:
Jessie Blalock:
Jeff Jacobsen:
Jeff Lee:$/
Jim Diver:
Jim Lippard:
Jonas Flygare:
Jukka Santala:
Mark Allen:
Martin L Poulter:
Maureen Garde:
Morten Welinder:$.html
Patricia Savenije:$.htm
Rod Swift:
Sam Gorton:$/
Samuel Kaplin:
Scott Goehring:
Steve A:
Steve Marinick:
Steven Fishman:
Teodor Vaananen
Taneli Huuskonen:
Tilman Hausherr:
Tony Bosnakoudis:
50 Conspiracies:

Some media pages:

Felipe (XS4ALL):
Karin Spaink:
Skeptic Magazine:
Ron's Media Page:

Books available on the web:

1. Atack, Jon -- The Total Freedom Trap
   [Winfried Mueller]

2. Cooper, Paulette--The Scandal Of Scientology
   [Dave Touretzky]

3. Wakefield, Margery--The Road to Xenu
   [Steve A]

Legal information available on the web:

FACTnet Legal Page:
Faegre & Benson:
Maureen Garde:


    (courtesy of gjansen)

    (courtesy of fonss)

    (courtesy of newkid)

Some pro-Scientology web pages:

Leisa Goodman:
     (semi-official Co$)
Brian W:             ftp://FTP.PCNET.COM/users/brianw
     (FTP site)
R E Brooks:

Some Free Zone web pages:

Free Zone Homepage:  
International Viewpoints:


American Family Foundation (AFF):
Cult Awareness Network (CAN):
Ex-Cult Archive:        
reFOCUS network:        
Steve Hassan:           
Watchman Fellowship     
Winfried Mueller:       


Jessie Blalock       


Patricia Savenije    


Sorry! There are so many of these sites (>100) that I can no longer include
them in this list.

Check out Dave Touretzky's ClamBed for a list of Fishman sites:

And Goofy's page:$/FishBowl.html

And these: (The FishPond) (The FishNet)

1.3 Basic Scientology/Dianetics definitions

What do all these strange words and acronyms mean?  This list of definitions
is an abstract from the 130kb+ ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.1:

There is an acronym FAQ available from Martin Hunt. The current version
is 3.0; you can get it from him or find it on the WWW at
This version is not yet HTMLized (I am working on it).

An older, HTMLized version (2.7) can be found at

ACT,  Often in small letters, "act", or with
 periods, "a.c.t."  The hangout for the relics of the cult who still
 practice the strange "technology" or rituals developed by Hubbard, but who
 have left the cult of Scientology proper.  Of course, some people have it
 that the group actually deals with acne pimple remedies...  See also ARS.

ARS, alt.religion.scientology; the newsgroup this FAQ is posed to.  Often
 lower-case; "30,000 people a month read ars, according to Arbitron." (ars)
 after a definition shows that the source of the term is ars; terms which are
 sourced from Scientology itself have nothing after them. (act) is for terms
 from, while (Eng) indicates the term is plain
 English, with no special Scientology meaning, included because of frequent
 use, topicality, or confusion with Scientologese. (net) refers to terms
 gleaned off the Internet.

ARSCC, Alt.Religion.Scientology Central Committee; It's a game.  The OSA
 Scientologists have tried to represent opposition to Scientology as 
 emanating from one or other focus--at first, it was Dennis Erlich.  Later, 
 it was FactNet.  At other times and in other contexts the opposition has 
 been represented as 'psychs' and 'CAN' (the Cult Awareness Network).  ARS 
 CC (Alt.Religion.Scientology Central Committee) is just a kid's game, a 
 troll, like the game of 'there is no Cabal' which is played on newbies on
 alt.culture.usenet.  There is no ARS CC, so it's no use begging me to send
 you the Red and Blue codebooks.  Even if I had them, I'd have to deny their
 existence.  There is a real inspiration for this.  At various times, Hubbard
 would allude in his bulletins to shadowy organizations such as 'Smersh' and
 'The Tenyaka Memorial'; another example, taken from his mythology, is
 'The Fifth Invader Force'.  Another time, he described the opposition as
 just twelve highly powerful suppressives (yes, bankers and financiers).
 He just loved to spin yarns, and in honor of this, we do the same.
 (Tony Sidaway )

Auditing, the action of running Scientology or Dianetic processes on a
 PC (a preclear; someone receiving Scientology processing).  Auditing usually
 involves a Meter, with the PC holding onto the soup cans electrodes, and the
 Auditor taking down notes and asking questions. 

Auditor, the person who uses an E-Meter (a simple, ineffective lie detector
 used in Scientology with a needle and soup cans for electrodes) to find
 Overts (undisclosed acts) and Engrams (incidents of pain and 
 unconsciousness) and audits them out of the person receiving auditing or 

Bridge, the bridge to total freedom; the list of auditing actions needed
 to get to the highest OT (operating thetan) level, currently OT 8.  The
 Bridge costs roughly $300,000 US, and is depicted on the Gradation Chart
 of Human Awareness and Abilities.  L. Ron Hubbard's "Bridge to total
 freedom"  has two sides.  One is auditor or therapist training classes or
 classifications, the other is receiving auditing or "therapy" such as Grades
 (q.v.) and OT levels.  At the lower levels the grades and classes or
 classifications correspond, this pretty  much stops after Class 6 (Saint
 Hill Special Briefing Course).

BT, Body Thetan.  Usually plural.  Evil spirits which need to be exorcized.

CAN, the Cult Awareness Network, a loose-knit educational and group-therapy
 association.  A Scientology target for special hatred in the form of
 Suppressive (describing a person or group who goals are at odds to
 Scientology's goals) status.

Cancelbunny/Cancelpoodle, these refer to the ubiquitous OSA (Office of
 Special Affairs; the cult's private CIA/KGB) cancellers who frequent
 alt.religion.scientology and visit it with their censorship of people's

Clams, Man descended from them according to "History of Man" by L. Ron
 Hubbard, and the incident gives us painful engrams (memories) of being
 dropped onto rocks by birds, and extreme jaw pain from the bivalve's hinge. 
 This has become a running joke on ars, with threads about clambakes,
 clamchowder, snapping clams, clams in .sigs, etc. 

Clear, a person audited enough to be free of the "bank," or reactive mind.
 (The sum of the memories of pain and unconsciousness the person has)  A
 low-level superman-type person; a baby OT (Operating Thetan). 

CoS, Church of Scientology.  Also, C of S, CofS, COS, Co$.  Some people on
 ars take "Co$" to mean "Cult of $cientology."

D/A, verb.  Dead Agent; to spread malicious lies and rumors about an
 Anti-Scientologist person or organization, in an attempt to so
 thoroughly discredit them that everyone concerned will be disgusted with
 them, and not listen to the information they have to give about the cult.
 Many attempts to Dead Agent CAN (the Cult Awareness Network) and FACTnet
 (Fight Against Coercive Tactics network; a BBS that supplies information
 about the cult) have been posted to ars. (alt.religion.scientology)

Declaring, the act of blacklisting within the cult; the result is an
 "SP" (Suppressive Person, someone who does not like Scientology) who can
 be "Sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed" as per the cult's policy. 

Dianetics, Hubbard's derivative (of Freud's abreactive therapy, among
 others) mental healing therapy; scorned by the mental health profession
 as being unscientific nonsense.  Strangely, even though Hubbard used
 mainstream psychiatry as a source for Dianetics, he went on to vehemently
 attack psychiatry and its practice with paranoid fervor.

E-Meter, or Meter, electrometer or electropsychometer.  A crude battery
 -powered analog ohmmeter used to locate Overts (undisclosed acts), Body
 Thetans (evil spirits), and Engrams (moments of pain and unconsciousness).
 The PC or patient holds the soup-cans electrodes, while the Auditor or 
 Scientology therapist watches the needle on the dial.  Circuitry is based
 on the Wheatstone Bridge.  The meter was designed by Volney Mathieson. 
 Current "top of the line" models sell for about $4,000 US in a plastic case.
 Actual parts list is about $50-$100, making it a good money earner for
 Scientology, particularly since every auditor is required to own two in
 case one breaks down.

Engram, a posited memory trace that remains after a moment of pain
 and unconsciousness.  Hubbard didn't coin this word; it can be found
 in Webster's, and is part of the ISV, the International Scientific
 Vocabulary. (Eng)

Entheta, Bad Vibes, enturbulated theta or disturbed life force.

Enturbulated, Hubbardese for being upset. 

Ethics, a section of a Scientology Org (organization) that keeps people
 in line, and the Hubbardian policy that deals with it. 

FACTnet, Fight Against Coercive Tactics network; a cult information BBS
 with numerous files on the Scientology cult and others.

Fair Game, the notorious Scientology policy describing how to deal with
 critics, ex-members, and other undesirables dehumanized with the label
 "Suppressives"; they may be "Sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed," as per
 policy.  A more recent policy has banished the WORDS "Fair Game", but the
 policy of what to do to these "SPs" or "Suppressives" cannot ever be
 cancelled, as it's Hubbardian scripture, and his words cannot ever be
 altered in any way per Scientology's policy. 

Folder, an Ethics (Scientology's corrections section) folder or Auditing
 "therapy" folder in which Scientology collects all the dirt on people
 obtained from auditing sessions and Ethics actions which can be used as
 blackmail to keep critics quiet.  Culled information from folders of
 former Scientologists who have turned into critics has a habit of showing
 up on ars.

Freezone, a loose affiliation of people who still believe in some of the
 ideas of Scientology auditing procedures, but who have left the formal
 structure of the cult, in a type of Scientology Reformation.  The Freezone
 is a little more liberal than the hard-core Churchies, as they like to call
 people in the cult proper, yet they often still have the trappings of
 Scientology, for example, the E-Meter, the concepts of Ethics, Overts (bad
 deeds), Conditions, and the use of disparaging terms for outsiders,
 (Meatballs, Bashers, Wogs, etc.)

HCOB, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, a red on white directive
 containing Hubbardian "tech" for auditing or "therapy" procedures.

HCOPL, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, a green on white issue
 containing administrative policy.

KoX, Knights of Xenu.  They found the evil galactic overlord Xenu of
 Hubbard's quaint Scientology philosophy locked up in a box, and let him
 out, the naughty net.surfers!

Lazarus, a program written by Homer to tell posters to ars when their
 posts have been cancelled by the cult censor on Netcom known
 affectionately as the "Cancelpoodle."  Thanks, Homer!

L. Ron Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.  Mediocre pulp-sf writer.  Said in
 1947 "If you really want to make millions, the fastest way is to start your
 own religion."  Scientology cult founder; author of the turgid "Dianetics";
 born 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska, USA; died 1986.  Also called Ron, the
 Commodore, Source, and the Admiral.

Marcab Confederacy, a galactic confederation and the denizens thereof. 
 It's a star system in the astronomy charts.  It is also supposed to be the
 source of most of the destructive suppressive influences attacking the Earth
 at this time and in the past.  For the last 100,000 years they've been
 driving cars, wearing business suits and fedora hats, using telephones, and
 flying spaceships.  Remember that episode of Star Trek? 

One One or 1.1, someone stuck at 1.1 on Hubbard's emotional Tone Scale, an SP
 (Suppressive Person; someone who disagrees with Scientology and deserves to
 be destroyed because of their beliefs.) 

Operation Freakout, a plan to carry out the Fair Game policy, the policy of
 attacking perceived Scientology enemies, on Paulette Cooper, the author
 of the book "The Scandal of Scientology."  The GO (Guardian's Office, the
 cult's KGB-like security organization responsible for covert operations and
 dirty tricks of all kinds) operation involved framing Ms. Cooper with a bomb
 threat made to the Arab Consulate, among other things.

Org, Noun.  Organization; a cult group, internally called a "Church."
 Org usually refers to a Class IV Org; Higher up than a low level Mission
 or franchise, but lower than a Class XII Org, or Advanced Org, (AO), or
 Saint Hill Org.  ASHO stands for the American Saint Hill Org, while AOLA
 stands for the Advanced Org, Los Angeles.  Both ASHO and AOLA are higher
 up the power chain than a Class IV Org.

