Wednesday, April 19

Toxic gas released at Yokohama Station

At 12:50 PM, passengers in JR Yokohama station and on one carriage on the Keihin Tohoku-Negishi line began coughing. A few hours later over 379 people had been hospitalized due to a gas that had been released. Most were soon released, but 19 remained hospitalized at 10:00 PM. The gas was not sarin, but has not been positively identified. Many suspect a form of chlorine gas since passengers reported smelling bleach. Police believe that this incident may be related to a similar incident that occurred on the Keihin Kyuko line n March 5th, but have not announced any suspects or leads.

Diet Passes Sarin Ban

The Diet enacted a law which bans the possession, production, import or use of sarin or "other deadly substances." possessing chemicals or equipment with the intent of making deadly chemicals will also be made illegal. No explicit exception is made for the 1,000's of highly toxic chemicals used in industry every day. The law will go into effect May 1, 1995.

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Friday, April 21

Another Possible Gas Attack in Yokohama

Twenty-four people were rushed to a hospital after they suffered coughing fits and burning eyes and throats in a department store in Yokohama. Police did not announce any leads.

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Sunday, April 23

Aum Leader Killed by Rightist

Aum leader Hideo Murai was stabbed shortly after 8:30 PM this evening in front of the sect's Tokyo headquarters. He was rushed to the hospital and died several hours later. So Yi Haeng stabbed Murai several times while ten police officers and close to 100 looked on. He then dropped his knife and allowed police to take him into custody without resistance. So is associated with a rightist group based in Ise and was quoted as saying he wanted to "punish the sect for the problems they have caused Japanese society."

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