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Observing the decay of moral values in society, in 1981 Mr. Hubbard wrote The Way to Happiness -- a common-sense guide to help people live happier lives. His intention was that the book be passed on from person to person in a grass-roots movement that would reverse the downward spiral of declining morality. Shortly afterThe Way to Happiness made its appearance, LRH also announced a new auditing rundown; called the Happiness Rundown, its purpose was to help remove barriers an individual might encounter in following the moral precepts The Way to Happiness book contains.

1981 was marked by dramatic changes in the Classification and Gradation Chart. First, the routes onto the Bridge were clarified and opened wide. The lower levels of auditing and training were also streamlined, making possible much smoother and faster progress upward. And a brand-new rundown was released for those who had just achieved the state of Clear: the Sunshine Rundown.


Rev. 13 Feb 91
Extension Courses

HCO PL 8 Jan R
Rev. 3 Oct 88
Advanced Course Regulations and Security

HCO PL 22 Jan
Orders of the Day

HCOB 29 Jan RA I
Rev. 9 Apr 91
FES Checklists and Summary
Auditor Admin Series 24RB

HCOB 29 Jan II
HC Outpoint -- Pluspoint Lists RB Words List

HCOB 13 Feb R
Rev. 25 Jul 87
Word Clearing Series 67R

HCOB 26 Mar R II
Rev. 4 Jul 88
Expanded Green Form 40RF Word List

HCOB 31 Mar R
Rev. 25 Apr 90
"Heavy Drug History'' Defined

Rev. 17 Jan 91

Rev. 18 Dec 88
Clear Certificates
CCRD Series 16R

HCOB 10 Apr R
Rev. 7 Aug 83
Reach and Withrdraw

Rev. 27 Jun 88
Study Green Form
Study Series 10RA

HCOB 5 May R
Rev. 4 Jul 88
Study Green Form Word List

HCO PL 21 Jul RI
Rev. 25 Jul 87
What Is a Checksheet

HCO PL 23 Jul RI
Rev. 10 Jan 84
The Use of Demonstration
Study Series 12

HCOB 23 Jul
Pregnancy and Auditing

HCOB 29 Jul R
Rev. 13 Apr 91
Full Assist Checklists for Injuries and Illnesses

HCO PL 4 Aug R
Rev. 30 Aug 83
Pink Sheets

HCO PL 9 Sep
How to "Sell'' Scientology to Your Friends
FSM Series 8

HCOB 15 Sep
The Criminal Mind

HCO PL 20 Sep
Dianetics and Scientology Redefined

HCOB 6 Oct
Tech Films and Verbal Tech

HCOB 7 Oct R
Rev. 30 Aug 83
Method 3 Word Clearing
Word Clearing Series 31RD

Rev. 16 Jan 89
Word Clearing Method 2
Word Clearing Series 6RB
Tape Course Series 9RA

HCO PL 20 Oct R
Rev. 10 Sep 83
PTS Type A Handling

Rev. 10 Nov 83
Who May See Technical Training Films

HCO PL 11 Nov R
Rev. 30 Jan 91
Policies on Film Usage

HCOB 12 Nov RD
Rev. 20 Apr 90
Grade Chart Streamlined for Lower Grades

HCOB 13 Nov
What Tone 40 Is

HCOB 15 Nov R
Rev. 18 Dec 88
The Sunshine Rundown

HCOB 29 Nov
Dianetics and Scientology Compared to Nineteenth Century Practices

HCOB 5 Dec R
Rev. 7 Oct 84
Setting Up and Using a Reel-to-Reel Tape Player
Tape Course Series 7R

HCOB 12 Dec
The Theory of the New Grade Chart

HCOB 14 Dec
The State of Clear

HCOB 15 Dec
New Grade Chart Pc/Pre-OT Programing

HCOB 17 Dec
Post Purpose Clearing Revived

HCOB 26 Dec
Post Purpose Clearing for Management Teams and Executives

Holidays 81/82
Ron's Journal 33

The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard
Paperback booklet; packets of 12 booklets each. Published by Regent House Publishers, Los Angeles, California. New paperback, hardback and leatherbound editions released in 1984 by Bridge Publications, Inc.
TRANSLATIONS: Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Basic Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard
Published by Scientology Publications Organization, Copenhagen, and Publications US, Los Angeles, California.
TRANSLATIONS: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Swedish.

Research and Discovery Series, Volume 2
Compiled from the taped lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, July -- August 1950. Published by Scientology Publications Organization, Copenhagen, and Publications Organization US, Los Angeles, California.