OSA, Office of special affairs.  The "dirty work" department, the cult's
 KGB.  Took over from the GO, Guardian's Office, when the GO's leaders
 went to jail for infiltrating government offices, stealing and altering
 official files that put the cult in a bad light.

OT, Operating Thetan, one who is above Clear, a state of partial
 enlightenment, and who is not just free of unconscious impulses, but is
 free of other things too so that they can operate, and be causative over
 the physical universe.  OT levels are solo-audited (self-metered; the
 soup-can electrodes of Hubbard's crude ohm-meter are held in one hand, and
 notes are jotted down with the other; saves money (for Scientology) over
 having an auditor do it) and expensive processes at the top of the
 Scientology "Bridge."  The levels currently run from OT I to OT VIII.

Overt, an evil or Suppressive (damaging to Scientology) act.  Of course,
 it's only an Overt if it hurts Scientology; shooting an SP (Suppressive
 Person; an anti-Scientologist) under the Fair Game Law (Suppressives may be
 tricked, sued, lied to, or destroyed, as per policy) could be redefined
 as not being an Overt, as you did it to help to "clear the planet", and
 it "did the least harm to the least number of dynamics." 

PC, preclear.  Someone who is getting auditing (spiritual counselling)
 who is not yet "Clear," Clear being that state of being free of unconscious
 impulses that cloud your judgement, and not having any memories of pain and
 unconsciousness (engrams.)  PC or Preclear is also used loosely to mean
 anyone taking Scientology "therapy," whether Clear or not.

Psychs, psychiatrists and psychologists.  Seen by the paranoid cult
 as being the ultimate in evil and corruption on Earth; out to destroy
 us all by cutting out our brains with transorbital leucotomies, or
 zapping us into submission with electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), or
 zombifying us with selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI's)
 like Ritalin and Prozac.  The cult front-group called the Citizen's
 Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a la Orwell, is dedicated to
 destroying these evil beings known as Psychs, but who are really members
 of the fifth galactic invader force from outer space.

PTS, Potential Trouble Source.  Someone who is in contact with an SP, a
 Suppressive or anti-Scientology person, and therefore may cause trouble
 to the cult.  "Mary is a PTS type III."  Adjective; "She is PTS to that
 Wholetrack SP on her lines."

Purif, the Purification Rundown.  A cleansing process, intended to
 remove drugs supposedly stored in body fat through running, taking
 megadoses of vitamins and minerals, and sweating in a sauna for hours every
 day.  The Purif costs roughly $1,500, and takes about two weeks to do.
 There is no scientific evidence to back up the cult of Scientology's
 claims about the supposed benefits of the Purif. 

Raw Meat, A derogatory term for the ordinary public or non-Scientologists. 

Reactive Mind, the place where Engrams, memories of pain and unconsciousness,
 are stored.  On a higher level, Engrams are revealed to be none other than
 Body Thetans or evil spirits infesting our bodies by the thousands.  Also
 called the Bank.

RPF, Rehabilitation Project Force, the cult's internal gulag where bad people
 are sent for punishment or "rehabilitation"; a brain washing and penal

RTC, Religious Technology Center.  David Miscavige is COB, Chairman of
 the Board, of the RTC, which holds the cult's "trademarks" and "copyrights." 
 That's right; "trademarks" and "copyrights!"  Scientology is the only
 "religion" (so it claims) around to try to patent spiritual freedom.  Of
 course, it's all a money-making scam; if the laughable "tech" was made free
 and public, on the Internet for example, who would pay $300,000 for it?

Scientology, Hubbard's money-making venture into religion; started
 after Dianetics.  Word comes from Nordenholz's book "Scientologie 34."

Sec Checking, Security Checking.  Running lists of questions on a PC or
 patient using the Meter to find criminal behavior that can be used as
 potential blackmail, should the PC ever blow or become critical of the cult.
 Similar to a confessional; the PC is lied to and told the revealed secrets
 and Overts will remain confidential, yet  the cult often publishes and
 distributes the items found by  Sec Checking, which are written down in
 folders at the time of the session.  Term comes from Hubbard's extreme
 paranoia about Communist, governmental, or psychiatric infiltration of
 Scientology, and the need to run Security checks on new Scientologists.

Session, an auditing or "therapy" regimen; PC patient holds the cans, Auditor
 "therapist" behind  the Meter.  Also called Processing or Auditing.

Snow white, the code name for a cult espionage operation.  Snow White's
 goal was to infiltrate government offices and purge their files of
 incriminating material that made the cult look bad.  30,000+ documents
 were stolen from the IRS, the DEA, the Coast Guard, and the US Attorney's
 office.  Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, was sentenced to four years in jail
 for the operation, which was carried out by operatives in the GO
 (Guardian's Office; a precursor to OSA, the Office of Special Affairs,
 the cult's answer to the KGB.)

SO, the Sea Org, the commanding and controlling element in the cult, partly
 working off ships, partly land-based at Flag in Clearwater, FLA, and other
 places, most notably the Cedars Complex in Los Angeles.

SP, Suppressive Person, an evil person; someone who criticizes Scientology
 in any way.

Squirrel, a person who subverts Hubbard's "Tech" by alteration.  The name
 probably came from the idea of squirrels burying, or being associated with,
 nuts.  In the cult jargon, Squirrel refers to someone who is too insane to
 follow Standard Tech.  "Mayo was a Squirrel because he altered Source."
 May also be used as a verb denoting the action of subversion of Scientology
 "Technology," as "Koos has been squirrelling auditing tech."

Stats, Statistics.  Each Scientologist has to monitor his or her success,
 which is transmitted to control organs, e.g. the EO, Ethics Officer.  Stats
 must be up every Thursday by two (pm), or the hapless cult indoctrinee is
 punished by being made to do Conditions or extra work.

Study Tech, the cult's training methodology, involving ensuring the student
 never goes past a word he or she doesn't understand, making little
 Plasticine (tm) figures, and demoing by shuffling a kit of small blocks
 and toys about with the hands.

Success Story, a coerced write-up required to complete any auditing "therapy"
 action.  Success Stories are usually filled with bland, often meaninglessly
 nebulous statements about "blowing mass", "having cognitions",  and "big

Tech, short for "technology", the quasi-scientific auditing "therapy" 
 processes and actions of Scientology, as found in HCOBs, Hubbard
 Communication Office Technical Bulletins, collections of which are found in
 Scientology's Red Volumes. 

Teegeeack, Earth.  Its old name.  75 million years old, according to Hubbard.

Theta, 1. Uptone.  "That was a really Theta speech Miscavige gave about
 how  we are stopping the Psyches from taking over the world."  2. Life
 force.  "This universe was constructed by Theta."

Thetan, Spirit, Soul.  "I now realize I am a Thetan, not a body."

TR's, Training Routines.  Designed to train the auditor "therapist" to be
 unresponsive to the PC patient.  Side effect is creating a cold and distant
 "thousand-mile stare" in Scientologist's eyes.

Up Stat, describing a condition of having the all-important production 
 statistics going up, indicating increased output and more money coming in.
 Also, a general term of goodness or cleanliness, showing a kind of
 Scientological glow.  After all, what could be better than having more

Wall of Fire, the OT 3 (Operating Thetan) incident with atomic bombs being
 dropped on our frozen souls on volcanoes such as Hawaii 75 million years
 ago.  Ignores the geological fact that Hawaii isn't that old. 

Wholetrack, the timeline of trillions of years of memory Scientologists
 claim to have.

Win, a success from a Scientology perspective.  "David Miscavige announced
 some Big Wins we had destroying the reputations of some psychiatrists in
 Germany in 1994."

Withhold, after committing an Overt (undisclosed bad act), people try to hide
 it or Withhold it; thus a Withhold is what you're hiding. 

Wog, a derogatory and racist term the cult co-opted from British slang, and
 now uses to refer to people outside of Scientology's purview.

Xenu, sometimes spelled Xemu, the evil galactic ruler that packaged us all
 up, put us on Hawaii, and blew us up with H bombs 75,000,000 years ago,
 according to L. Ron Hubbard, author of Dianetics.  The picture on the cover
 of Dianetics is meant to restimulate this incident implanted by Xenu, and
 force us to buy a copy.  What's that you say?  Hawaii didn't exist
 75,000,000 years ago?  Shhh!  You'll wake him!

1.4 Reference books on Scientology

What books have been written about Scientology?  These are some of the
major critical works on the subject; with a few exceptions the only positive
books about Scientology are written by Hubbard himself, and these are all
recommended reading for insight into Hubbard's philosophy.  The book
references are taken from "Martin's Book List."  See also section 4.0
Reference materials on cults for books on recovery/therapy aspects.

*** Books on Scientology ***

A Piece of Blue Sky - Scientology, Dianetics, and L. Ron Hubbard
  Exposed.  Atack, Jon.  Carol Publishing Group, New York.  1990.

Bare Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard.  Miller,
  Russell.  Henry Holt, New York.  1988.

L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? -  Revised, Updated and Expanded
  Edition.  Corydon, Bent.  Barricade Books, Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The Road to Total Freedom: A Sociological Analysis of Scientology.
  Wallis, Roy.  Columbia University Press, New York.  1977.

Religion Inc.  Lamont, Stewart.  Harrap, London.  1986. 

Inside Scientology: Or How I Found Scientology and Became Super
  Human.  Kaufman, Robert.  Olympia Press, New York. 1972.

The Mindbenders.  Vosper, Cyril.  Neville Spearman, London.  1971. 

The Scandal of Scientology.  Cooper, Paulette.  Tower Publications,
  New York.  1971. 

Scientology: The Now Religion.  Malko, George.  Dell/Delacorte,
  New York.  1970. 

Magazine articles on Scientology:

"Scientologists Plotted to Frame a Critic as a Criminal, Files
  Show."  Gordon, Gregory.  Boston Globe, 24 November 1979.

"Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult."  Methvin, Eugene H.
  Reader's Digest, May 1980.

"Scientology Plot Against State Official."  Henderson, Bruce.
  Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, 29 May 1980.

"Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power."  Behar,
  Richard.  Time, May 6 1991.

1.5 Ars origins

Who created alt.religion.scientology?  Well, the short answer is Scott

Article #55523 (56396 is last):
~From: (scott goehring)
~Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
~Subject: Re: The History of Alt.Religion.Scientology
~Date: Sun Apr 16 14:34:13 1995

In article , James Parker  wrote:

>  Let's put it more simply.

and while we're at it add a bunch of nonsense...

>   A few people see an opportunity to persecute the Church of Scientology
>and through the use of a forged name, ARS is created.

wrong, entirely wrong.

_one_ person (me) decided that it was high time that there be a place
to talk about the lunacy that is the Church of Scientology.  in the
spirit of the times and of the entity that is the CoS, the newgroup
was issued with an obviously forged name, but one that might actually
make some of the more gullible scienos believe it was real.

there was no intent to "persecute", and no "conspiracy".  it has
always been my opinion that the CoS has always been its own worst
enemy; there is simply no reason for anyone outside of it to do
anything beyond expose it for what it is.  if this is "persecution",
so is scientology's burblings about prozac, ECT, psychiatry, and
everything else it holds in contempt.

>  These persecutors then have it all to themselves for awhile. They get to
>  do their persecution, in their fraudulently created newsgroup.

this is alt.*.  there's no such thing as a "fraudulently" created alt
newsgroup.  a.r.s has good propagation because after it was created,
it seems to be a popular group with a significant non-joke content, so
most admins chose to carry it.  a.r.s is exactly as legitimate as any
other alt group--perhaps more.

>  Well, Scientologists believe in their religion, so they come on to the
>scene to get this persecutory newsgroup removed.

the only attempt (which failed) to "remove" a.r.s was instigated by
helena kobrin, less than six months ago.  the group has been around,
what, 2 1/2 years?  something like that.  there have been
scientologists in it sporadically almost from its inception.

