Day 26: April 16 -- Police Say Aum to Buy Tanks and Nukes

Police said that they have confiscated documents showing that Aum Shinri Kyo planned on purchasing Soviet T-72 tanks and Mig-29 fighter planes. The police also stated that the memos indicated an "interest" in nuclear weapons. Police sources did concede, however, that it is unlikely Aum would have succeeded in actually importing these items into Japan.

Today's raid also uncovered 600 small explosives used in demolition work. Police plan on finding out which cult members have licenses to handle explosives and questioning them on Aum's suspected manufacture of guns.

A memo strongly critical of an ex-cult member who was allegedly kidnapped and confined by the cult was found to have Asahara's name printed at the end of it. According to the daily Yomiuri this discovery "intensifies police suspicion that Asahara was deeply involved in the confinement of the former member."

Day 27: April 17 -- Police Find Ammo Clips

Two ammo clips for automatic rifles were found in the Kamikuishiki compound. Police said they were surprised the clips were not ones that could be used in an AK-47, the Russian assault rifle Aum is suspected of building. Police said that the clips prove that Aum made or possessed altered AK-47's. No ammunition was found.

The Daily Yomiuri quoted unnamed specialists as saying that the equipment found in the Satian No. 7 building could be used to produce 10 liters of liquid sarin at a time.

Day 28: April 18 -- Top Aum Leaders Sought

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Yoshihiro Inoue, head of Aum's "Intelligence Agency," on charges of making false statements on an attested document. Inoue is suspected of using a false name to set up an Aum affiliated company some years ago. Police say they wish to question about his possible involvement in several wiretapping cases.

Kumamoto public prosecutors asked that bail be suspended for Kiyohide Hayakawa an Aum leader who has been indicted for violation of the National Land Utilization Law, but whose whereabouts are unknown. Police claim that Aum Shinri Kyo did not complete the proper paperwork when the sect built a training center in 1990. The sect's lawyer Yoshinobu Aoyama has been indicted on the same charge.

As yet, no arrests have been made in connection to the March 20th sarin poisoning.

Day 29: April 19 -- Aum's No. 2 Man Captured

Police apprehended Kiyohide Hayakawa, Aum's second highest official, after he appeared on a TBS news program. Police have had an outstanding warrant on changes of trespassing. On April 6th Hayakawa was found at 1:00AM in the parking garage of an Asakusa building in which Aum Shinri Kyo rents an office.

Investigators revealed that in the spring of 1993, Aum began to procure machinery that could be used to manufacture automatic weapons. Thirty metal working machines were confiscated, but no firearms have been discovered, and police have not revealed what the machines have been used for over the past two years.

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Day 30: April 20 -- Guilt by Association Official Policy

Japan's education minister Kaoru Yosano said that Aum should be disbanded if any one of it's members are indicted in the March 20th gas attack. Yosano also said that Aum's suspected production of sarin is cause to have the sect disbanded. [The new law doesn't even go into effect until May 1,1995, and it's already being applied retroactively to Aum. -- TR] Yosano, however, does not have the authority to ask a court to disband Aum because they are under the jurisdiction of the governor of Tokyo.

Prime Minister Murayama publicly stated today that he believed that the arrests and detention of Aum leaders on minor parking and traffic violations are proper.

Police have not been able to identify the gas used in yesterday's attack in Yokohama station, nor find traces of it. From the symptoms of the victims, they suspect it was a chloric gas.

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