Understanding Scientology

by Margery Wakefield

with chapters by Robert Kaufman and Bob Penny

Opening quotations
  1. From Dianetics to Scientology -- The Evolution of a Cult
  2. L. Ron Hubbard -- Messiah? Or Madman?
  3. The Propaganda of Scientology -- "Playing for Blood..."
  4. TRs the Hard Way -- "Flunk for Blinking! Start!"
  5. Dianetics -- May You Never Be the Same Again
  6. Grade 0 to Clear -- The Yellow Brick Road to Total Freedom
  7. OT -- Through the Wall of Fire and Beyond
  8. The Language of Scientology -- ARC, SPs, PTPs and BTs
  9. The Sea Org -- "For the Next Billion Years..."
  10. Religion Inc. -- The Selling of Scientology
  11. Ethics -- The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics
  12. OSA (Office of Special Affairs) -- The Secret CIA of Scientology
  13. Not So Clear in Clearwater -- Scientology Takes Over a Town
  14. Brainwashing and Thought Control in Scientology -- The Road to Rondroid
  15. The Plight of Parents -- Some Suggestions for Families
Conclusion: Coming Out of Scientology: The Nightmare Ends, The Nightmare Begins

Closing quotations

Scientology Auditing and Its Offshoots, by Robert Kaufman
A New Face of Evil, by Bob Penny

Transcribed, edited, and converted to HTML by Dean Benjamin <drb@cs.cmu.edu>. This manuscript was first published in 1991 by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens (PO Box 290402, Tampa, Florida 33687), a now-defunct organization founded by Margery Wakefield.

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