Here's the actual newgroup command from Scott Goehring:

>From Wed Jul 17 12:46:28 1991
Path: rpi!!!!ai-lab!
~From: (David Miscaviage)
~Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology.ctl
~Subject: newgroup alt.religion.scientology
Message-ID: <80235@flag>
~Date: 17 Jul 91 08:06:31 GMT
~Control: newgroup alt.religion.scientology
~Lines: 0

Homer's viewpoint on ars's and act's origins:

~From: (Homer Wilson Smith)
~Subject: Re: Cancelpoodle replaced by rabid lawyers
~Date: Tue Jan 10 17:28:57 1995

     Actually I had nothing at all to do with the starting of a.r.s.,
it was quite alive when, much to my chagrin, I first ran into it.  The
full story is documented in 'EXM-29B The Story of Electra'.


     I also feel somewhat responsible for providing a datum of
comparable magnitude to a.r.s.  and the church and Scientology by
creating a.c.t.  which I did do.  However I feel that the quality of
a.r.s.  has gone WAY up since the old days, not because of much of
what I have done, but because of all the players that came to this
playing board, once the rest of us made it more real that this was a
game worth playing. -- Homer

1.6 Ars timeline

What is the time line for ars?

1.7 Ars running jokes

What are some of the running jokes on ars?

1.8 Harassment of ars posters

What are some of the instances of harassment experienced by ars posters?

>From "Mark W. Heaney"

	Legal Action:

Dennis Erlich, Arnaldo Lerma, and FACTNet were the targets of ex-parte
writs of seizure (raids of private property without a warrant or warning)
for alleged copyright violations on a.r.s.  Their homes were raided by
legal staff of the Church of Scientology.  Copyright laws allow ex-parte
seizures in cases where a judge can be convinced that immediate measures
should be taken to stop alleged copyright violations in progress.  The
civil court proceedings initiated by the CoS against these people are
currently ongoing.  Additionally, Internet Service Providers Netcom, in California; and Digital Gateway Systems in Virginia and
The Washington Post newspaper were named as defendants in civil copyright
cases.  The case against The Washington Post was dismissed with the Church
of Scientology being forced to pay the Post's legal costs.  Digital Gateway
Systems (DGS) settled out of court.  Netcom and (and it's sysop
Tom Klemesrud) are still facing legal battles with CoS.  [see the sections
regarding Tom Klemesrud, Dennis Erlich, and FACTNet for more information
about these cases].  As of 1/19/96 Judge Brinkema in Virginia has ruled in
the favor of the CoS in their case against Lerma, more details to come (#
of violations and amount of fines).

The True Name of AB (an anonymous poster) was demanded from the anonymous server by Finnish police at the request of
Interpol.  LAPD (Los Angeles, California Police Department) had asked
Interpol to get an order to penet to release the information or it would
have it's equipment seized.  LAPD was allegedly pursuing a criminal
matter, but no information is currently available about it.  AB was
traced to Caltech; who AB is and what became of him/her is unclear.

In September, 1995 Scientology agents, accompanied by a locksmith,
local police, and two U.S. `computer experts', entered the premises
of XS4ALL (, an Internet service provider in Amsterdam, the
Netherlands.  Scientology demanded that XS4ALL remove a copy of the
Fishman Papers from a customer's web page.  (XS4ALL refused to do so.)
Dutch Internet users protested Scientology's action by putting over 100
copies of the Fishman Papers on web sites all over the country.
Scientology responded to this cyber-civil-disobedience campaign by
suing four Dutch Internet service providers (including XS4ALL) as well
as well-known Dutch writer Karin Spaink, who helped initiate the
campaign.  The lawsuit is currently on hold, while the Church of
Scientology rethinks it's strategy.  [mostly taken from Ron Newman's
web site at:]

	Legal Threats:

The following posters have received e-mail purporting to be from
Helena Kobrin (, attorney for the Church of
Scientology, threatening lawsuits for copyright infringement:

	Tom Klemesrud,  Nico Garcia, Martin Hunt, Grady Ward,
	Daniel Davidson, Damon Chetson, Marina Chong, Martin Poulter,
	henry, Maggie Council, Jim Lippard, SteveA, Keith Spurgeon,
	Jesse Garon, Doctorb Science!, H. Keith Henson, TarlaStar,
	Michael Reuss, Joel Hanes, Andrew Testa, David Touretzky,
	and Ron Newman

Helena Kobrin also threatened all of alt.religion.scientology with
legal action:

"To a.r.s. readers:

Copying or other distribution or publication or use of any such
documents or copies of them without the consent of RTC violates
copyright and trade secret law and will subject the infringer or
misappropriator to an enforcement action which could expose the
transgressor to restraining orders, writs of seizure and
impoundment, injunctions, and in the case of copyright
infringement, damages of up to $100,000 per infringement.

     If you have copies of materials purporting to be copies of
any of the Advanced Technology materials, you are instructed to
turn them in to the undersigned forthwith.

			      Helena K. Kobrin
			      7629 Fulton Avenue
			      North Hollywood, CA 91605"

	Account Attacks:

The "Church" of Scientology has attempted to shut down the internet
accounts of the following users:

David Gerard's university account was threatened and he was
forced to a new provider

Rogue Agent was given the choice of revealing his real name or
shutting down his account, he's moved on to freer pastures

Martin Poulter's University of Bristol account was suspended for
a few days

henry's NYX adminstrator refused to turn over henry's true name
to anyone except the police

Dennis Erlich's provider (Tom Klemesrud) was ordered to
eliminate his account.  When that failed, CoS attempted to get to shut off all of and it's thousands of users

	"Outings" (revealing personal information about netizens):

Dennis Erlich had information about his relationship with his ex-wife
posted to a.r.s in an attempt to characterize him as an abusive husband
and father.

TarlaStar and henry both had personal information including their True
Names, occupation, addresses, etc. posted to a.r.s by CoS representatives
without their permission.

Jeff Lee was sent an e-mail indicating that he had been investigated
and asked the question: "How does it feel to never have graduated from
high school"

	Personal Visits

Grady Ward's elderly mother, Jeff Jacobsen, and henry have all received
personal visits from Scientology's private investigator, Eugene Ingram,
a disgraced former LAPD officer.

	Article Cancellations

A group of "Cancelpoodles/Cancelbunnies" have canceled hundreds of posts
critical of Scientology to a.r.s.  Some posts were canceled for having
quoted 6 lines (out of hundreds of pages) of Scientology "Secret Sacred
Scriptures".  An ad-hoc commitee of netizens (self-styled Rabbit-hunters)
managed to track down the most recent and prolific canceler to
Kaiwan administrators refused to assist in identifying the culprit and
actually revoked the kaiwan account of one of the Rabbit-hunters (Tom
Collins) for his part in the chase.  As a result, many accounts were closed
or abandoned, but no hard evidence has been gathered as to who the
Cancelpoodles were.  The cancelations appear to have stopped as of
September, 1995.

	Attempts to drown out criticism on a.r.s:

There appears to have been a couple of plans to drown out postings critical
of Scientology with a concerted effort of "theta" (pro-scientology) posts.
	[add stuff from TNX list here]

1.9 Dennis Erlich

Who is Dennis Erlich, and why did Scientology conduct a raid at his home
on his computer files?

~Date: Thu, 11 Jan 96

Dear New Reader,

Hello.  My name is Dennis Erlich, and I would like to welcome you to the
wacky world of alt.religion.scientology.  I extend this welcome despite
the fact that I hold no "official" position in the newsgroup, exactly in
the same way that you don't.  The only difference between us is that I got
on-line here a bit earlier than you, or tuned into this newsgroup sooner
than you did.  And I know a bit about the subject of the newsgroup: 
scienotology.  Er...I mean diaherretics.  Or whatever is being discussed

Perhaps you heard that this particular newsgroup is like no other on the
internet.  It's true.  For that reason it might take you a little while to
get "up to speed" on the controversy, the jargon, and the medium.  Stick
with it, though. 

It might be some kind of group adventure into a new community the internet
is creating.  Or like some really heavy cosmic-consciousness kind of
universal "happening".  Then again, maybe not.  But you might actually be
participating in human history here.  God only knows.

What a concept for us little people, huh?  (no offense to my vertically-
impaired friends)

I kinda "know the ropes" in this newsgroup to some extent, and so my friend
(whom I've never met irl ), Martin, asked me to give you the
quick tour.  So you can grab your Free Clue about what's up around here, and
decide if you want to lurk, post or move on.  Martin asked me to do it in
three screens, so I'm sure this particular piece of throw-away journalism has
too much of something you didn't want, and not enough of something you did.


The reason I know so much about the scienos (that's what I call us/them) is
that I was one myself from 1968 to 1982.  I was very highly placed in the
organization by the man we can thank for the specimen of mental excrement
known as scientology: El Ron Hubbard - who is now, thankfully, an UTTERLY
DECEASED madman.

My position in the cult  was Chief Cramming Officer. 
My job, according the the Phatman (as we like to call him), was "FORCE-
FEEDING DATA".  I was the Chief Quality Control Engineer in the world's
most profitable mind-control factory, which the scienos plopped down in the
sleepy little retirement and vacation community of Clearwater, Florida.

I watched the cult take over that town, discredit the Mayor, intimidate
the Fire Marshal, and refuse to pay taxes on millions of dollars of
property, and hundreds of millions in cash that flowed through the
Clearwater operation.

My position involved seeing to it that Hubbard's voluminous directives
regarding the absolutely correct procedure to use to mess with the inside
of another person's head were correctly taught and exactly applied to each
and every person who fell for the scam.  My job was to fix it if mark wasn't
made to believe he'd been helped by the mind-f*cking he'd paid so much of
his hard-earned cash to receive.  It was my responsiblity to *make* the
techniques work and get others to do the same.

I know all their techniques.  I went all the way to the top of the training
and processing levels, and taught others how to teach them.

I left my billion year contracted position (deal with the devil?) in 1982
and have spent the last (what is it?) 13 or 14 years, putting my head back
on after the experience.  S'not so easy.

But alas, I found alt.religion.scientology in July of '94 and since then I
have had a place to tell others of my experiences and continue my recovery
from the effects of my 28 year encounter with the cult. 

It is, by the way, my belief that any of the ex-scientology posters you may
read on ars, or on the newsgroup that discusses supposedly practical uses of
scieno tek (, are involved in some some sort of
recovery from their scientology experience.  But what do I know.

In the summer of '94 I began posting internal documents which I had been
given to train on as (please excuse the expression) a minister of
scientology, to this newsgroup.

These documents exposed the fraudulent and vicious nature of the scieno
scam.  I posted them based on the firm belief that the public had a right
to know.

I posted them because in school I had read the highest law in the land, the
United States Constitution, I believed (perhaps in in vast ignorance) that
I had the right.

I posted these things under my own name, not anonymously, to prove to myself
and to the scienos, that neither they, nor their twisted ideas, have control
over me any longer.  To prove that I control *my own* mind, and the actions
that result from those thoughts.

The cult (I will be kind) bamboozled a Federal Judge in San Jose into
thinking I was some kind of info-bootlegger, selling computer disks out of
some dusty garage.  This judge ordered a Civil Writ of Seizure (different
from a criminal search warrant where probable cause is required).  The judge
allowed the scienos, without any Law Enforcement Officials present to
conduct or even monitor the raid, to ransack my home; examine contents of
every drawer, cabinet, closet and room; examine and copy the entire contents
of my computers' hard drives; delete whatever they wanted to off my hard
drives, pack up hundreds of my legally obtained disks, books and research
papers; and take them without any inventory.

The rape of my privacy commenced at 7:30 in the morning of February 13th of
last year (1995), and lasted seven hours with cult personnel in complete
physical control of my home and person.  I have still not had the property
they stole during that raid returned to me, despite the fact that the judge
has ruled that the raid violated my Constitutional Rights under the First
and Fourth Amendments, vacated the Writ, and ordered them to return it.

