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On 24 January 1986, having completed all he set out to do, Mr. Hubbard departed his body. However, he left a wealth of research material yet to be assembled and published, along with instructions as to how this work was to be done. Dedicated Sea Organization staff took up the task of making this legacy of as-yet-unpublished material available.

By the end of 1985, Mr. Hubbard had completed and codified new OT levels all the way through New OT XV. His New Year's message for 1986 included a very special gift for his friends -- the first of these OT Levels, New OT VIII: Truth Revealed. The level was complete, but an ideal space for its delivery was needed -- which was accomplished with the purchase of the ship Freewinds. New OT VIII was released on the Freewinds on 7 June 1988.

In addition to compiling and publishing materials not previously available, a continuing effort has been made to see that the entire legacy of Mr. Hubbard's work is made known -- and easily accessible -- to all the peoples of Earth. To this end a series of projects have been carried out to assemble and publish new editions of his works: books supplemented with glossaries and indexes to make data more easily located and understood; lectures produced using Clearsound technology so that every word can be clearly heard, then released with complete transcripts and glossaries; translated editions of books, films and recorded lectures; and new books and films to quickly communicate the truths of Dianetics and Scientology and how they can be used to improve life. This work has been going forward apace since 1986 and will continue for many years to come.

Ron's Journal 39: My New Year's Gift to You
In this special New Year's message for 1986, produced in Clearsound, L. Ron Hubbard announces the levels above New OT VII.

Road to Freedom
Songs composed by L. Ron Hubbard and performed by the Golden Era Musicians and numerous celebrities. "Thank You for Listening," the last song, is sung by L. Ron Hubbard himself. Produced in Clearsound on cassette and as a record album in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Released on 13 March, 1986 at L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday Event.

Hubbard Dissemination Course
Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.

What Happened to These Civilizations?
A film that tells why numerous civilizations have failed and the answer to a new civilization that will bring hope to mankind. Produced in English, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Brazilian, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish and Swedish. Released on May 9, 1986.


HCO PL 10 Jul I
Keeping Admin Working
AKH Series 50

HCO PL 10 Jul II
Admin Degrades
AKH Series 51

Admin High Crime
AKH Series 52
Computer Series 5

The Hope of Man by L. Ron Hubbard
Transcribed from a recorded lecture. International Association of Scientologists special gift edition. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California, 1986.

Books Make Booms Slide Show

L. Ron Hubbard directed the original photo story from which this slide show for staff on the importance of selling books was created.

My Philosophy
A cassette on which "My Philosophy," "A Description of Scientology" and "The Aims of Scientology," three of L. Ron Hubbard's powerful writings, are read by actor Jeff Pomerantz accompanied by music composed especially for the cassette. Produced in Clearsound. Released in September 1986.