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1982 saw the beginning of the computerization of Scientology management, using Mr. Hubbard's phenomenal breakthroughs in the application of computer technology. With new ideas for computer utilization far beyond the scope of the time, computers were being used to the utmost to help forward Scientology's efforts to improve conditions worldwide.

New advances were also made in the areas of Confessionals, E-Metering, study technology, auditing repair and case supervision, marketing, finance, management and ethics technology, with each new development made the subject of an HCO Bulletin or Policy Letter.


HCO PL 17 Jan
What Is an Executive?
Exec Series 22

HCOB 19 Jan II
High School Indoctrination

HCO PL 1 Feb

HCO PL 5 Feb I
Out-Ethics Symptoms

HO PL 5 Feb II
Books and Marketing
PR Series 44
Marketing Series 16

HCOB 15 Feb
Freedom of Speech

HCOB 17 Feb

HCO PL 18 Feb
Changing Workable Finance Systems
Finance Series 27

HCOB 20 Feb

HCO PL 24 Feb
Economic Systems

HCO PL 28 Feb I

Rev. 4 Feb 91
HCO Book Account Cash-Bills

HCO PL 3 Mar
The Qual Library

HCO PL 6 Mar R
Rev. 10 Dec 88
Confessional Tech Policies

HCOB 8 Mar R
Rev. 24 Apr 83
Confessionals and the Non-Interference Zone

Rev. 6 Jan 85
Eligibility for OT Levels

HCOB 10 Mar
Confessionals -- Ethics Reports Required

HCO PL 11 Mar
Proportionate Marketing
Finance Series 30
Marketing Series 17

Ron's Journal 34 13 Mar
The Future of Scientology

HCO PL 14 Mar
Financial Irregularities

HCO PL 17 Mar
FBO FP Adjudication
Finance Series 28

HCO PL 19 Mar
Executive Success
Exec Series 23
Finance Series 31
Marketing Series 19

Understanding the E-Meter
Compiled from the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California. Revised in 1988.


HCOB 20 Mar R
Rev. 12 Apr 88

HCO PL 23 Mar R
Rev. 16 Sep 88
A Refined Definition of PR
PR Series 28RA

HCOB 25 Mar R
Rev. 16 Apr 90
Objectives Not Biting

HCO PL 29 Mar
Personnel Policy
Personnel Series 30

HCOB 31 Mar R
Rev. 29 Dec 88
Basic Study Missed Withhold
Study Series 11R
Word Clearing Series 68R

HCO PL 1 Apr
The Safe Point
PR Series 19R

HCO PL 7 Apr
Out-Ethics Indicators
LRH Comm N/W Series 16

HCOB 11 Apr
Sec Checking Implants

HCOB 13 Apr
Still Needle and Confessionals

HCO PL 15 Apr II
The Counting of Gross Income
Finance Series 29

HCOB 16 Apr
More on PTS Handling

HCOB 26 Apr
The Criminal Mind and the Psychs

HCO PL 28 Apr
The Rights of the Field Auditor

HCO PL 29 Apr II
Field Auditor Fees

LRH ED 4 May
Books Straight Talk

HCOB 6 May
The Cause of Crime

HCO PL 9 May
Books Are Assets
Finance Series 32

LRH ED 9 May
Ron's Journal 35, From Clear to Eternity

HCOB 10 May
OT Levels

HCO PL 10 May
Bookstore Officer Hat

LRH ED 10 May R
Rev. 21 Oct 82
The Ridge on the Bridge

HCO PL 25 May

HCO PL 1 Jul
Management Coordination
AKH Series 41

HCOB 11 Jul I
Questionable Auditing Repair List

HCOB 11 Jul II
Questionable Auditing

HCO PL 16 Jul R
Rev. 30 May 89
Fully Hatted Org Staff Members, HCO Gross Divisional Statistic

HCO PL 19 Jul
Failed PR
PR Series 45

HCO PL 22 Jul
Knowledge Reports

HCO PL 27 Jul RA
Rev. 2 Feb 91
Deputy FBOs for Marketing of Org Resources for Exchange
(D/FBO for MORE)
Finance Series 33RA

HCOB 10 Aug
OT Maxims

HCO PL 18 Aug R I
Rev. 28 Feb 84
Targets and Production
Target Series 8
Computer Series 3
AKH Series 42R

HCO PL 18 Aug II
Computers -- Danger of Relying On
Computer Series 7

HCO PL 20 Aug
Organizational Basics

HCO PL 22 Aug
Battle Plans
Target Series 9
AKH Series 43

HCOB 25 Aug
The Joy of Creating
Art Series 10

HCOB 26 Aug
Pain and Sex

HCO PL 27 Aug
Vital Data: Power and Affluence Conditions

HCO PL 2 Sep
And That Is Banking
Finance Series 34

HCO PL 3 Sep
Deputy FBO for Marketing of Org Resources for Exchange (D/FBO for MORE) Purpose
Finance Series 35

HCO PL 10 Sep
Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay
Finance Series 36

HCO PL 12 Sep
PR Functions
PR Series 46

HCO PL 28 Sep
The Basics of Statistics and Management

HCOB 28 Sep
Mixing Rundowns and Repairs
C/S Series 115

HCO PL 29 Sep
Misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology
KSW Series 30

HCO PL 12 Oct
Corrupt Activities

HCOB 13 Oct
Ethics and the C/S
C/S Series 116

HCO PL 14 Oct
Why Things Are Evaluated
Data Series 49

HCO PL 27 Oct RA
Rev. 23 Sep 89
Cash-Bills Defined
Finance Series 38RA

HCO PL 31 Oct
Financial Planning -- Responsibility For
Finance Series 39

HCO PL 1 Nov
"Boom Formula'' Cancelled

HCO PL 2 Nov
Conditions Handlings

HCO PL 16 Nov
Div 6A Stat Renamed and Redefined: Bodies in the Shop

Bronze Bust of L. Ron Hubbard

Large bust of L. Ron Hubbard for display on pedestal

Car Badge

Scientology symbol for use on cars

Solo Wings

Gold pin in the form of wings around a Scientology symbol for Solo auditors

HCO PL 30 Nov
The Deputy CO or Deputy ED for Delivery
and Exchange

HCO PL 18 Dec
Ethics Conditions: Hang-up at Doubt

HCO PL 19 Dec I
"Doing a Quicksilver'' Forbidden
Org Series 45
Personnel Series 31

HCO PL 19 Dec R II
Rev. 2 Jun 90
Repairing Past Ethics Conditions

HCO PL 22 Dec RB
Rev. 15 Aug 90
Service Routes for New Public

HCO PL 24 Dec R
Rev. 19 Feb 91
Service Routes into SO Orgs

HCOB 27 Dec
Training and OT

HCO PL 29 Dec R I
Rev. 21 Feb 91
Service Routes into the FSO

Rev. 21 Jan 91
The Tools of Management
Esto Series 45RA
Org Series 46RA
AKH Series 44RA
Exec Series 24RA

Introduction and Demonstration Processes and Assists
Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

Research and Discovery Series, Volume 3
Compiled from the taped lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, August -- September 1950. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

Research and Discovery Series, Volume 4
Compiled from the taped lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, September -- November 1950. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

Ron's Journal 36, Your New Year
Powerful tape-recorded New Year's message from L. Ron Hubbard released on December 31, 1982, urging Scientologists to move up the Bridge.