I now face a long, drawn out legal battle with the cult for having dared to
warn the public about the scam techniques.  Fortunately I have support of
many wonderful people around the world on the net, the backing of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation, the good wishes of the Cult Awareness
Network, and the best pro bono (that means for the public good, freely
given) legal representation from Morrison & Foerster (the Mighty MoFo, as
they are known in these parts).

It is only hard costs - xeroxing, phones, depositions - that are not
covered by MoFo's generous offer of legal protection.  For that reason,
others have set up a legal defense fund for me.  Perhaps its purpose is,
more correctly, to defend the public's right to know.

Ask questions of the regulars here (not necessarily me, please, til you've
gotten up to speed).  Get your web browser set up and read some of the many
wonderfully designed world wide web sites about the cult and its attempt to
stifle free speech on the internet.  Ron Newman's page is often recommended
as the place to start.

Lurk and learn.  Dismiss the matter as trivial or foolish.  Join in the
amazing adventure free speech in this new medium provides.

Or just scratch your head and say, WTF.

But whatever role you play or walk away from, try to enjoy yourself and not
get too worked up.  Leave that to the professionals.  Good reading!

And kids ... don't try this at home.


    Rev. Dennis L Erlich   * * the inFormer * * 

2.0 Tom Klemesrud and the "Blood Incident"

Who is Tom Klemesrud, who is "Miss Blood", and what is the "Blood Incident"?
In Tom's own words, taken from selected posts to ars:

   I operate a hobby bulletin board system situated in my apartment in
Hollywood.  This bulletin board system provides its subscribers with access
to the Internet through connection to Netcom Online Services, a commercial
access provider.

   Prior to January 14, 1995, [the date of the blood incident] I was
contacted by attorneys for the Religious Technology Center (hereinafter
referred to as "RTC"), a Church of Scientology organization.  The attorneys
for RTC informed me that a subscriber to my system, Dennis Erlich, was
allegedly violating RTC's copyrighted materials by making postings of those
materials to the Internet.  RTC's attorneys demanded action to block Mr.
Erlich's access to the Internet via my bulletin board system.  I contacted
RTC's attorneys and requested that they provide me with copies of the
copyrighted materials so that I could compare it with what Mr. Erlich had
posted to the Internet.  They refused to do so and I refused to take action
against Mr. Erlich.
   On January 14, 1995, I was in contact with plaintiff [Linda Woolard, aka
"Miss Bloodybutt" herein for the first and only time in my life.
   I met the plaintiff at a bar.  Contrary to her assertions that I
approached her, she approached me.  She identified herself as an agent for
the IRS.  Part of our discussion concerned the bulletin board system I
operated and she expressed an interest in seeing the system.  Therefore,
the plaintiff accompanied me to my apartment in North Hollywood.
   The bar was in Burbank on my way home.  I have not been there for years.
I do not hang out there.  I know the management there and is why I chose to
go there.  You would think they had to have been following me.
   She--or someone else--had to have at least been following me from the
Burbank airport.  The cab driver was the only one who knew where I wanted
to go.  We had trouble finding the place too, driving back and forth on the
surrounding streets.  They may have been in touch with the airline,
according to info I have.

   "Miss Blood" got access to the internet site by claiming to be an IRS CID
agent, re-investigating the tax status of the CoS.  I sat down a light
colored dinette chair for her to sit on.  There were no stains on that chair
after she had sat on it--I have witnesses.  So, she was not bleeding--
"soaking," before she went into the bathroom.

   She excused herself to the bathroom.  She took some time, so I checked on
her to find much blood _smeared_ all over the bathroom:  On the floor, walls,
shower doors, but little in the toilet.  After I had discovered her, she came
out of the bathroom and said:  "I am from the Church of Scientology, and I
think that you should do as Thomas Small has instructed you to do--delete
Dennis Erlich from the BBS."

   I am just reporting what happened.  The first thing she said when I found
her sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with about a pint of blood on the
floor in front of her was:  "Tom, we have got to stop having rough sex like

   Of course, I was fully clothed, with my shoes on, being a gentleman,
because previous to this, she was an IRS Criminal Investigation Division
agent in my mind.  She impersonated one, and dropped names that are only
know previously in confidential files at IRS CID, or to a former Federal
Grand Jury.  Woolard was engaging in psychological terrorism, in my opinion.
Or, perhaps she thought by mentioning this bizarre notion, I might believe
it happened.

   I was shocked, and went to call for help.  She came out of the bathroom
and came to me saying this:  "I am a representative of the Church of
Scientology, and I think you should do as attorney Thomas Small has said
you should do--disconnect Dennis Erlich from the Internet."

   She immediately returned to the bathroom.

   She told me she was sent on a mission to do what she was doing.  I believe
she did not know I had called the police and had left the apartment door wide
open for them to come in.  She was surprised to see them.  She left several
things behind. 
   Then she came out undressed, saying:  "I have been sent on a mission, and
I have been instructed to put some blood in your bed."  She said this
courteously, with a smile.  As she turned to lay down on the bed, I saw the
sausage of blood nestled in her crotch.  She wiggled her butt in the bed,
got up, looked at the stain on the sheets to see if she liked the stain, and
returned to the bathroom.  She did this with no interference from me.
   A phone call was placed to 911.  However, the telephone call was placed
by me.  When the police came to my apartment, I was in fact arrested on the
false allegations of the plaintiff that I threatened her.  The police never
pursued these allegations.

   She told the police she had a unique medical problem.  This problem is of
the type that caused a few pints of blood to be smeared on bathroom walls,
in my shower, on carpets, my chairs, and bed.  The medical problem takes the
form of causing all my linens, and new rolls of toilet paper to be strewn on
the floor and rubbed in the produce of her problem.

   In fact, the blood came from a bag, bladder, or balloon nestled in her
crotch.  I saw it.  If this is a medical problem, then she has an intestine
or artery running outside her body filled with cold almost coagulated blood.

   Subsequent to January 14, 1995, I have made postings to the Internet to
alert Internet users to what I consider to be a "set-up" to coerce me to
censor the free speech rights [of] users of the Internet.  At no time have
I ever posted to the Internet or caused or to be posted to the Internet by
others the address or telephone number of plaintiff.

   What plaintiff apparently forgot to advise this Court of is that there
is current litigation filed on February 8, 1995, in the United States
District Court for the Northern District of California entitled Religious
Technology Center, a California non-profit corporation; and Bridge
Publications, Inc., a California non-profit corporation v. Netcom Online
Communications Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Dennis Erlich, an
individual; and Tom Klemesrud, an individual, dba Clearwood Data Services,
Case Number C-9520091 RMW.

   In that action, RTC attempts to hold me, and Netcom Online Communications
responsible for copyright violations of Scientology's "sacred scriptures."
On November 21, 1995, United States District Court Judge Ronald M. Whyte
made the following ruling:

   "The Court finds that 'plaintiffs' (RTC) have not met their burden of
   showing a likelihood of success on the merits as to either Netcom or
   Klemesrud.  The only viable theory of infringement is contributory
   infringement, and there is little evidence that Netcom or Klemesrud
   knew or should have known that Erlich was involved in copyright
   infringement of plaintiff's works and was not entitled to a fair use
   defense, especially as they did not receive notice of the alleged
   infringement until after all but one of the postings was completed.
   Further, their participation in the infringement was not substantial.
   Accordingly, plaintiffs will not likely prevail on their claims."

   Plaintiff's allegations that I have harassed her are totally without
merit.  In fact, some allegations of harassment are false on their face.
For example, plaintiff's allegations on page 9 that I was present at the
Whiskey Bend Bar on San Fernando Road in Burbank on May 27, 1995 are false.
In fact, on May 27, 1995, I was in Thompson, Iowa for my father's funeral.
(See Exhibits "3" and "4" attached hereto.)  I did not even return to
California until May 28, 1995.  It is therefore impossible for plaintiff's
absurd allegations that I caused her to hemorrhage and have to be seen in
an emergency room to be true.  The allegation that the plaintiff observed
me on the evening of November 16, 1995 standing across the street and staring
in the direction of her apartment is also false.  I went to work on November
16, 1995, and my work hours were from 3:00 p.m. to at least 2:00 a.m.
Therefore, it is again impossible for plaintiff to have observed me.

   I have never been to the plaintiff's place of residence in Burbank and do
not intend to go there.  I have never threatened the plaintiff, never
assaulted the plaintiff, never stalked the plaintiff, never harassed the
plaintiff, nor do I have any intention to do so in the future.

   The temporary restraining order in place acts as a prior restraint of
speech on my part: "defendant shall not make any Internet postings about the
plaintiff or the 1/14/95 incident involving the plaintiff" and is a violation
of my First Amendment rights.  The TRO also potentially acts to block my
attorneys in the RTC v. Netcom case from performing legitimate reasonable
investigation through licensed investigators to adequately defend me in the
unmeritorious lawsuit.  It is my opinion that the application for TRO re
harassment is a second "set up" by Ms. Woolard similar to the way I was set
up on January 14, 1995.

   Miss Blood's sister revealed to a newspaper reporter Miss Blood has no
medical problems.

   And then there is RTC & Bridge Publications vs. Netcom, Dennis Erlich,
and Tom Klemesrud, dba Clearwood Data Services; Exhibit A:  "Spread lurid
blood sex crimes -- actual evidence [manufactured] to the press [on the
perceived enemies of the cult] ..."  -L. Ron Hubbard, [Tom's comments in

   This is not a "bizarre incident," it is textbook Hubbard put in to
action: verbatim.  It is bizarre to law abiding citizens who now have to be
wondering why this cult that masquerades as a religion, is getting non-profit
organization tax status.  That is being looked in to now.

   -AB- came on here with a supposed declaration from a "Linda W" that was
a totally manufactured, and false account of events January 14th, when she
entered my residence, impersonating an IRS CID agent; then proceeded without
my impedance, to smear blood all over the walls, floors, and furniture in
my dwelling--the Internet site of Support.COM.

   As it is turning out, Linda W is a big zero in the databases: I, on the
other hand, am a known, law-abiding, member of the community in Los Angeles,
and have lived here for years.  Journalists have found in database searches
that Linda W is coming out to be a zero--so far non-existent.  She dos not
have California ID either Driver License, or valid ID card.  She has never
sued or been sued; never owned property.  Never been arrested.  Does not,
and has never subscribed to one magazine or newspaper.  Is not registered to
vote.  She lives "with her boyfriend in Burbank," according to the OSA

   -AB- got the name of Linda W at a time when the Los Angeles Police
Department was the only organization--other than possible conspirators, in
this possible HIV blood attack on me--that had her name.

   -AB- either obtained the information, ie., her name and address, illegally
from the Los Angeles Police Department, or was involved in the actual blood
attack--which would be a conspiracy, no?  -AB- has since dropped his
anonymous account in an apparent attempt to hide.

   Now Vega--that respected anonymous pillar of the news group, comes along
and buys the fabricated story, and gets involved trying to lend credence to
this untruthful story.  He states that he has the woman's name and telephone
number and is satisfied that  AB's story seems to check out.

   After I had refuted the story, Vega states in error that I had only
refuted who had placed the 911 call, and did not refute the other ugly,
details of this scurrilous story.

   Vega said Old Timer has the details of how -AB- obtained the information.
These details that Vega says Old Timer has, may be evidence in a criminal
conspiracy to commit assault--an assault on me, or possible complicity of law
enforcement providing -AB- confidential LAPD information, or worse.

   Old Timer gave credence to the story by saying she/he has a "hunch" that
OSA was not involved, and that the fabricated story may have some truth in
it.  BTW, the story has already been factually debunked by police and

   Both Vega, and Old Timer quoted the entire original libelous -AB- posting,
further dragging my name through the mud for all the world to see.

   The story that Vega and Old Timer supported, ended up to be the Church of
Scientology International, OSA version, with questions to be addressed to
Helena Kobrin, Attorney for Scientology--the Attorney that originally
demanded, a few weeks earlier, that I delete Dennis Erlich's access to the
Net.  This OSA version was sent as a FAX to the Los Angeles Times in an
attempt to kill the Daniel Akst Postcard from Cyberspace story.

