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My Philosophy

A video presentation of L. Ron Hubbard's 1965 essay, "My Philosophy," narrated by actor Jeff Pomerantz, with never-before-seen photos of Mr. Hubbard's life. Produced by Golden Era Productions with transcript and glossary.

The Story of Book One
The story of the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in May 1950 and the grass-roots movement it sparked. Released by Golden Era Productions on 9 May 1987 in English. Rereleased in 1991 in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.


HCO PL 25 Jul
Knowledge, Definition Of

HCOB 13 Aug
Confessionals -- Types of TRs

HCOB 15 Aug
Unconscious Person Assist

HCOB 25 Aug I
Nerve Assist

HCOB 25 Aug II
Touch Assists, More About

The Game Called Man by L. Ron Hubbard
Transcribed from a recorded lecture. International Association of Scientologists special gift edition. Published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, California.


HCOB 28 Oct
The Auditor Admin Series for Use by All Auditors
Auditor Admin Series 1RA

HCOB 29 Oct
The Folder
Auditor Admin Series 4R

HCOB 30 Oct
The Yellow Sheet
Auditor Admin Series 6RA

HCOB 31 Oct
The Folder Summary
Auditor Admin Series 7RA

HCOB 1 Nov
OCA Graphs
Auditor Admin Series 8R

HCOB 2 Nov
The Program Sheet
Auditor Admin Series 9RA

HCOB 5 Nov
The Auditor's Report Form
Auditor Admin Series 13RA

HCOB 6 Nov
The Worksheets
Auditor Admin Series 14RA

HCOB 9 Nov
Dianetic Assessment Lists
Auditor Admin Series 19RA

HCOB 10 Nov
Miscellaneous Reports
Auditor Admin Series 20RA

HCOB 11 Nov
Folder Error Summary Format
Auditor Admin Series 22RB

HCOB 12 Nov
Invoice Form and Routing Forms
Auditor Admin Series 23RB

HCOB 13 Nov
The Pc Folder and Its Contents
Auditor Admin Series 3RA

HCOB 14 Nov I
Expanded ARC Straightwire Grade Process Checklist

HCOB 14 Nov II
Expanded Grade 0 Process Checklist

Expanded Grade I Process Checklist

HCOB 14 Nov IV
Expanded Grade II Process Checklist

HCOB 14 Nov V
Expanded Grade III Process Checklist

HCOB 14 Nov VI
Expanded Grade IV Process Checklist

HCO PL 27 Nov
Examiner's Form -- Additional Data
Auditor Admin Series 11-1

HCOB 28 Nov
L & N Lists
Auditor Admin Series 18RA

HCOB 29 Nov
Correction Lists
Auditor Admin Series 16RA