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Returning to the Apollo from several months spent in New York City doing sociological studies, Mr. Hubbard carried out research in the areas of vitamins and nutrition. His discoveries during this time formed the foundation for major advances he would make in later years in handling the effects of drugs and other toxic substances.


HCOB 4 Jan
Study Series 9

HCOB 20 Jan RE
Rev. 19 Apr 90
The Red Tag Line
C/S Series 86RE

HCOB 30 Jan RE
Rev. 16 May 84
Method 9 Word Clearing the Right Way
Word Clearing Series 46RE

Mimeo Supply Conservation

Mimeo File Folders and Files

Rev. 22 Mar 73
Mimeo Files

HCOB 5 Apr
Axiom 28 Amended

HCO PL 12 May RC I
Rev. 7 May 84
Post Protection, LRH Communicators
LRH Comm N/W Series 15

HCO PL 25 May
Supplementary Evaluations
Data Series 27

HCOB 11 Jul RB
Rev. 21 Sep 78
Assist Summary

HCOB 29 Jul
Art, More About
Art Series 2

HCOB 30 Jul
Scientology, Current State of the Subject and Materials

HCOB 2 Aug

HCO PL 7 Aug R I
Rev. 2 Jan 91
Flag Representative, Purpose, Duties and Statistic

HCOB 10 Aug
PTS Handling

HCO PL 15 Aug R
Rev. 2 Jan 91
Flag Representative, Orders To

HCO PL 24 Aug R
Rev. 2 Jan 91
Communication, Stopping Of

HCO PL 27 Aug
Tech and LRH Comms
LRH Comm N/W Series 13

HCO PL 28 Aug RA
Rev. 7 May 84
The Mission of the LRH Comm Network
LRH Comm N/W Series 14

HCO PL 1 Sep
Admin Know-How No. 30

HCO PL 11 Sep R
Rev. 21 Sep 81
Codes and Coding, Correct Practice Policy

HCO PL 19 Sep R I
Rev. 22 Jun 75
Checking Evals
Data Series 28R

HCO PL 19 Sep-1
Checking Evaluations Addition
Data Series 28R-1

HCO PL 19 Sep-2
Multiple Sit Eval Format
Data Series 28R-2

HCO PL 20 Sep R
Rev. 12 Feb 91
Concerning Administration

HCO PL 24 Sep RA
Rev. 25 Jan 91
All Auditors-Ministers, Ministerial Board of Review

HCO PL 30 Sep I
Outpoints, More
Data Series 29

HCO PL 30 Sep II
Situation Finding
Data Series 30

HCO PL 15 Oct
Administrative Skill
AKH Series 31

HCOB 15 Oct RC
Rev. 26 Jul 86
Nulling and F/Ning Prepared Lists
C/S Series 87RC

HCOB 19 Oct
Mistakes and PTSness

HCO PL 21 Oct RA
Rev. 9 Nov 83
Case Supervisor Statistic

HCOB 21 Oct R
Rev. 9 Apr 91
The South African Rundown

HCO PL 26 Oct
Staff Corrective Actions, Requiring Auditing Actions

HCO PL 28 Oct
Celebrity Centre Purpose

HCO PL 4 Nov
Publishing Policy, Books and Magazines

HCO PL 5 Nov
Source Acknowledgment

HCOB 11 Nov
Preclear Declare? Procedure

HCOB 15 Nov RA
Rev. 23 Apr 91
Fear of People List

HCOB 16 Nov
Study Tech and Post
Word Clearing Series 49

HCO PL 19 Nov RA
Rev. 21 Jan 91
Organization Executive Course Checksheets

HCOB 20 Nov I
Anti-Q and A Drill

HCOB 20 Nov II
F/N What You Ask or Program
C/S Series 89

HCOB 21 Nov
The Cure of Q and A, Man's Deadliest Disease

HCO PL 21 Nov
LRH Comm Drills

HCO PL 22 Nov
Esto Series 30

HCOB 23 Nov RB
Rev. 25 May 80
Dry and Wet Hands Make False TA

HCOB 24 Nov RF I
Rev. 26 Jul 86
Hi-Lo TA Assessment C/S
C/S Series 53RM LF (Long Form)

Rev. 26 Jul 86
Short Hi-Lo TA Assessment C/S
C/S Series 53RM SF (Short Form)

HCO PL 25 Nov I
Final Targets
Data Series 31

HCO PL 25 Nov-1
Final Target Attachment
Data Series 31 Addition

Organization Executive Course Volumes 0-7 by L. Ron Hubbard
Compiled by staff between 1969 and 1972 and published for Scientology staff use, these volumes of HCO Policy Letters were first made broadly available in 1973. Published by the American Saint Hill Organization, Los Angeles, California. Revised in 1991.


HCOB 5 Dec
The Reason for Q and A

HCO PL 5 Dec R
Rev. 12 Dec 74
Q and A Checksheet, Checksheet of the Hubbard Causative Leadership Course
AKH Series 32R

HCOB 6 Dec
The Primary Failure
C/S Series 90

HCO PL 14 Dec
Target Troubles
Data Series 32

HCOB 15 Dec
The Continuous Missed W/H and Continuous Overt with Data on Degraded Beings and False PTS Conditions

L. Ron Hubbard's Professional Auditor's Bulletins
(collections of bulletins issued as books)

L. Ron Hubbard's PABs -- Volume 1 PABs 1-24, May 53-Apr 54

L. Ron Hubbard's PABs -- Volume 2 PABs 25-49, Apr 54-Apr 55

L. Ron Hubbard's PABs -- Volume 3 PABs 50-74, Apr 55-Mar 56

L. Ron Hubbard's PABs -- Volume 4 PABs 75-99, Mar 56-Nov 56

L. Ron Hubbard's PABs -- Volume 5 PABs 100-124, Nov 56-Nov 57

L. Ron Hubbard's PABs -- Volume 6 PABs 125-160, Dec 57-May 59

(Note: The Professional Auditor's Bulletins written by L. Ron Hubbard are also available in the Technical Bulletins volumes.)