   I hope you don't think blood attacks from dangerous net abusing cults, is
something we Sysops have to put up with as a routine daily event.

   Today [Thursday, November 30th, 1995] Linda Lee Woolard--the woman who
impersonated an IRS Agent January 14th, 1995; then smeared blood all over
my apartment, while saying: "I am a representative from Scientology, and I
think you should do as attorney Thomas Small has instructed you to do--
disconnect Dennis Erlich from the Internet..."  was served ex parte papers
to amend a temporary restraining order she had file Nov. 21st in Los Angeles
Superior Court.

   In her application for the temporary restraining order she had asked that
another person, (who I don't want named), stop investigating Woolard and
household members and family; and not to post on the internet or publicize
her name, address, phone number.

   Her application and the actual restraining order differed.  Here is the
language of the original temporary restraining order:

       "The defendant shall not have anyone else, specifically 
       surveil, follow, telephone, threaten or make physical contact with the
       plaintiff.  The defendant shall not make any internet posting about
       the plaintiff or the 1-14-95 incident involving the plaintiff."

   This language is clearly an unconstitutional restrain of 1st Amendment
Free Speech rights.

   The above [TRO] was lifted yesterday by Anthony S. Jones in an ex parte
application for an amended TRO, and served on Woolard earlier today.

   In a declaration, that is not signed, or show what the last page is,
Woolard says that on May 27th, 1995 I was stalking her at a bar in Burbank.
In fact I was 1,500 miles away in Thompson, Iowa--for this was the day of
my Dad's funeral.

   She said after seeing me at the bar in Burbank watching her, she "became
terrified and ran into the women's bathroom to get away from him.  She
immediately began hemorrhaging from her rectum because of the emotional
distress she was once again experiencing by being in the vicinity [1,500
miles] of the defendant.  When her friends went into the bathroom to see
what was wrong they found her bleeding profusely.  They phoned for an
ambulance. She was transported and treated in the emergency room at Thompson
Memorial Medical Center in Burbank.  Later at about 6:00 am on May 28th,
1995 she was transferred by ambulance to Olive View - UCLA Medical Center
in Sylmar for further treatment.  She was released later that afternoon."

   Unlike in her January 23rd, 1995 sworn declaration--which Scientology
Helena Kobrin FAXed to the Los Angeles Times to kill a story about the
1-14-95 blood attack--in which Woolard says:

      "I have never been in a Church of Scientology and I don't know anyone
      who is a Scientologist,"

   Woolard, in the new declaration says:

      "As described above, prior to this incident the Plaintiff had never
      been a member of the Church of Scientology, had never known any of its
      members and had never taken directions from it."

   Subsequent to this incident, I was not unconvinced that she was not a
freezoner trying to set-up Scientology.  I even considered that maybe she
was telling the truth--that she was an IRS Agent--perhaps trying to set
Scientology up.  If Ingram is half an investigator, he would have found
out that I have the reputation of being very honest.  I even paid back my
government guaranteed student loan in the 70's.  Yet, Scientology never
considered here, that an honest man might be telling the truth.  They had
an opportunity to try to lay this off on the freezone, and did not take
it.  I submit it is because it is exactly as it seems, a bungled
Scientology set-up attempt.  They know it, and is why they never considered
what I said might be true.

   Just as soon as she got the papers lifting the gag order on me, someone--
perhaps she--moved to pre-empt anything I might post on the Net by posting
the anonymous court papers.  Two hours after she was served, at 2:31 pm PST
the anonymous post appeared.

   Like I wasn't at the Whiskey Bend bar May 27th, but at my father's
funeral; and like I was working when Woolard reported I was outside her
apartment November 16th, I was not even at the courthouse.  [in response to
a claim that Tom got up and ran out of the courthouse during session] I don't
think the Scieno's know exactly what I look like.  Buy the December issue of
_Wired_ to see my picture ...

   Where was I?  Home, taking a nap.  This second set-up attempt was so
pathetic, it was laughable.  I simply don't understand the stories that this
cult was feared in the past.  This "technology" doesn't work.

   Don Wager, Esq., Linda Woolard's attorney has somehow ascertained the name
of my insurance company, and has contacted my insurance company, paying for
my defense, in an apparent attempt to undermine my insurance coverage, and
defense, in the Federal action RTC & Bridge Publications V. Erlich,
Klemesrud & Netcom.

   Woolard's attorney has mis-represented the Superior Court's order of
12/6/95 to my insurance company.

   Since the Superior Court case was settled, and Woolard cannot use a lawyer
for small claims, why is Attorney Don Wager working for Woolard?  How is she
able to pay him?  How did he find out who my insurance company was?  How is
he paying for investigation to find this out facts about me--such as who my
insurance company is?

   It will be interesting to see if--as in a case against the Cult Awareness
Network--a letter writing campaign from individual Scientologists to my
insurance company, follows the Woolard contact of my insurance company.

		      -Section 2: Scientology-

3.0 A brief biography of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

What are the details of Hubbard's life?

3.1 An overview of the Scientology public philosophy 

from Jim Bianchi 

     To me, the most important thing to consider when evaluating the
status one should assign the claims of Dianetics and Scientology is the
character of their originator. Was Lafayette Ronald Hubbard an honest man?
Was he a truthful man? Was he an educated man? Was he educated in the
fields applicable to the claims he made?

     While negative answers don't completely rule out the validity of his
claims to be able to "..create a world without suffering, poverty and ill-
ness," I'd say they'd be a fair start. And given his character, it would
be very surprising indeed if an organisation that was controlled to the
degree the church of Scientology is by his personality would NOT reflect
to a considerable degree that personality. So a look at his personality
would likely give one an idea of the character of the organisation he

[source: ars]
   The church of Scientology makes many claims about Hubbard's education,
as does/did Hubbard himself. Below is the latest I've found about this
controversy. (as of 11/11/95)
 "L. Ron Hubbard, one of America's first nuclear physicists, ..." [inside
 jacket of All About Radiation]. When did he get his degree in nuclear
 physics? This requires a PhD, does it not? When did he study? Where did he
 get this degree?
 "...L. Ron Hubbard was trained in mathematics, science and engineering at
 George Washington University, in government at Princeton and has a Doctor
 of Philosophy degree." [inside jacket of A History of Man] Same questions:
 where did he get this degree? When? When did he study at these places?
 "I was a Ph.D., Sequoia's University and therefore a perfectly valid
 doctor under the laws of the State of California." [HCOPL 14 Feb. 1966
 "Doctor Title Abolished"]. In this HCOPL LRH says he does not want to be
 called "doctor" anymore. Sequoia University was found to be a diploma mill
 in Los Angeles, California. Was this for the Philosophy or Nuclear Physics
 degree? When did he study for this?

 In Professional Auditor's Bulletin #82, "Scientology, Translator's
 Edition" 1 May, 1956, by "L. Ron Hubbard, Ph.D. C.E." we have the 
 statement that Scientology "was organized by L. Ron Hubbard, an American,
 who has many degrees" (Tech. Bulletins, vol. 2, p.406). Let's say "many
 degrees" means 3, and from the heading we can infer that one of these
 degrees is a Ph.D. So we're talking a minimum of 5 1/2 years for the 3
 B.A.'s or B.S.'s, and another 3 anyway for the Ph.D. Now I challenge all
 you Scientologists out there to tell me which 8 1/2 years Hubbard was in
 college. Andy [Milne], are you up to it? We know he went 2 years to George
 Washington University but never finished there. Where else did he go?
 When? What is the evidence?

    I have some of the Michael Shannon research, and he got Hubbard's
 transcripts from George Washington University. Here are the transcripts;

 1930-31 1st semester

 English 1/2, Rhetoric       C
 General Chemistry 3/4       D
 Mechanical Engineering 3/4  B
 Analytical Geometry         F
 Physical Education          C
 First year German           E
 Civil Engineering           B

 2nd semester

 English 1/2 Rhetoric        B
 General Chemistry 3/4       D
 Mechanical Engineering      C
 Physical Education          A
 First year German           F
 Differential Calculus       F

 1931-2  1st semester

 Physics, dynamics of sound
 and light                   E
 Differential Calculus       D
 Integral Calculus
 Plane Anal. Geometry        D
 English, short stories      B

 2nd semester

 Integral Calculus           D
 English, Short Stories      B
 Physics, electricity
 and magnetism               D
 Nuclear Physics             F

 The GPA comes to a D.

    And this is the guy who got at least 2 Ph.D.'s? Wow. Shannon says
 Hubbard was asked to leave after the second year due to poor grades.

~From: (Mike O'Connor)
~Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
~Subject: LRH in World War II
~From: the LOS ANGELES TIMES, 1990:

   Perhaps Hubbard's most fantastic - and easily disproved - claims
center on his military service.
   Hubbard bragged that he was a topflight naval officer in World War
II, who commanded a squadron of fighting ships, was wounded in
combat and was highly decorated.
   But Navy and Veterans Administration records obtained through
the federal Freedom of Information Act show that his military
performance was, at times, substandard.
   The Navy documents variously describe him as a "garrulous" man
who "tries to give impressions of his importance," as being "not
temperamentally fitted for independent command" and as "lacking in
the essential qualities of judgment, leadership and cooperation. He
acts without forethought as to probable results."
   Hubbard was relieved of command of two ships, including the PC
815, a submarine chaser docked along The Willamette River in
Oregon. According to Navy records, here is what happened:
   Just hours after motoring the PC 815 into the Pacific for a test
cruise, Hubbard said he encountered two Japanese submarines. He
dropped 37 depth charges during the 55 consecutive hours he said he
monitored the subs, and summoned additional ships and aircraft into
the fight.
   He claimed to have so severely crippled the submarines that the
only trace remaining of either was a thin carpet of oil on the ocean's
   "This vessel wishes no credit for itself," Hubbard stated in a
report of the incident. "It was built to hunt submarines. Its people
were trained to hunt submarines."
   And no credit Hubbard got.
   "An analysis of all reports convinces me that there was no
submarine in the area," wrote the commander of the Northwest Sea
Frontier after an investigation.
   Hubbard next continued down the coast, where he anchored off the
Coronado Islands just south of San Diego. To test his ship's guns, he
ordered target practice directed at the uninhabited Mexican islands,
prompting the government of that neutral country to complain to U.S.
   A Navy board of inquiry determined that Hubbard had "disregarded
orders" both by conducting gunnery practice and by anchoring in
Mexican waters.
   A letter of admonition was placed in Hubbard's military file that
stated "that more drastic disciplinary action ... would have been
taken under normal and peacetime conditions.''
   During his purportedly illustrious military career, Hubbard claimed
to have been awarded at least 21 medals and decorations. But
records state that he actually earned four during his Naval service:
the American Defense Service Medal, the American Campaign Medal,
The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal and the World War II Victory
Medal, which was given to all wartime servicemen.
   One of the medals to which Hubbard staked claim was the Purple
Heart, bestowed upon wounded servicemen. Hubbard maintained that
he was "crippled" and "blinded" in the war.
   Early biographies issued by Scientology say that he was "flown
home in the late spring of 1942 in the secretary of the Navy's
private plane as the first U.S.-returned casualty from the Far East."
   Thomas Moulton, second in command on PC 815, said Hubbard once
told of being machine-gunned across the back near the Dutch East
   On another occasion, Moulton testified during the 1984 Scientology
lawsuit, Hubbard said his eyes had been damaged by the flash of a
large caliber gun. Hubbard himself, in a tape-recorded lecture, said
his eyes were injured when he had "a bomb go off in my face."
   These injury claims are significant because Hubbard said he cured
himself through techniques that would later form the tenets of
Scientology and Dianetics.
   Military records, however, show that he was never wounded or
injured in combat, and was never awarded a Purple Heart.
   In seeking disability money, Hubbard told military doctors that he
had been "lamed" not by a bullet but by a chronic hip infection that
set in after his transfer from the warm tropics of the Pacific to the
icy winters of the East Coast, where he attended a Navy-sponsored
school of military government.
   Moreover, his eye problems did not result from an exploding bomb
or the blinding flash of a gun. Rather, Hubbard said in military
records, he contracted conjunctivitis from exposure to "excessive
tropical sunlight."
   The truth is that Hubbard spent the last seven months of his active
duty in a military hospital in Oakland, Calif., for treatment of a
duodenal ulcer he developed while in the service.
   Hubbard did, however, receive a monthly, 40 percent disability
check from the government through at least 1980.  Government
records also contradict Hubbard's claim that he had fully regained
his health by 1947 with the power of his mind and the techniques of
his future religion.
   Late that year, he wrote the government about having "long periods
of moroseness" and "suicidal inclinations." That was followed by a
letter in 1948 to the chief of naval operations in which he described
himself as "an invalid."
  And, during a 1951 examination by the Veterans Administration, he
was still complaining of eye problems and a "boring-like pain" in his
stomach which he said had given him "continuous trouble" for eight
years, especially when "under nervous stress."
   Significantly, that examination occurred after the publication of
"Dianetics," which promised a cure for the very ailments that
plagued the author himself then and throughout his life, including
allergies, arthritis, ulcers and heart problems.
   In Hubbard's defense, Scientology officials accuse others of
distorting and misrepresenting his military glories.
   They say the Navy "covered up" Hubbard's sinking of the submarines
either to avoid frightening the civilian population or because the
commander who investigated the incident had earlier denied the
existence of subs along the West Coast.
   Moreover, church officials charge that records released by the
military are not only grossly incomplete but perhaps were falsified
to conceal Hubbard's secret activities as an intelligence officer.
   To support their point, a church official gave the Los Angeles
Times an authentic-looking Navy document that purports to confirm
some of Hubbard's wartime claims. After examining the document,
though, a spokesman for the Naval Military Personnel Command
Center said its contents were not supported by Hubbard's personnel
   He declined further comment.

