Day 7: March 28 - Violation of Stimulant Control Law

Police announced an investigation into Aum's possible violations of the Stimulant Control Law. Police believe that illegal stimulants were used in the sect's initiation rites. The Yomiuri quoted one member who had left the facility as saying "I was given an intravenous injection and fell asleep a few minutes later. I had multi-colored dreams and woke up seven or eight hours later." [ There were a dozen or so similar quotes. None of the Japanese media pointed out that most people do not pass out after being given a stimulant. --TR ]

Day 8: March 29 - Nationwide Search Begins

Police announced that they now have the names of all Aum executives involved in the Aum "Science and Technology Department" and will begin a nationwide search for them. No warrants have yet been issued.

The police announced that the car confiscated in the Mach 23rd arrest contained a diagram for a chemical plant and several optical and floppy disks. The police have still not released the man's identity.

Day 9: March 30 - NPA Chief Shot

Takaji Kunimatsu, the head of the National Police Agency, was shot at around 8:30 AM in front of his apartment building. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he is in critical condition. A gunman, who appeared to be in his thirties and around 180cm tall, shot five or six times and struck Kunimatsu four times. He then escaped on a bicycle. No group has claimed responsibility. Aum Shinri Kyo was quickly accused by the press and issued a statement denying any involvement.

Day 10: March 31 - Military Production Method Suspected

The Yomiuri Shinbun quoted an unnamed chemical weapons experts as saying chemical byproducts found at the compound indicate that Aum was producing large amounts of sarin at a time. "The method (discovered by the police) is probably the most common form of producing sarin in mass for military purposes."

Police announced that a total of 11 plastic pouches containing traces of sarin were found on the subway after last week's attack. Police believe that the 20cc pouches are the kind used by hospitals for blood transfusions and IV drips. Police believe that a medical worker is among those responsible for the attack.

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