Day 11: April 1 - Police Claim Evidence of Bio-weapons

Police found around 300 books on bio-chemistry, incubators, and an electron-microscope in two buildings in the Aum compound. Some of these books explained the cultivation of botulin and other virulent bacteria. No botulin or similar bacteria were found, but police stated that based on the evidence they found, they believe that Aum was engaged in research to make biological weapons.

The NPA decided to send a delegation to Russia to gather information on sect activities there.

Day 12: April 2 - Police Begin New Raids

Police today began raids on a 4,000 square meter building that they suspect is Aum's largest science laboratory in Tomizawa. Twenty Five kilometers to the southwest, police continued dismantling walls in the Kamikuishiki compound.

Day 13: April 3 -- Aum Children Ordered to School

The Education Ministry today ordered Aum parents to start sending their children to school or be charged under the School Education Law. At least 26 of the children at the Yamanashi compound have been truant for between 12 and 66 months. Aum representatives claimed that children regularly attend schools in the compound.

Prime Minister Murayama urged a review of Japan's Religious Corporation Law.

Day 14: April 4 -- Police to Finally Investigate Abductions

The police said they will begin an investigation of the kidnapping of a 22-year-old woman that occurred in 1991. After escaping from the Aum compound, this woman boarded a train to leave the area. However, she was attacked and dragged from the station by five men who were punching and kicking her. The men pushed her into a car and then drove toward the Aum compound. Police gave no explanation of why they are only now beginning an investigation.

There have been several similar incidents. In the fall of 1994 an escapee was abducted in front of witnesses who said that three men wearing Aum's headgear had forced her into a car which was then seen driving into the Aum compound. Police took no action at that time.

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