      Hey, for all the ..ah, opprobrium, cast his way, he wasn't really an
 "evil person" per se. Writers in particular seem to be wont to "creatively
 enhance" their accomplishments for the biographical sketches given on book
 jackets, etc. Thus a tour as an infantryman in the Army becomes "a stint
 in government service." Which, while true, implies something entirely
 different. For a writer, this seems harmless enough, but when the person
 leads a large organisation with the potential for harm to others and with
 the rigid adherence to the words and policies of its founder as is the
 church of Scientology, it becomes something else again. And becomes even
 more indicative of the character of Hubbard when this course of creative
 enhancement -- done for the sole purpose of deception -- is deliberately
 embarked upon by Hubbard himself.
 Even setting aside for the moment the many very valid criminal
 offenses he did commit and those he was charged with (but never prosecuted
 for -- he died a hunted man, in hiding from the law), the picture is extr-
 emely forboding.

      Ergo, Hubbard was your basic charlatan. (Interestingly enough, many
 of the "anti" web sites have links to a "pro" web site so that a person
 can more easily contrast the various claims and policies, etc. However, to
 the best of my knowledge, none of the (very few) "pro" web sites return
 the favor -- so much for his insistance on communication and evaluating
 all the data.)

      It is obvious to me, from the historical record, that the so-called
 church of Scientology was incorporated so for the sole purpose of enabling
 Lafayette Ronald Hubbard to 1) get around the FDA rulings about his claims
 for his electropsychometer (instead of being a device, it would now be a
 sacrament, administered by the clergy in the rituals of the church -- and
 therefore no question of its efficacy as a pseudo-cure could be raised);
 2) gain the tax-free status religion enjoys in the United States; and 3)
 gain whatever cachet attached to a religion.

 [from internet a.r.s.]
 Pro>Scientology can increase a person's awareness and its application can
 Pro>help one to achieve greater happiness, self-confidence and ability.
 Most people never bother thinking much about their lives or
 problems. If they meet anything -- ANYTHING -- that kicks their
 backsides, their lives will visibly improve. The mere act of thinking
 about your problems will help you.

 The trouble is, people then credit whatever random thing it was
 that started them thinking about it with being THE thing that
 'solved their problems'. It could be Scientology or 'Stranger
 In A Strange Land' or 'Revelation X' or Nazism or the Communist

 Pro>Man has often been attracted to philosophies that sound plausible but
 Pro>which have no technology that can be applied to bring about desirable
 Pro>changes in one's life.  Scientology and Dianetics, on the other hand,
 Pro>supply the tools which an individual can improve his own life and the
 Pro>lives of those around him.

 As I have explained above, any philosophy that sounds plausible
 -- even an 'applied religious' one -- can SEEM to be the bees'
 knees WHILE the subject is going through the process of ACTUALLY
 THINKING ABOUT THEIR LIVES for perhaps the first time since

 Scientology and Dianetics supply tools which have been repeatedly
 shown (on this newsgroup -- read the Web pages -- see below) to
 perhaps start off with some small degree of effectiveness (which
 the subject mistakenly attributes to Scn/Dn, rather than correctly
 to their own personal efforts), but quickly become debilitating and
 extremely expensive.

 Pro>Scientology philosophy is based on the premise that man is basically
 Pro>good and that man can improve conditions in his life. However,
 Pro>Scientology cannot promise to do anything by itself. Only the
 Pro>individual can bring about his own improvement by applying Scientology
 Pro>tenets to himself, his life and others in his environment.

 Only the individual can bring about his own improvement. Scientology
 or anything else is just a Rorschach blot -- open to interpretation.

3.2 A look at at some of Scientology's practices.

What was Operation Freakout?  This is an actual Scientology document that
sets up a plan to freak out the author of a book that was critical of
Scientology.  This plan was actually carried out.  This is taken from a post
by wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell):

     Operation Freakout, a plan to incarcerate (in jail or a mental
institution) "PC" or "Mrs.  Lovely" their frequent code name for Paulette
Cooper.  These pages consist of sample bomb threats by phone and mail which
are supposed to trace back to her, plus a bizarre scheme to have a
Scientologist pose as Cooper and crack up at a store near where she lived so
that she would be committed.

     In 1973, another frame-up scheme with bomb threats lead to the arrest
and indictment of Cooper.  The lower part of this page consists of a letter
attached to Operation Freakout in which they state that they think this
frame-up will work because it worked before and the FBI believes she sent
those original bomb threats.

		     CD - 3
		  1 April 1976


     To get PC incarcerated in a mental institution or jail, or at least to
hit her so hard that she drops her attacks.


     US B1 NE SEC working in liaison with OPS NAT (if needed).

     To remove PC from her position of Power so that she cannot attack the
C of S.

US B1 (WF) SEC Taking responsibility for the area working in liaison
with OPS NAT.

     Ops NAT responsible for the overall planning of this project, working 
in liaison with NE SEC ( *** needed for completion successfully of this Op).

     OPS NAT responsible for any debugging of this project, necessary.

     NE SEC and AG/I NY organization operating (with Info power pushing TGTS
through to completion).


     1) To recruit an FSM that looks like PC and to train her on this action.
 (AG/I NY)

     2) To recruit an observation FSM to make a telephone call.  No special
requirements necessary except security.  (And not PTS, AG/I NY)

     3) To get "Pin Ball" FSMs or T.M.  FSM to get familiar with PC to find
out some of her clothes she wears particularly what sort of coat she usually
wears and her general looks, hair etc.  Also above FSM or FSMs will have to
meet with PC when the OP goes down.  (If possible, tell FSM to get a piece of
PC's clothing, AG/I NY)

     4) To get a cheap coat that is very similar to PC's.  (AG/I NY)

     5) To ascertain what PC looks like now, hair streaked? still skinny?
etc.  (AG/I NY)

     6) To locate a laundry near PC's place and to make sure she isn't known
there.  (Cleaners, note must have clerk, AG/I NY)

     7) To find out what PC is wearing the day of this action.  And what her
hair is like.  (AG/I NY)

     8) To have someone available to stake out PC when she leaves her place
the day of the caper, to ascertain when she leaves, what she's wearing etc.

Attached Letter:

     Dear Dick,

     SITUATION:  Cooper is still not terminately handled.

     DATA:  Cooper is getting her power back, attacking again.

     Attached is approved Op Freakout.  This additional channel (i.e. plan).
Should really have her put away.  Worked with all the other Channels.

     The FBI already think she really did do the bomb threats on the C of S
(Church of Scientology).

     SOLUTION:  OK this additional Channel.

     This is OK______




     Randy (R)

3.3  What is the E-Meter?  

What is the Electropsychometer or E-Meter used by Scientology?  The 
following description is taken from a post to ars about the E-Meter by 
Elvis Cole:

  Perhaps one of the best descriptions of the E-Meter is set forth in the
court decision entitled Founding Church of Scientology v. United States,
409 F.2d 1146 (D.C. Cir. 1969), cert. denied, 396 U.S. 963, 90 S.Ct. 434,
24 L.Ed.2d 427 (1969):

  "The E-meter is a skin galvanometer, similar to those used in giving lie
  detector tests.  The subject or "preclear" holds in his hands two tin soup
  cans, which are linked to the electrical apparatus.  A needle on the
  apparatus registers changes in the electrical resistance of the subject's
  skin.  The auditor asks questions of the subject, and the movement of the
  needle is apparently used as a check of the emotional reaction to the
  questions.  According to complex rules and procedures set out in
  Scientology publications, the auditor can interpret the movements of the
  needle after certain prescribed questions are asked, and use them in
  diagnosing the mental and spiritual condition of the subject."

  In Understanding the E-Meter, L. Ron Hubbard clearly set forth his theory
explaining the changes in resistance measured by the E-Meter:

  "For the meter to be read, the tiny flow of electrical energy through the
  preclear has to remain constant.  When this tiny flow is reduced due to
  increased resistance, the needle of the E-Meter movement moves off the dial
  to the left.  This happens because the preclear pulls in mass.  This is
  actual mental mass (condensed energy), and this mass acts as a resistance
  to the flow of electrical energy from the E-Meter.  The tiny carrier wave
  becomes partially blocked."  -- Understanding the E-Meter, page 74.

  L. Ron Hubbard makes it clear that this "actual mental mass" has the same
physical characteristics, including weight, as mass as commonly defined and
understood by both physicists and lay persons.  L. Ron Hubbard explained:

  "In Scientology it has been discovered that mental energy is simply a
  finer, higher level of physical energy.  The test of this is conclusive
  in that a thetan "mocking up" (creating) mental image pictures and
  thrusting them into the body can increase the body mass and by casting
  them away again can decrease the body mass.  This test has actually been
  made and an increase of as much as thirty pounds, actually measured on
  scales, has been added to, and subtracted from, a body by creating "mental
  energy."  Energy is energy.  Matter is condensed energy." -- Understanding
  the E-Meter, page 50. 

  This text is accompanied by three pictures.  The first shows a man standing
calmly on a scale, which reflects a weight of "150."  The next shows the man
on the same scale, bent over, holding his head under the burden of
(illustrated) "Mental Image Pictures," and the scale indicates a weight of
"180."  The last picture shows the man standing upright on the scale, again
unburdened by "Mental Image Pictures," his arms widespread, with a smile on
his face, and the scale again indicates a weight of "150."

  Unfortunately, nowhere in Understanding the E-Meter does Hubbard reference
any controlled experiments that have "actually been made" which confirm that
the weight of a person who has created "mental image pictures" increases by
"as much as thirty pounds."  Perhaps the Scientologists who contribute to
alt.religion.scientology can provide such references.

3.4 Celebrities involved with Scientology

Who are some of the main celebrities who are or have been Scientologists?
This list is excerpted from the Celebrities in Scientology FAQ by Tilman
Hausherr,, web page
(archive-name scientology/celebrities):

Name:          Tom Cruise
 Profession:   actor
 Status:       got in after marrying Mimi Rogers (Premiere)
	       at least OT3
 Achievement:  milk-face in many films: "Top Gun", "The firm", ...
 Source:       TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93
	       Andre Tabayoyon decl.

