Inside Scientology/Dianetics, by Robert Kaufman
    Contents, 1995 manuscript          Contents, 1972 book
    -------------------------------    ---------------------------------
0   Foreword: Son of Scientology

0a  Endorsements
0b  Message from the Author
0c  Letter in Scientologese          v (Letter in Scientologese)
0d  Preface                        vii *Preface*
0e  Introduction: Dianetics, the    xi *Introduction: Dianetics*
    Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Book

PART ONE: The Franchise              1 PART ONE: The Franchise

1a  Raw Meat                         3   Raw-meat
1b  Preclear                         9   Preclear
1c  Marty
                                    20   Maurice
                                    24   Considerations
1d  The New York Org                27   The New York Org
1e  Saint Hill                      30   Saint Hill
1f  The OT II                       33   The OT II
1g  The Dianetics Course            37   The Dianetics Class
                                    45   The Bulletins
                                    50   Dianetic Training
                                    56   Umberto
1h  Auditing Live Preclears         61   Auditing Live PCs
1i  A Scientology Party             63   A Scientology Party
                                    66   Life on the Inside
1j  Life on the Outside             69   Life on the Outside
1k  An Evening at the Franchise     75   An Evening At The Franchise
1l  Scientology Cognition           78   Scientology Cognition

PART TWO: The Hill                  81 PART TWO: Saint Hill

2a  The Manor                       83   The Manor
2b  The Power Process               86   The Grade V Power Process
2c  Solo Audit Class                91   The Grade VI Solo Class
2d  The Tapes
2e  OTs and Other Superhumans       96   The OTs
2f  Solo Packs A-D                  99   HCOB Packs A-D
                                   105   The E-F Packs
2g  Bruce                          107   Bruce
2h  Twin Checkouts                 113   Twin Check-outs
2i  The Bank                       109   The Inner Structure of the Mind
2j  The Sea Org                    103   The Sea Org

2k  Albert Ward                    117   Albert Albert
2l  Practical Drills
2m  Final Prep and Solo Audit      120   Preparations for Solo Audit
                                   129   Solo Audit
2n  Out-going Lines                131   Out-going Lines

PART THREE: The AOUK               137 PART THREE: The AOUK

3a  The Upper Levels               139   The Upper Levels
3b  The Special Briefing Course    176   The Special Briefing Course

PART FOUR: In the Wog World        207 PART FOUR: Return to the Wog World

4a  Scientology Sickness <--\ /--> 209   Life in Present Time
4b  Beyond OT III            X
4c  Life in Present Time <--/ \--> 217   Scientology Sickness

                                   225 PART FIVE: Return

                                   229   Clusters
                                   231   Exteriorization
                                   233   The Lion of the Reactive Mind
                                   235   Mental Copies
                                   237   Valences
                                   239   As-Is-ing
                                   242   Engrams
                                   244   The Tiber Effect
                                   247   Triple-flow
                                   249   Light Through the Murk
                                   253   The Final Session
                                   259   Post-scripts

                                   261 POST-MORTEM

APPENDICES: Scientologiana
                                   268 APP B: E-Meter Drill - 4
5a  Dramatic Personae Update
5b  Translation of Scieno's Letter
5c  Scientology Today
5d  The High Cost of Infinity
5e  Processing Revisited
5f  A Message from L. Ron Hubbard
5g  From Hubbard's Axioms
5h  Success Stories                270 APP C: Success Stories
5i  Security Checks                264 APP A: Scientology Security Checks
5j  The Clearing Course
5k  A Tempered Word for Scn
5l  Whither Scientology?
5m  Scientologese
5n  First Abridged Unapproved      271 *First Abridged Unapproved
      Dictionary of Scientologese        Dictionary of Scientologese*