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Living at his ranch near San Luis Obispo, California, Mr. Hubbard continued to develop new technology at the lower levels of the Bridge, while also pushing forward his research into the highest levels of OT.

In August he completed and released the Allergy or Asthma Rundown, a new series of auditing steps designed to help relieve mental and spiritual troubles associated with allergies and asthma.

The new Clear Certainty Rundown was completed in December, providing a complete and stream-lined procedure for verifying and validating a person's achievement of the state of Clear.

For Clears, a completely new first step toward Operating Thetan was released: New OT I. This level, which replaced OT I, not only gives the Clear terrific case gains, but also builds his certainty and competence as a Solo auditor.

While advancing technical research, Mr. Hubbard also found time to compose and write lyrics for a complete album of Scientology songs. Making musical statements of many of the basic principles of Scientology, the album was recorded and produced in 1986 by Golden Era Productions. The album provided an aesthetic way for Scientologists to introduce family and friends to the truths of Scientology.

Plaque, "Professionalism"
by L. Ron Hubbard

Article on professionalism by
L. Ron Hubbard,
suitable for wall-hanging.

Plaque, "Code of Honor"
by L. Ron Hubbard

The Code of Honor,
suitable for wall-hanging.

Plaque, "Joy of Creating"
by L. Ron Hubbard

Calligraphic rendering of
"Joy of Creating" in frame,
suitable for wall-hanging.

Church of Scientology
International Ring

A gold ring with the
Church of Scientology
International Symbol.

International Association of
Scientologists Pins

Earned by persons who have contributed to the International Association of Scientologists: Membership Pin, Award Pin and Patron Pin.

The Tone Scale and The Tone Scale Drill Film
The first film, narrated by L. Ron Hubbard, goes through the different tone levels, giving a dramatic representation of each. The viewer is then instructed to watch the accompanying drill film to review the tone levels until he knows them fully. Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hebrew. Produced by Golden Era Productions. Issues

HCO PL 7 Jan
HCO Confessionals

HCO PL 22 Mar
Full Danger Condition Handling
Esto Series 51

HCO PL 24 Mar
Responsibility, Control and Danger Conditions

HCO PL 1 May
Honesty and Case Gain
C/S Series 120

HCOB 2 May
Responsibility, Definition Of

HCOB 12 May
Exec and Staff Member Form
FPRD Series 10-C

HCOB 13 May
Second Dynamic Form
FPRD Series 10-D

HCOB 14 May
Money and Finance Form
FPRD Series 10-E

HCOB 15 May
Dissemination Form
FPRD Series 10-F

HCOB 17 May
Auditor Form
FPRD Series 10-H

HCOB 18 May
Student Form
FPRD Series 10-I

HCO PL 21 May
Two Types of PTSes
C/S Series 121
FPRD Series 11

HCO PL 18 Jun
Product Orientation
Org Series 49
Exec Series 30

HCOB 2 Jul
Artist Form
FPRD Series 10-G

HCO PL 3 Aug
Completing Conditions Formulas

HCOB 20 Aug
Sec Checker Form
FPRD Series 10-J

New OT I Materials

A brand-new OT level for the new Solo auditor, released 24 August 1985. Its materials consist of 7 HCOBs which replace the previous version of OT I.


HCOB 29 Aug
Allergy or Asthma Rundown

The Future of Scientology and Western Civilization by L. Ron Hubbard
Transcribed from a recorded lecture. International Association of Scientologists special gift edition. Published by New Era Publications, Copenhagen, Denmark.


HCOB 24 Oct R
Rev. 28 Mar 90
Troubleshooting the Purification Rundown Pc
C/S Series 122R
Purif RD Series 9R

HCOB 25 Oct R
Rev. 28 Mar 90
Purification Rundown Correction List
Purif RD Series 10R

Research and Discovery Series, Volume 8
Compiled from the taped lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, given in October 1951. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.


HCOB 17 Nov R
Rev. 18 Dec 88
Clear Certainty Rundown: Purpose
C/S Series 104RB
CCRD Series 2R

HCOB 21 Nov
First Dynamic Form
FPRD Series 10-K

HCOB 22 Nov
Field Staff Member Repair and Revitalization List
FSM Series 9

HCO PL 23 Nov
Computer Series 4

HCO PL 2 Dec R
Rev. 18 Dec 88
Clear Certainty Rundown, New Service
C/S Series 112RA

HCOB 4 Dec
Case Evaluation and Children

HCOB 5 Dec R
Rev. 18 Dec 88
Handling of Past-Life Auditing
C/S Series 123R

HCOB 6 Dec R
Rev. 18 Dec 88
C/S Study Requirement
C/S Series 106RB

Research and Discovery Series, Volume 9
Compiled from the taped lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, November to December 1951. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

The Organization Executive Course, Volume 0 by L. Ron Hubbard
New edition updated by staff with many new LRH policies added. Fully indexed and including insert of nine-division org board. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

E-Meter Reads Drill Film
This film goes through all the various reactions of the needle on the E-Meter, enabling the audience to drill recognizing them many times. Produced by Golden Era Productions in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.