Name:          Sonny Bono
 Profession:   singer, actor, republican, pizza delivery man in congress
	       member of the house committee for copyrights !!
 Status:       introduced by Mimi Rogers; took some courses, says
	       he's a roman catholic, not a scientologist (LA Times).
	       He says in Esquire:
	       "I openly studied scientology to the degree that they
	       did some courses on ethics, and then said thank you and
	       left. (...) The scientology - there was no cult thing there."

	       From (David D. Rogers):
	       According to Corydon's book, he was quoted as saying:
	       "My only sorrow is that L. Ron Hubbard left before I
	       could thank him for my new life," in a full-page ad
	       featured in several newspapers after Elron's death.

 Achievement:  Congressman (R), Palm Springs Mayor, Cher's ex-husband.
	       Cher: "A politician is usually a null, so the job fits him".
	       "The Progressive": (first mentioned to me in october 1995)
	       "#8 on the list of 'The Ten Dimmest Bulbs in Congress'
	       "Bono's mental shortcomings have long made him a
	       subject of scorn among California politicians."

 Source:       TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93,
	       "Bigger Secrets", LA Times 5.12.91, Esquire 11/94,
	       California Magazine 6/91

Name:          Nicole "nic" Kidman
 Profession:   actress
 Achievement:  wife of Tom Cruise, "far and away", "Batman forever"
 Source:       Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93

Name:          John Travolta
 Profession:   actor
 Status:       entered 1975, lifetime member of IAS, OT5 or higher
 Achievement:  "Grease", "Pulp Fiction"
 Source:       himself in ads, himself on "Entertainment tonight" (Joe Harrington):
	       "Travolta was working on OT5 back in 91. He used to call
	       his Case Supervisor on the phone and discuss his case.
	       This is STRICTLY forbidden as per Hubbard's
	       "Ivory Tower Rule". But, money talks. When he came
	       to Flag, he would drive around Clearwater in his
	       65 Mustang convertible and they would keep the
	       restaurant open after hours for him and his entourage.
	       ALL staff members were forbidden to speak with him."
	       (Joe later named the C/S as Richard Reiss)

Name:          Kirstie Alley
 Profession:   actress
 Status:       international spokesperson for Narconon International.
	       claims Narconon International's substance abuse center
	       in Los Angeles helped her kick her cocaine habit in 1979.
 Achievement:  "A bunny's tale", "Star Trek 2", "Look who's talking",
	       "Cheers", hanging on the wall of my office
 Source:       TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, Daily Oklahoman 11.10.90

Name:          Karen Black
 Profession:   actress
 Achievement:  "The Monkey" in "Portnoy's complaint", "Five easy pieces"
 Source:       Premiere 9/93, California Magazine 6/91

Name:          Linda Blair
 Profession:   actress
 Achievement:  threw up lots of pea soup in "The Exorcist", having her skirt
	       ESPed in "zapped again", film-mother of "seven" on MWC.
	       I wonder if the film "deep death" was financed by CCHR
	       scientologists, since it deals with an evil psychiatrist
	       who practices a "deep sleep" therapy.
	       Coincidence ? CCHR had uncovered a "deep sleep"
	       therapy in Chelmsford hospital, Sydney, Australia.
 Source:       "Der Sektenkonzern", "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92
	       (only for the name) (Tony McClelland):
	       This is the only event that I am aware of
	       where the CofS has benefited the community
	       in their 45 year history.

Name:          Nancy Cartwright
 Profession:   actress
 Status:       New OT IV, represents "The Way to Happiness"
 Achievement:  voice of Bart Simpson
 Source:       WP 10.12.94 & 25.12.94, TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93
	       California Magazine 6/91 (Jonathon) about her status

Name:          Anne Archer
 Profession:   actress
 Status:       Clear
	       International spokesperson for "Applied Scholastics"
	       Achievement:  wife in "fatal attraction"
	       Ironically, one of the movies is titled
	       "CLEAR and present danger"
 Source:       TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, California Magazine 6/91
	       Celebrity #281

Name:          Priscilla Presley
 Profession:   actress
 Achievement:  "The naked gun", "Dallas", perfume, wife of Elvis
 Source:       Premiere 9/93

Name:          Lisa Marie Presley
 Achievement:  Married to Michael Jackson
 Source:       Premiere 9/93
 See also:, about
	       the allegation that LMP is another person

Name:          Juliette Lewis
 Profession:   actress
 Achievement:  "Natural born killers"
 Source:       Premiere 9/93, St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94, FOCUS Dec 12/94

Name:          Geoffrey Lewis
 Profession:   actor, Juliette's dad
 Achievement:  sidekick in Clint Eastwood movies
	       "Every Which Way but Loose"
 Source:       Premiere 9/93

Name:          Kelly Preston
 Profession:   actress
 Status:       lifetime member of IAS
 Achievement:  "Twins", married to Travolta
 Source:       herself in ad, TIME May 6/91, "Impact 49" in "Ich klage an"

Name:          Sharon Stone
 Profession:   actress
 Status:       "she is going to courses" (Berliner Zeitung)
 Achievement:  screaming in movies with Richard Chamberlain, spreading
	       her legs on the silver screen
 Source:       "Der Sektenkonzern", "Ich klage an",
	       "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92.

Name:          Al Jarreau
 Profession:   singer
 Achievement:  "Moonlighting" theme song
 Source:       "Der Sektenkonzern", "Ich klage an".
	       LA Times 16.2.1992

Name:          Isaac Hayes
 Profession:   Musician, actor
 Status:       got in thru Reverend Alfreddie Johnson
	       plans to train up to Class VIII
	       spokesman for "World Literacy Crusade", a front group
	       which promotes scientology's "Study Technology"
 Achievement:  Oscar for "Theme from Shaft"
 Source:       St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94 & 6.12.94, WP 10.12.1994
	       Celebrity #278

Name:          Brad Pitt
 Profession:   actor
 Status:       Premiere: "drifted thru", took his courses while dating
	       Juliette Lewis. Interest waned after it.
 Source:       Premiere 9/93, CLEO 6/95

Name:          Ernest Lehman
 Profession:   screenwriter, producer, director
 Achievement:  "The Sound of Music", "Portnoy's complaint", "Family Plot"
 Source:       Premiere 9/93

Name:          Frank Stallone (Sly's brother)
 Profession:   actor, singer, songwriter
 Achievement:  bartender in "Barfly"
 Source:       "Bigger Secrets"

Name:          A.E. van Vogt
 Profession:   science-fiction writer
 Status:       No involvement in scientology itself:
	       Prominent advocate of Dianetics, recruited by his
	       fellow-SF writer Hubbard in 1950 and called him "the boss".
	       He ran the Los Angeles Dianetics Foundation in late 1950.
	       said in his book "Dianetics and the Professions", 1953:
	       "Financial disaster was inevitable".  A.E. van Vogt
	       endorsed LRH's "Battlefield Earth" as a 'masterpiece'
	       on its cover, but confessed in an interview with RM that
	       he had been daunted by its size and had not actually
	       bothered to read it. 
	       Sort of a "pre-scientologist".
 Achievement:  "Slan", the "Null-A" books
 Source:       Russell Miller's book, thanks to: (Mike MacLeod) (Tony Sidaway) (Martin Hunt)

Name:          William Burroughs
 Profession:   writer
 Status:       Clear# 1163 in the 60ies, but later satirized the movement
	       in several essays, which were later collected in the book
	       "Naked Scientology" [Expanded Media Editions 1985, Bonn,
	       Germany, 3-88030-011-9]
 Achievement:  "Naked Lunch"
 Source:       "A piece of blue sky"

Name:          Leonard Cohen
 Profession:   songwriter, poet
 Status:       out
 Achievement:  "suzanne", really cool music at the prison riot scene
	       in "natural born killers"
 Source:       himself in interview with the "jewish book news"

	       "I looked into a lot of things. Scientology was one of them.
	       It did not last very long.  But it is very interesting, as
	       I continue my studies in these matters, to see how really
	       good Scientology was from the point of view of their data,
	       their information, their actual knowledge, their wisdom
	       writings, so to speak. It wasn't bad at all. It is scorned,
	       and I don't know what the organization is like today, but
	       it seems to have all the political residue of any large
	       and growing organization. Yes, I did look into that and
	       other things."

Name:          Candice Bergen
 Profession:   actress
 Achievement:  Murphy Brown, Oliver's Story, Starting Over, Gandhi, Stick
 Source: "she was 'around' LA Org and AOLA in 1969"
	       and "I saw her at the original celebrity center",
	       but does not know if she did take courses / had auditing

Name:          Demi Moore
 Profession:   actress
 Status:       out: was seen leaving the Celebrity Centre but gave up
	       when Bruce Willis made her clear that he didn't want
	       his children raised in scientology
 Achievement:  "Disclosure", "Ghost", cool "Vanity Fair" covers
 Source:       CLEO 6/95, The observer 19.3.95 (name only),
	       Hana Whitfield in the Sally Jesse Raphael show 9.7.91

Name:          Emilio Estevez
 Profession:   actor
 Status:       out, and won't discuss it.
	       "I don't want my phones tapped" (refers to 1978 verdict)
 Achievement:  "Repo Man" (in that film they make fun about "Dioretix",
	       see more about this in the fun section of my web page)
	       "Young Guns", "Loaded Weapon"
 Source:       CLEO 6/95

Charles Manson
 Profession:   murderer
 Status:       out *before* the murders
	       got 150h of auditing while in prison (before), later
	       sympathized with the squirrel group "The Process".
 Achievement:  head behind the Sharon Tate / LaBianca murders
 Source:       "Blue Sky", "Helter Skelter", (Dennis Erlich):
	       "I was there when we had to destroy all records
	       involving him"
	       "It was in 69, shortly after the murders (which happened
	       nearby the org in which I was working) that the whole
	       org was searched and any reference to Charles Manson
	       was vetted and destroyed."

Name:          Melanie
 Profession:   folk singer
 Status:       participated in the "Portland crusade" after the
	       (later overturned) $35,000,000 judgement for
	       Julie Christopherson-Titschbourne
 Achievement:  Woodstock participant, famous in the 70ies:
	       "What have they done to my song, ma", "Lay Down",
	       "Brand New Key", "Animal Crackers", "Ruby Tuesday" remake
	       having *me* as a fan for her 70ies songs
 Source:       Chicago Tribune 21.5.1985, LA Times 20.5.1985
	       SP Times 17.12.1992 (scientology-sponsored performance)

3.5 The Judges speak; Scientology and the law:

What do some of the presiding judges have to say about Scientology?  

   "Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious
threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents
are sadly deluded and often mentally ill...(Scientology is) the world's 
largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of
dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy." -- Justice
Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia in the Anderson Report.

  "...the teaching of Scientology and the practice of Scientology will
result in the commission of many offenses and may well result in the
commission of many others." -- Justice Brookings, Supreme Court of Victoria,

  "Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious... in my judgement it
is corrupt, sinister and dangerous.  It is corrupt because it is based on
lies and deceit and has as its real objective money and power for Mr.
Hubbard, his wife and those close to him at the top.  It is sinister
because it indulges in infamous practices both to its adherents who do not
toe the line unquestioningly, and to those who criticise or oppose it.  It
is dangerous because it is out to capture people, especially children and
impressionable young people, and indoctrinate and brainwash them so that
they become the unquestioning captives and tools of this cult, withdrawn
from ordinary thought, living and relationships with others." -- Justice
Latey, the High Court of London, 1984.

  "[the court record is] replete with evidence [that Scientology] is nothing
in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from
its adepts by pseudo scientific theories...and to exercise a kind of
blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with their sect...The
organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre
combination seems to be a reflection of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard."
  "In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil rights, the
organization over the years with its "fair game" doctrine has harassed and
abused those persons not in the church whom it perceives as enemies."
-- Judge Breckenridge, Los Angeles Superior Court.

