The women in "Mutter- und Koselieder"

There were especially four women who were models for the Mother in "Mutter- und Koselieder". It was Fröbel's own mother whom he did not remember, it was his great love Caroline von Holzhausen2) and it was two of his nieces, Emelie and Elise Fröbel. Those where his earthly models but he also had a heavenly one, the Virgin Mary.

Both Fröbel and Unger were interested in art and Unger was educated at the Kunstakademie in Munich. They worked close together, but probably Unger had to follow Fröbel's instructions. Unger must have been the most competent to know about the elements of art you can find in "Mutter- und Koselieder". However, there are many symbols from the Ancients, Medevial and Renaissance art in "Mutter- und Koselieder".

Caroline von Holzhausen was mother of two of Fröbels private pupils.