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Nineteen seventy-four opened with the announcement of an important technical breakthrough: the Introspection Rundown. Resulting from research and piloting done in the closing months of 1973, this powerful series of audited actions locates and corrects the causes of introversion; with these factors handled the person can again extrovert, see his environment and therefore handle and control it.

In February, Mr. Hubbard formed a music and dance troupe aboard the Apollo to provide entertainment and goodwill at the ship's Spanish and Portuguese ports of call. He personally instructed the musicians and dancers in artistic presentation, music, composition, sound, arranging and recording. Much of the technology he taught them is now found in the HCO Bulletins of the Art Series, contained in the Technical Bulletins volumes.

The Management Series 1970-1974 by L. Ron Hubbard
Published by the American Saint Hill Organization, Los Angeles, California, 1974. Contains the Data Series, Public Relations Series, Personnel Series, Organizing Series, Finance Series, Executive Series and Establishment Officer Series. Later revised and expanded into two volumes in 1983 and into three volumes in 1991.

Hymn of Asia: An Eastern Poem
Published by the Publications Organization, Los Angeles, California, December 1974.


HCOB 23 Jan RB
Rev. 25 Apr 91
The Technical Breakthrough of 1973! The Introspection RD

HCOB 27 Jan
R3R Commands Have Background Data

HCO PL 9 Feb R
Rev. 17 Feb 80
Condition Below Treason, Confusion Formula and Expanded Confusion Formula

HCOB 15 Feb
Service Facsimile Theory and Expanded Dianetics
ExDn Series 20

HCOB 17 Feb
Mutual Out-Ruds
C/S Series 91

HCOB 20 Feb R
Rev. 25 Apr 91
Introspection RD, Additional Actions

HCO PL 26 Feb
The Untrained PR
PR Series 20

HCO PL 27 Feb
Wasted Planning
PR Series 21

HCOB 6 Mar
Introspection RD, Second Addition, Information to C/Ses, Fixated Attention

HCOB 17 Mar
Two-way Comm, Using Wrong Questions

HCO PL 17 Mar R
Rev. 16 Sep 88
Press Conferences, Preparation For
PR Series 22R

HCOB 18 Mar R
Rev. 22 Feb 79
E-Meters, Sensitivity Errors

HCO PL 18 Mar
The Press Book
PR Series 23

HCOB 21 Mar
End Phenomena

HCOB 10 Apr
Stage Manners
Art Series 3

HCOB 20 Apr R
Rev. 25 Apr 91
Introspection RD -- Third Addition, Additional Introspection RD Steps

HCOB 23 Apr RB
Rev. 24 Apr 91
Expanded Dianetics Requisites
ExDn Series 21

HCOB 25 Apr
Art Series 4

HCO PL 5 May

HCO PL 9 May
Prod-Org, Esto and Older Systems Reconciled

HCOB 31 May
Unhandled Drugs and Ethics

HCO PL 11 Jun
The "Economy"

HCO PL 22 Jun

Rev. 29 Jan 79
Evaluation, Criticism Of
Data Series 33RB

LRH ED 5 Jul
Registration Pgm No. 2

LRH ED 6 Jul
Additional Reges

HCOB 8 Jul R I
Rev. 24 Jul 74
Clear to F/N
Word Clearing Series 53R

Rev. 24 Jul 74
Word Clearing Errors
C/S Series 92R
Word Clearing Series 51

HCO PL 13 Jul I
Production Bugs
Org Series 33

HCO PL 13 Jul II
Working Installations
Org Series 34

HCOB 17 Jul
ExDn Case B
ExDn Series 9-1

HCO PL 18 Jul
Situation Correction
Data Series 34

HCO PL 19 Jul
Eval Correction
Data Series 35

LRH ED 25 Jul
Books Make Booms

HCO PL 11 Aug
Envisioning the Ideal Scene
Data Series 36

HCO PL 12 Aug
Whys Open the Door
Data Series 37

HCO PL 13 Aug RA
Rev. 7 Feb 91
OEC "Policy" Clarified

HCO PL 15 Aug
Solo and Advance Course Checkouts

HCO PL 16 Aug RA
Rev. 13 Feb 91
Estates Restored to Dept 21

LRH ED 22 Aug

LRH ED 27 Aug RA
Rev. 5 May 85
Financial Planning Checklist for the Promotional Actions of an Organization

HCO PL 27 Aug II

HCO PL 30 Aug R II
Rev. 31 Dec 75
Qual Stat Change, A New One

HCO PL 31 Aug RA
Rev. 27 Jul 86
Keeper of Tech, Office of LRH
LRH Comm N/W Series 23

HCOB 31 Aug RA
Rev. 9 Apr 77
New Grade Chart
C/S Series 93RA

Rev. 23 Mar 89
Recruiting and Hiring

HCO PL 5 Sep
Book Sales to Individuals from Pubs

HCOB 7 Sep
Superliteracy and the Cleared Word
Word Clearing Series 54

HCO PL 25 Sep
Reduction of Refunds, C/Ses and Overload

HCOB 26 Sep
Handling Flubbed Pcs

HCO PL 26 Sep RA
Rev. 1 Mar 77
New Case Supervisor Postings

CO PL 3 Oct
Pluspoint List
Data Series 38

Rev. 23 Apr 91
The Vital Information Rundown, The Technical Breakthrough of 1974

HCOB 15 Oct
Cramming over Out-Ruds
Cramming Series 11

HCO PL 19 Oct
The Dramatization of Withholds on Vital Information Lines

HCO PL 27 Oct
Safe Ground
PR Series 25

HCO PL 28 Oct
Who-Where Finding
Data Series 39

Rev. 5 Sep 78
Rock Slams and Rock Slammers

HCOB 5 Nov
Drugs, More About

HCO PL 9 Nov R
Rev. 2 Oct 80
Refunds and Repayments

LRH ED 11 Nov
Staff Pay

HCO PL 13 Nov
HCO May Do Confessional Lists

LRH ED 14 Nov
Phone Costs, or How to Get Wiped Out

HCO PL 15 Nov I
Phone Tips

HCO PL 15 Nov II
CFs, ARC Breaks In

HCOB 15 Nov R
Rev. 26 May 88
Student Rehabilitation List

HCO PL 16 Nov RD
Rev. 30 Jun 89
Transfers and Removals and Permanent Postings Forbidden Locally

HCO PL 19 Nov R
Rev. 31 Jan 91
Finance Stress in an Org

HCO PL 28 Nov
Building HCO

LRH ED 30 Nov
Staff Pay

HCOB 1 Dec R
Rev. 20 Jul 88
Word Clearing Lists for Prepared Lists

HCO PL 29 Dec
Qualifications, Division Five Functions