Day 41: May 1 - New Sarin Law Goes Into Effect

Japan's new sarin control law went into effect today. The law bans the production, import, receipt, transfer and possession of sarin. It also prohibits the purchase or sale of raw materials used to manufacture sarin. [There are dozens of ways to make sarin, and the ingredients used are common industrial chemicals. There is no allowance for this in the new law. --TR]

Police announced that a kidnapping manual and the "penal code" used by Aum were among the documents they have confiscated.

Day 42: May 2 - Police Detect Stimulant Drugs

Police announced that they found traces of stimulant drugs in the hair and urine of Aum followers. There is considerable evidence that drugs were used in Aum's initiation rites, and police are convinced that stimulants were among them and that Asahara was directly involved

Day 43: May 3 - Aum's Lawyer Arrested

Yoshinobu Aoyama, Aum Shinri Kyo's lawyer, was arrested on libel charges as he was consulting with a another Aum follower in police custody. The libel suit stems from a lawsuit Aum filed against a fertilizer company Aum claimed had attacked the Aum compound with sarin.

Although a lawyer cannot be charged for filing a suit, police pointed out that Aoyama distributed copies of the letter of complaint at a press conference in January. Police explained that the letter of complaint contained the name of the president of the company, and thus he was libeled.

According to a tentative police report, the same type material was used to make plastic bags found in Satian 7 and some of the plastic-laminate bags used in the subway attack. The same report said that one of the lamination machines seized by police produced items with edge patterns the same as those used in the attack.

Day 44: May 4 - Government Closes Aum Chapel

Yamanashi prefecture authorities today declared Satian 10, which serves as Aum's chapel, as an "unauthorized building" and banned it's use. Although no structural defects were found, the building had been put into use before a construction completion notice had been filed with the prefecture office. Any use of the building could result in a one year jail sentence and a Y300,000 fine. Authorities said they will continue to inspect buildings and stated that they believe that completion notices have not been filed on many of them.

Day 45: May 5 - Shinjuku Escapes Gas Attack

Railway station employees found and doused a burning bag of sodium cyanide in a men's room in Shinjuku Station. The burning bag had been placed next to another plastic bag containing diluted sulfuric acid. Had the flames consumed both bags, the chemicals would have combined to make highly toxic hydrogen cyanide gas. Estimates of potential casualties ranged up to 20,000. Police announced no leads. Prime Minister Murayama said that he will demand a full investigation.

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