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Among the new technical releases of 1983 was a vital new auditor training course, the Professional TR Course -- featuring Mr. Hubbard's technical training film, "The Professional TR Course" and his latest TR training breakthroughs.

Mr. Hubbard also published new bulletins and policy letters on ethics technology, case supervision, Word Clearing, Confessionals, management, public relations and finance.


HCO PL 5 Jan
Strategic Planning
AKH Series 46

HCO PL 9 Jan R I
Rev. 2 Feb 91
Viability, the Make-Break Point of an Org
Finance Series 41R

Checklist for a Strategic Plan
AKH Series 47

HCO PL 13 Jan
The Business of Orgs

HCO PL 23 Jan
Auditor Training Prerequisite

HCO PL 30 Jan
Your Post and Life
Esto Series 46
KSW Series 28

HCO PL 31 Jan
The Reason for Orgs

HCOB 8 Mar
Handling PTS Situations

HCO PL 7 Apr
Exec Series 25
PR Series 47

HCOB 12 Apr
List of Keeping Scientology Working Series

HCOB 3 May
Who or What Is a "C/S"?
C/S Series 117

HCO PL 13 Jun R
Rev. 17 Jan 91
Addition to HCO Gross Divisional Statistic, Fully Hatted Org Staff Members

HCO PL 31 Jul R I
Rev. 21 Jan 91
Basic Management Tools
Esto Series 47R
Org Series 47R
Exec Series 26R
AKH Series 48R

HCO PL 31 Jul II
Management Tools Breakthrough
Esto Series 48
Org Series 48
Exec Series 27
AKH Series 49

HCO PL 4 Aug R
Rev. 2 Feb 91
Financial Planning Program No. 1
Finance Series 42R

HCO PL 6 Aug R
Rev 24 Dec 89
What a Professional TR Course Must Consist Of

HCOB 7 Aug
Robotic TRs

HCOB 8 Aug
Cycling Through TRs on a Professional TR Course

HCOB 19 Aug
OT III Course Posh-Up

HCOB 27 Aug
Words and Associations
Word Clearing Series 69

HCO PL 28 Aug
Spot Checks

HCOB 10 Sep
PTSness and Disconnection

The Professional TR Coures
Directed and narrated by L. Ron Hubbard, this film shows why TRs are vital in auditing and depicts all aspects of professional TR training. The TRs themselves are covered in detail, portraying exactly how each is done. TRANSLATIONS: German, Spanish , Italian, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Swedish and Japanese.


HCO PL 15 Sep
LRH Comm and PRO
LRH Comm N/W Series 17

HCO PL 2 Oct
Solo Course Part One, Prerequisites

HCOB 23 Oct
Sec Checking: Note

HCO PL 10 Nov
TR and EM Films, Showing Of

Management Series Volumes 1 and 2 by L. Ron Hubbard
Updated edition of the Management Series volumes. Staff compiled and published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

Research and Discovery Series, Volume 5
Compiled from the taped lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, November 1950 -- May 1951. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

The Original L. Ron Hubbard Executive Directives
Two-volume reprinting of all the LRH Executive Directives. Series 1-15 September 1966 to 28 April 1968, Series 2 -- 10 May 1968 to 9 March 1969, Series 3 -- 20 January 1969 to 13 March 1983. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

The Professional TR Course Motion Picture Soundtrack
Nineteen musical themes from the Professional TR Course film, composed by L. Ron Hubbard. Produced by Golden Era Productions.

Ron's Journal 38, Today and Tomorrow: The Proof
One-hour-long cassette from L. Ron Hubbard giving news of unprecedented expansion of the Church. Produced in Clearsound by Golden Era Productions.