Day16: April 6 -- "Trespassing" in Their Own Office

Three Aum members were arrested for trespassing shortly after 1:00 AM this morning when they parked their car in the parking garage of a building in which Aum rented an office. Police found ten 30 - 40 cm long steel pipes in and around the car. Police suspect that these tubes may be gun barrels. Items that appear to be triggers were also found in the car. The police then used the trespassing charge to impound the car and search their office. Police confiscated several address books and computer disks.

One of the computer disks found in an car confiscated last month when the driver was arrested for "interfering with police duties" contained several chemical equations. Among others, the equations for sodium fluoride, phosphorus trichloride and isopropyl alcohol were on the disk. Police pointed out that these three chemicals are used in the manufacture of sarin. They did state however, that no equations or information directly related to sarin production were found.

Day 17: April 7 -- Police Find Proof of Sarin

Investigators discovered traces of methylphosphon acid monoisopropyl in the ventilation ducts of the Satian No. 7 building in Aum's Kamikuishiki compound. Police claim that since this chemical can only be created by decomposing sarin, it proves that sarin was present inside the building at one time. No arrests were made on this since possession and production of sarin are not illegal under Japanese law.

Police searched an Aum-run hospital in Nakano, but reported finding nothing unusual. However, officials still believe that this hospital played a role in the alleged confinement of an ex-Aum member.

Day 18: April 8 -- Raids and Arrests Continue in Earnest

In raids police still maintain are part of an ongoing kidnapping investigation, police seized over 25 tons of chemicals from a chemical company owned by a follower of Aum Shinri Kyo. In other raids, police seized machine tools that they said could be used to produce gun parts. They also confiscated "metal pipes that could have be used to manufacture rifle barrels and a yellowish metal that could have been used to cover the tips of bullets." Based on these findings, police have now obtained a warrant to make arrests for violations of the arms manufacturing law. No guns have been found.

Shinichiro Koshikawa was arrested for refusing to answer police questions when he was stopped by police near a Japanese military installation. He is being charged with "interference with police duties." Police said that they are eager to find out why Koshikawa was near the GSDF facility.

Aum doctor Ikuo Hayashi was arrested in Ishikawa prefecture on suspicion of riding a stolen bicycle when police determined that the bicycle he was riding was not properly registered. [ On two occasions I have been detained for the same thing. -- TR] A few hours later the charge was changed to illegal confinement for which police have had a warrant outstanding.

The police have made over 70 arrests to date. So far, none of them have been related to the subway gas attack or the kidnapping of the notary public police claim to be investigating.

Day 19: April 9 -- Police Seek Heat-Sealing Equipment

Police said that the 11 plastic bags used in the subway raid were not intravenous drip bags after all, but plastic sheets folded in half and then heat sealed on three sides. They announced that a raid would be conducted to determine if Aum has equipment capable of heat sealing plastic. Police also raided 10 Aum properties on various charges. Methylphospon acid monoisopropyl was detected in the in the Saitan No. 7 building. Investigators claimed this as proof that sarin once existed in the building since this chemical can only be created when sarin breaks down.

Day 20: April 10 -- Police Find Heat-Sealing Equipment

Investigators found a machine capable of heat-sealing plastic. The police said that it was possible to make plastic pouches similar to the ones used in the attack , and that they would confiscate the equipment to see if they could make identical pouches with it.

One of the floppy disks confiscated contained records of chemical experiments police say coincide with known methods of producing sarin.

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