  "The government is satisfied that Scientology is socially harmful.  It
alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and
disgraceful motives to all who oppose it; its authoritarian principles and
practice are a potential menace to the personality and well being of those
so deluded as to become followers; above all, its methods can be a serious
danger to the health of those who submit to them...There is no power under
existing law to prohibit the practice of scientology; but the government has
concluded that it is so objectionable that it would be right to take all
steps within its power to curb its growth." -- Kenneth Robinson, British
Minister of Health.

3.6 How much does Scientology cost?

How much does it cost to go clear?  How about OT?  How much are the courses
and materials?  How much does an E-Meter cost?  Here are the prices for
Scientology's therapy from (The Leveller):

  The current (conservative) total cost for the whole bridge to OT9 readiness
is estimated at $315,000 - $330,000. Yes, that's basically a third of a
million dollars.  Auditing hours are calculated on the basis of an average
case.  It _could_ cost a lot more.  Read on for the full price breakdown.

  These prices are taken directly from the latest Flag price list (Autumn
'94) and, in the case of OT8, the Freewinds donation rate list.

Processing              Intensives         Cost per        Total
Step                    Required           Intensive       Cost
or Course       (IAS)

Life Repair             2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Purification RD         -----------        $2,560           $2,560
TRs & Objectives        2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Scn Drug Rundown        2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
ARC Straightwire        2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 0                 3 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $16,800
Grade 1                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 2                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 3                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 4                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
New Era Dianetics       3 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $16,800
Clear Certainty RD      1 x 5 hr           $2,800           $2,800


**Solo Course Part 1    -----------        $1,500           $1,500
*OT Preparations        2 x 12.5 hr        $3,300           $6,600
**Solo Course Part 2    -----------        $1,500           $1,500
*OT Eligibility         2 x 12.5 hr        $3,300           $6,600
*OT I                   -----------        $1,500           $1,500
*OT II                  -----------        $3,000           $3,000
*OT III                 -----------        $5,100           $5,100
OT IV                   ?2 x 12.5 hr       $6,500          $13,000
OT V                    ?2 x 12.5 hr       $7,400          $14,800
OT VI                   -----------       $10,240          $10,240
OT VII                  -----------        $3,500           $3,500
(per 6 months)          over 2 years       $1,280           $5,120
OT VIII                 -----------       $10,000          $10,000
OT VIII auditing        ?2 x 12.5 hr       $7,400          $14,800


Step/Course/          Intensives       Cost per        Total
Materials             Required         Intensive       Cost
required                               or Course       (IAS)

To OT VIII (with mass discounts)                       $200,000

Saint Hill Special
Briefing Course        ------------    $25,600            

*Briefing Course
materials (including
30% discount when
all bought at once
- if you can afford to)------------    $18,390            

SHSBC Total $43,990

ALTERNATIVE: Lower "Levels" and Specialist Training
Courses. (see below for price breakdown)                $56,000

Key to Life and
Life Orientation
Courses                ------------    $11,500          $11,500

L10               min. 2 x 12.5 hrs    $10,000          $20,000
L11               min. 2 x 12.5 hrs    $10,000          $20,000
L12               min. 2 x 12.5 hrs    $10,000          $20,000

REVISED TOTAL - NOW READY FOR OT IX (if/when)  $314,490 - $326,500
Let's just say $315K - 330K
Lower Bridge "Levels" and "Specialist" training
if taken instead of Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

Yearly IAS membership,
say seven years at $300 per annum
(or Lifetime membership)                                    $2,100

	Mark Super VII E-meter                              $3,780

Student Hat Course                                            $960
*       The Study Tapes                                       $425

New Hubbard Professional TR Course                          $2,400
*       Clay Table Processing Picture Book                    $100
*       Dianetics 55! Book                                     $40
*       Technical Dictionary                                   $90
*       PRO TR Course Lectures (on cassette)                  $240

Hubbard Professional Upper Indoc TR Course                  $1,000
*       Freedom Congress Lectures (on cassette)               $590

Academy Level 0 Course                                      $2,400
*       Level 0 Lectures (on cassette)                        $240
*       Self Analysis Book                                     $18
	[Full Set of Tech Volumes]                          $2,025

Academy Level I Course                                      $2,400
*       Level I Lectures (on cassette)                        $375
*       Problems of Work Book                                  $18

Academy Level II Course                                     $2,400
*       Level II Lectures (on cassette)                       $590
*       Fundamentals of Thought Book                           $18

Academy Level III Course                                    $2,400
*       Level III Lectures (on cassette)                      $240
*       Scientology 0-8 Book                                   $18

Academy Level IV Course                                     $2,400
*       Level IV Lectures (on cassette)                       $240
*       Handbook for Pre-Clears Book                           $40
*       Advance Procedures & Axioms Book                       $40

Academy Level IV Internship                                 $1,600

Class V Hubbard New Era Dianetics Course                    $3,600
*       NED Lectures (on cassette)                            $180
*       Dianetics Book                                         $21

Class V NED Auditor Internship                              $1,600

Hubbard Class V Graduate Auditor Course                     $3,600
*       Class V Graduate Auditor Lectures                     $300
*       Science of Survival Book                               $52
*       Case Remedies Book                                     $40
*       The Troubleshooter                                    $700

Class V Graduate Auditor Internship                         $1,600

						Sub Total  $40,880

3.7 Selected quotes from L. Ron Hubbard

What are some of the things Hubbard said about Scientology, his philosophy,
and other things?  These quotes are all taken from Hubbard's own writings
and tapes:

Hubbard on Christianity:
   "Somebody on this planet, about 600 B.C. found some pieces of 'R6'.  I
don't know how they found it; either by watching madmen or something.
But since that time they have used it.  And it became what is known as
Christianity. The man on the cross.  There was no Christ!  The Roman
Catholic Church, through watching the dramatizations of people picked up
some little fragments of R6." - L. Ron Hubbard, Class 8 Course, Lecture 10,
audio tape Oct 3, 1968

Hubbard on leadership:
   "When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail,
empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of
artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds
in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go
live in Bulgravia and bribe the police." - L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 12 February
1967, "The Responsibility of Leaders"

Hubbard on the law:
   "The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on
somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not
authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease.
If possible, of course, ruin him utterly." - L. Ron Hubbard, in "A Manual
on the Dissemination of Material", 1955

Hubbard on disposing of undesirables:

   "The reasonable man quite ordinarily overlooks the fact that people from
2.0 down have no traffic with reason and cannot be reasoned with as one
would reason with a 3.0.  There are only two answers for the handling of
people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything
to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their
acts.  The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating
some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes.  The other is
to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow." - L. Ron Hubbard in "Science
of Survival", Chapter 27, page 157.

Hubbard on dealing with critics:
   "This is the correct procedure:
1. Spot who is attacking us.
2. Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own
     professionals, not outside agencies.
3. Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
4. Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers
     to the press.
DON'T EVER tamely submit to an investigation of us.
Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way."
- L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 25 Feb 1966 "Attacks on Scientology"

Hubbard on the ends justifying the means:
   "Use the rules until they prevent you from doing your job.  But if these
stop you, then to *hell* with the rules!  Get the show on the road." - L.
Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 19 March 1968

Hubbard on Scientology ethics conditions penalties:

	   Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex Remimeo
		  HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967
			       Issue IV

		     (Applies both Orgs and Sea Org)

LIABILITY   Suspension of pay and a dirty grey rag on left arm and day
	    and night confinement to org premises.

TREASON     Suspension of pay and deprivation of all uniforms and
	    insignia, a black mark on left cheek and confinement on
	    org premises or dismissal from post and debarment from

DOUBT       Debarment from premises.  Not to be employed.  Payment of
	    fine amounting to any sum may have cost org.  Not to be
	    trained or processed.  Not to be communicated or argued

ENEMY       SP Order.  Fair game.  May be deprived of property or
	    injured by any means by any Scientologist without any
	    discipline of the Scientologist.  May be tricked, sued
	    or lied to or destroyed.

LRH:jp                                          L. RON HUBBARD

	   -Section three; aspects of therapy for victims-

4.0 Reference materials on cults

What are the titles of some books and magazines articles on recovery
aspects of Scientology and other cults?  What are the addresses of some
cult recovery/therapy publications I can subscribe to?  This short list
is taken from Martin's Booklist, occasionally posted to ars.  See also
section 1.4 Reference books on Scientology.

Combatting Cult Mind Control.  Hassan, Steven.  Park Street Press,
  Rochester, Vermont.  1990.

Cults in Our Midst: the hidden menace in our everyday lives.  Singer,
  Margaret Thaler, and Janja Lalich.  Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco.

Snapping: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change.  Conway,
  Flo, and Jim Siegelman.  Delta/J. B. Lippincott, New York.  1979.

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A study of
  "Brainwashing" in China.  Lifton, Robert J.  W. W. Norton, New
  York.  1961. 

*** Magazine and periodical references:

"Coming Out of the Cults."  Singer, Margaret Thaler.  Psychology
  Today, January 1979.

"How Cults Bilk Us All."  Williams, Carson.  Reader's Digest,
  November 1979.

"Information Disease: Have Cults Created a New Mental Illness?"
  Conway, Flo, and Jim Siegelman.  Science Digest, January 1982.

*** Publications concerning cults:

CAN News monthly *and*
FOCUS News quarterly
Cult Awareness Network,
2421 W. Pratt Blvd., Suite 1173,
Chicago, Il.,

Cultic Studies Journal semiannual *and*
The Cult Observer monthly
American Family Foundation,
PO box 2265,
Bonita Springs, FLA.,

4.1 Cult education and therapy groups

What are some groups I can contact for information about Scientology and
other cults?  See also section 1.0 Other newsgroups for

*** American organizations:

American Family Foundation
PO box 2265,
Bonita Springs, FLA
Phone (212) 249-7693

Cult Awareness Network
2421 W. Pratt Blvd., Suite 1173,
Chicago, Il,
Ph: (312) 267-7777

International Cult Education Project
PO box 1232 Gracie Station,
New York, NY,
(212) 439-1550

*** American therapy and counseling providers:

Cult Clinic
Jewish Family Service
6505 Wilshire Blvd., 6th Floor.,
Los Angeles, CA,
(213) 852-1234

Cult Clinic and Hotline
Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services,
120 W. 57th Street,
New York, NY,
(212) 632-4650

Wellspring Retreat
PO box 67,
Albany, Ohio,
(614) 698-6277

*** International organizations:

5655 Park Avenue, Suite 305,
Montreal, Quebec,
(514) 274-2333

Family Action Information and Rescue, FAIR
BCM box 3535, PO box 12,
United Kingdom

10 rue du Pere Julien Dhuit,
75020 Paris,

Aribau, 226,
08006 Barcelona,

 4.2 What can I do to help a family member or friend in

What are some basic things I can do if I want to help a family member or
friend get out of Scientology?  I would prefer a qualified therapist or
exit-counselor write this, but I would recommend doing four things:

1. Stay in contact with the person, and try to keep them involved in the
family or social circle in gatherings, for social occasions, etc.

2. Don't criticize Scientology in front of them or get into arguments about
Scientology, as this may lead to disconnection [cut off communications] and
a declare of you as a "Suppressive" [a person hostile to Scientology] and a
declare of the victim as "PTS" [a potential trouble source needing ethics

3. Buy and read "Combatting Cult Mind Control" by Steve Hassan; it's full
of good advice for helping people in cults.

4. Contact an exit-counselor if the victim is willing to talk for help in
bringing the victim to an understanding of what has happened to them and
back into the family and contact with friends.

4.3 I have just left Scientology; what should I do

What are some things I can do now that I've gotten out of Scientology?

Cogito, ergo sum.  Scientology is a parasitic memetic weapon system created 
by a dead madman rampaging across the world, destroying all in its path like 
the Doomsday Machine.  - Henry7, Enemy Marcabia, SP3, KoX, Joker & Degrader